Cardiology Coding Alert

Use the 2014 Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair Edits to Get a Head Start on 2015 Coding
The 2015 code descriptors leave out a key rule you need to know. The last Correct Codi... Read more
Think Twice Before Reporting Imaging or Catheterization With Vascular Embolization
Codes 37241-37244 see plenty of edits in the most recent Correct Coding Initiative updat... Read more
Prepare for a 5 Way Split of Nonrheumatic Tricuspid Valve Disorder Code 424.2 in 2015
No documentation of rheumatic or nonrheumatic? Here’s what to do. One of the mos... Read more
E/M Coding:
Count on These Tips to Keep Your Critical Care Coding in Line
Remember the EKG rule when counting critical care time. Cardiologists may offer critic... Read more
Reader Question:
Tackle Temporary Pacemaker Removal Coding
Question: Is there a code for removal of a temporary pacemaker? Alabama Subscribe... Read more
Reader Question:
Look for Cath Repositioning for 75625
Question: I always get tripped up on reports that include abdominal aortogram with ... Read more
Reader Question:
Group Groin Check With E/M
Question: Is there a code for a follow-up groin check in the office after cardiac c... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Determine ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes for Inconclusive Test
Question: When a patient suspected to have coronary artery disease presents for an ... Read more
CPT® 2015:
Replace Your Old Cat. III Codes for S-ICDs With New and Old Cat. I Options in 2015
Don’t miss how system insertion/replacement coding changes in the new year. You&... Read more
CPT® 2015:
See What's New for Chronic Care Management and Advance Care Planning in the New Year
Make the most of new bullet points for 99487 to meet documentation requirements. To get a... Read more
Have These 6 Responses Ready to Encourage Provider Participation in ICD-10 Prep
See #6 when providers trot out ICD-10 code V91.07XA, Burn due to water-skis on fire. P... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Specialty Requirements for G0446, G0447
Question: What is the reimbursement for G0446 and G0447 and which payers cover thes... Read more
Reader Question:
Ace Coding Abdominal Pacemaker Placement
Question: Is there a separate group of codes for pacemakers placed abdominally inst... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Does Bilateral Renal Code Apply?
Question: Codes 36251-36254 vary based on whether the service is first order, second or ... Read more
CPT® 2015:
9 Steps Help You Use New TEE Code 93355 Correctly From Day 1
Reviewed on May 22, 2015; no changes to content Check steps 3, 6, and 8 to prevent cos... Read more
CPT® 2015 Overview:
Get a Sneak Peak at Cardiology's Upcoming Changes With This Quick Outline
Ease into the 25 new ECMO codes with a look at how they’re divided. Love it or h... Read more
News You Can Use:
2017 Could Bring a Major Global Period Change
If you like codes with 0 day globals, you’ll cheer for this news. CMS has propos... Read more
Ask Cardiologist to Specify Insufficiency, Prolapse, or Stenosis for Your Mitral ICD-10 Code
Not sure whether to use the ‘insufficiency’ or ‘other’ code for ... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Room for More Than Modifier 59
Question: Is it true that Medicare is no longer accepting modifier 59? Maryland S... Read more
Reader Question:
Know Definition to Get Peripartum Code Right
Question: Our cardiologist was called in to the emergency room to treat a patient. ... Read more
Reader Question:
Watch for New Interventional Cardiology Specialty Code
Question: The cardiologists I code for perform heart caths, but when the patient ne... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pick Perfect Coding for Tibial Atherectomy
Question: The cardiologist performed atherectomy in the posterior tibial artery and... Read more
Be Sure Your FEVAR, Stent, and Embolization Codes and Guidelines Show the Latest Changes
Expanded 37241-37244 guidelines aim to help you capture catheterization pay. The time ... Read more
Alert Your Cardiologists to Increase the Pulmonary Valve Disorder Details for ICD-10
Specific documentation of stenosis and insufficiency will simplify finding the proper co... Read more
Match Modifier 54, 55, or 56 to Your Claim for Partial Care in the Global Period
Learn which of these modifiers Medicare doesn’t recognize. Many cardiology proce... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Setting Before Reporting Ultrafiltration
Question: Our cardiologists have been talking about ultrafiltration in congestive h... Read more
Reader Question:
Decide Proper Definity Code
Question: What’s the HCPCS code for Definity? Iowa Subscriber Answer:&nbs... Read more
Reader Question:
4 Tips May Help With TEE Denial
Question: Any thoughts on why I got a denial for 93312, +93320, and +93325? Calif... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Try This Vascular Intervention Approval Test
Question: I need to get preapproval for diagnostic femoral arteriography with possi... Read more
Spot These Easy-to-Miss Bundling Changes, Implemented July 1
Stent placement and fluoroscopy updates could affect your claims. “Swap” i... Read more
News You Can Use:
Novitas Says CMS Has Delayed Implementation of Pacemaker NCD
Novitas Part A announced that CMS will delay implementation of the national coverage det... Read more
Earn $20 in 5 Minutes With These 99211 Tips
Thorough documentation is a must even for these quick visits. Many coders refer to 992... Read more
Documentation of Right or Left is Key to Choosing Correct Atherosclerosis Code
Watch for whether your I70.21- code needs to be paired with chronic total occlusion, too... Read more
Reader Question:
Only an Echo? Check New Patient E/M Rule
Question: We’ve been getting a denial for new patient code 99204. The only se... Read more
Reader Question:
Smoking Cessation Code Depends on Symptom Presence
Question: If Medicare has G codes for smoking cessation visits, why does the f... Read more
Reader Question:
Check ICD-9 and ICD-10 Options for Enlarged Aorta
Question: Which diagnosis code should I use for an enlarged abdominal aorta? It has... Read more
Reader Question:
Look for More Than HPI to Decide E/M Level
Question: Does an extended HPI guarantee a higher-level E/M code? Washington Subs... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Understand 33990 vs. 33991 to Prevent a $200 Mistake
Question: Which code should I report for pVAD replacement? Illinois Subscriber ... Read more
Have You Mastered Using Modifier KX on Pacemaker Claims? July 7 Is Implementation Day
Be sure you understand what appending this modifier indicates to your payer. If your p... Read more
Diagnostic Tests:
Put Aside Your Physician Supervision Questions With This Primer
Don’t assume Medicare rules are the only ones that apply. Non-physician practiti... Read more
Separate Out Sick Sinus Syndrome Under ICD-10
SSS and bradycardia options take the place of sinoatrial node dysfunction code. A quic... Read more
Reader Question:
Decide on DOS for 93268
Question: Which date of service should I use for 93268? Alabama Subscriber Answ... Read more
Reader Question:
Solve Observation to Inpatient Dilemma
Question: The cardiologist admitted a patient to observation on day 1 with chest pa... Read more
Reader Question:
Determine Coding for ICD Cardioversion Encounter
Question: A patient had cardioversion by his ICD followed by reprogramming. Should ... Read more
Reader Question:
Ace ABN Use for Medicare
Question: How can I avoid writing off charges for services if I know Medicare will ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Look for Lead Analysis Code
Question: A surgeon who isn’t in our practice performed epicardial lead place... Read more
Coding Updates:
Wondering What's Ahead for Cardiology in CPT® 2015? Start the Search Here
Check out what the CPT® Editorial Summary of Panel Actions reveals. With summer fa... Read more
Keep Modifier 57 Use Under Control By Understanding When It Does and Doesn't Apply
Don’t miss the 3 tips at the end on how to handle repeat denials. Proper use of ... Read more
Modifier 57 Checklist
Use for E/M services only. Use when an E/M service results in a surgery. Make... Read more
I49.0- Will Keep Your Ventricular Flutter and Fibrillation Claims in the Clear Under ICD-10
Be sure any abbreviations are clear enough to pass the auditor test. The ICD-10 to ICD... Read more
Reader Question:
Limit HPI Collection to Billing Physician
Question: I’ve heard the physician needs to document HPI. Is validating an HP... Read more
Reader Question:
Remember 30 Day Rule for 93272
Question: We report 93270 and 93272 to Medicare for the first day. We then report 9... Read more
Reader Question:
Clinical Trial Number Alternative Available
Question: I’ve been hearing different things about the clinical trial number ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Tackle This Tilt Table Test Question
Question: Documentation shows use of a finger BP cuff during a tilt table test. May... Read more
Diagnostic Services:
Tame These 3 Cardiac Cath Troublemakers Using Expert Solutions
Struggling with high/low aortography? You aren’t alone. Whether you’re loo... Read more
News You Can Use:
A New Law Brings ICD-10 Delay and an Averted Pay Cut
Make the most of the extra time before implementation, experts advise. The Protecting ... Read more
Prepare for Future Hypertension Coding Changes Using This Primer
Retrain your brain to avoid an easy hypertensive heart disease mistake. Nearly one in ... Read more
Reader Question:
Referral and Consult Are Not the Same
Question: If a physician refers a patient to our office for treatment can this be c... Read more
Reader Question:
Choose +93643 for Reversibility Study
Question: Is there a code for a reversibility study performed with adenosine? Cod... Read more
Reader Question:
93306 TC Could Trigger Established Patient Status
Question: I know that interpreting an echo without seeing the patient isn’t e... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Decide Which Coronary Codes Belong Together
Question: In a patient with AMI who has diagnostic LHC with coronary angiography fo... Read more
Take a Stab at Avoiding the Trouble Spots in These 2 EP Study/Ablation Scenarios
You’ll get a hint of how the ICD-10 transition will affect coding for these servic... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Has Added Stable, Chronic Heart Failure Patients to Cardiac Rehab Coverage List
Check the definitions carefully to be sure your cases meet requirements. CMS has exten... Read more
Take the Confusion Out of 427.1/I47.2 Swap for Ventricular Tachycardia
Find out whether the missing ‘paroxysmal’ affects your coding. When you sw... Read more
5 Handy Hints Keep Your Hospital Discharge Coding Compliant
See hint 4 to solve a tricky DOS question. Hospital discharge coding seems simple at f... Read more
Reader Question:
Forget Using ICD-9 for Functional Murmur
Question: When functional murmur is the only diagnosis in a cardiology report, what... Read more
Reader Question:
Do the Research Before Appending Modifier 51
Question: Do I need modifier 51 to report E/M (99214), ECG (93000), and venipunctur... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Work Through Thrombectomy Case
Question: How should I report this procedure performed in a hospital? Diagnost... Read more
Inspect Your Vascular Stent Claims for These Troublesome Edits
Alert your team to watch for 37236-+37239 changes coming down the pike. You can expect... Read more
CPT® 2014:
TCM Codes Benefit from Updated Patient and Discharge Rules
CPT® and CMS guidelines are more in sync. CPT® 2014 takes advantage of a year&... Read more
CPT® 2014:
37241-37244: Dig In to This Year's Expanded Vascular Embolization and Occlusion Codes
Keep this ‘surgical field’ rule in mind when reporting embolizations. CPT&... Read more
Bifascicular Block Boils Down to One Coding Option in October
Reviewing index entries helps to solve the bifascicular puzzle. When ICD-10-CM becomes... Read more
News You Can Use:
NGS Providers: Take a Close Look at PCI Denials
You may need to add a coronary modifier and resubmit your claim. Offices in Jurisdicti... Read more
Reader Question:
Take Care Adding Family Time to Critical Care
Question: Does discussion time with family members count toward critical care? Codify ... Read more
Reader Question:
Aftercare Code Supports Post-Bypass Scan
Question: Which diagnosis code should I report when a patient has had bypass surgery and... Read more
Reader Question:
Add Acquisition Cost to Radiopharmaceutical Claim
Question: We’ve seen denials for our A9505 claims. We checked the units, and we&rs... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Search for IVC Thrombectomy
Question: How should I report vacuum thrombectomy of the IVC with angioplasty of the IVC... Read more
HCPCS 2014:
G0275 and J0152 Changes Make HCPCS 2014 Review a Must
Update adenosine unit requirements to avoid shortchanging your practice. CMS recently ... Read more
CPT® 2014:
See How CCI Edits and 93583 Guidelines Pair Up for Septal Reduction Claims
Watch modifier indicators to know when distinct services may be reportable. When CPT&r... Read more
Discover Cardiology's Medicare Fee Schedule Winners and Losers for 2014
See which new codes national Medicare didn’t set payment for. The Medicare Physi... Read more
V45.01 and V45.02 Make Way for Z Codes on Oct. 1, 2014
Don’t expect to see pacemaker and AICD codes grouped the same in ICD-9 and ICD-10.... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Payer Rules on EP Specialty Designation
Question: One of our commercial carriers is bundling the EP’s E/M visit with the c... Read more
Reader Question:
Verify Global for Modifier 57 Use
Question: When should I use modifier 57 on an E/M code? California Subscriber ... Read more
Reader Question:
Make the Most of March ICD-10 Test
Question: I have heard that there will be a test period for using ICD-10 codes on claims... Read more
Reader Question:
Details Matter in AMI Encounter Coding
Question: The cardiologist performed selective coronary angiogram and a left cardiac cat... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Handle This Heart Transplant Case
Question: How should I report a right heart catheterization with heart biopsy? The patie... Read more
CPT® News:
2 Instructional Changes Affect Your Cardiac Cath and ECG Coding
Primary code updates make a big difference for your +93463 claims. If your shiny new C... Read more
Congenital Coding:
Spy Which Codes Are Reportable With PDA Code 93582 Using This Table
Going beyond the descriptor is key to properly reporting this new-for-2014 code. The c... Read more
CPT® 2014:
Factor 90673 Into Your Flu Vaccine Options
Clue in to the difference between trivalent and quadrivalent codes. Flu coding changes... Read more
News You Can Use:
Cardiac Rehab Could See Broader Coverage From CMS
Chronic heart failure may join the list soon. CMS may expand cardiac rehabilitation co... Read more
36 Options Replace 996.01 in October 2014
Know the part and know the problem to choose the proper code. When a pacemaker battery... Read more
Reader Question:
'When Present' is Key to Understanding 75574
Question: If a patient doesn’t have grafts, can we still use 75574? If not, which ... Read more
Reader Question:
Keep Asking for Color Flow Specifics
Question: If the cardiologist documents moderate mitral regurgitation, is that sufficien... Read more
Reader Question:
CVP Is Reportable With LHC
Question: If the physician places a CVP line (36556) in a jugular vein before a complete... Read more
Reader Question:
Use More Specific Add-On +36227 for Maxillary
Question: Should I report +75774 for selective right maxillary artery imaging after righ... Read more
Reader Question:
Beware of E/M Code Choice Patterns
Question: We recently finished our first internal audit and found a potential issue: One... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Heed Setting When Coding Stress Test
Question: How should I report an in-office stress test? The patient also had echocardiog... Read more
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