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Tap Into E-Scribe 2 Percent Bonus Basics

Question: I heard that physicians may receive bonuses for e-prescribing. What codes would we report for this program?

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Answer: Physicians who adopt e-prescription systems are eligible to earn a bonus of 2 percent of their total Medicare allowed charges. The physician does not have to register to be considered for the 2 percent bonus from eprescribing. The physician must report e-prescription activity on 50 percent of the Medicare patients he sees. Reporting includes three G codes, which indicate one of three conditions:

• G8443 -- All prescriptions created during the encounter were generated using a qualified eprescribing system

• G8445 -- No prescriptions were generated during the encounter, provider does have access to a qualifiede-prescribing system

• G8446 -- Provider does have access to a qualified eprescribing system and some or all of the prescriptions generated during the encounter were printed or phoned in as required by state or federal law or regulations, patient request or pharmacy system being unable to receive electronic transmission; or because they were for narcotics or other controlled substances.

Medicare is offering the bonus because "E-prescribing can greatly reduce the number of medication errors that jeopardize the health and safety of Medicare patients and waste precious health care dollars treating conditions that never should have happened," according to CMS Acting Administrator Kerry Weems.

Good news: You do not have to have an electronic medical record (EMR) system to e-prescribe. You can find stand-alone e-prescription systems, such as online options, that are substantially less costly than a full-blown EMR.

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