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Question: How should I report right atrial pacing and recording when performed with bundle of His recording? May I report 93619 or should I append modifier 52?

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Answer: When the cardiologist performs right atrial pacing and recording as well as bundle of His recording, but does not perform the other services described in 93619 (Comprehensive electrophysiologic evaluation with right atrial pacing and recording, right ventricular pacing and recording, His bundle recording, including insertion and repositioning of multiple electrode catheters, without induction or attempted induction of arrhythmia), you should not report 93619.

You also should not report 93619-52 (Reduced services) because you have a more appropriate coding option:

• 93600 -- Bundle of His recording

• 93602 -- Intra-atrial recording

• 93610 -- Intra-atrial pacing.

You should report these three individual codes because the cardiologist did not perform and document the other services listed in 93619's descriptor.

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