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Count Surgical Fields for 37204

Question: Should I separately report right and left bronchial artery embolization?

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Answer: You should report 37204 (Transcatheter occlusion or embolization [e.g., for tumor destruction, to achieve hemostasis, to occlude a vascular malformation], percutaneous, any method, non-central nervous system, non-head or neck) twice for right and left lung embolization at the same encounter.

In addition, if the cardiologist provides supervision and interpretation (S&I), you should report 75894 (Transcatheter therapy, embolization, any method, radiological supervision and interpretation) twice.

Support: CPT Assistant (October 1998) states you should report 37204 once "for each operative field addressed." When the cardiologist embolizes the right and left bronchial arteries, he addresses two separate operative fields (right and left lung). CPT Assistant suggests appending modifier 59 (Distinct procedural service) to the codes for the second and subsequent fields.

Bonus tip: You should report one pair of codes (37204, 75894) per field even if the physician treats multiple vessels in that field or uses many coils or other embolic materials in a single vessel, states CPT Assistant (September 1998).

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