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75960x2 OK for 2 Vessels

Question: If I report 37205 and +37206, may I report 75960-26 twice?

New York Subscriber

Answer: Yes. Code 75960-26 (Transcatheter introduction of intravascular stent[s] [except coronary, carotid, and vertebral vessel], percutaneous and/or open, radiological supervision and interpretation, each vessel;

Professional component) represents RS&I for "each vessel."

Single vessel: You report 37205 (Transcatheter placement of an intravascular stent[s], [except coronary, carotid, and vertebral vessel], percutaneous; initial vessel) for stent placement in a single vessel.

Additional vessel: If the cardiologist places a stent in a separate, additional vessel at the same encounter, then you also report +37206 (... each additional vessel [List separately in addition to code for primary procedure]).

Therefore 37205 (one vessel) and +37206 (one additional vessel) represent two vessels. You should report 75960-26 twice because you may report it for each vessel the cardiologist placed a stent in.

Check your payer's preference for reporting 75960 more than once. Some may prefer a single line with two units while others prefer separate line items with a modifier attached to the second.

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