Cardiology Coding Alert

CPT® 2013:
93651 and 93652 Make Way for 5 New EP Study and Ablation Codes
When the physician combines multiple services in one session, check these codes first.Many... Read more
93653-+93657 Breakdown Lets You Master New Codes in a Snap
Transseptal puncture is separately reportable ... sometimes.Trying to take in all of CPT&#... Read more
Breaking News:
HCPCS 2013 Modifiers Offer New Coronary Options
But G0290 and G0291 won't have a place on claims any more.HCPCS 2013 has been released, an... Read more
33210 and 33211 Edits Emphasize 'Separate Procedure' for Temp PMs
Review modifier changes and column swaps for the full picture.Correct Coding Initiative (C... Read more
I48.- Range Will Expand Your Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter Options
Caution: Confusing persistent with permanent will lead you to the wrong code.Atrial fibril... Read more
News Flash:
Chronic Venous Hypertension Lands a Spot on Palmetto LCD
Here are 2 good reasons to be sure you're using the most current payer policy.Palmetto GBA... Read more
Reader Question:
Read Up on New POS Rule
Question: I've been expecting to see more information about CMS's place of service (POS) r... Read more
Reader Question:
36475 Payment Covers Small E/M
Question: The physician saw a patient in his office for swelling of the leg that hadn't re... Read more
Reader Question:
37205x1 Is Enough for 2 Graft Stents
Question: The physician is reporting repair of left arm dialysis AV graft with percutaneou... Read more
You Be the Coder:
37205 and 35471 on 1 Claim?
Question: In the left renal artery my doctor performed both angioplasty (35471 and 75... Read more
CPT® 2013:
92982 Swaps Places With 92920 on January 1 -- Plus 12 Other Changes You Need to Know
Procedure during AMI? Soon you'll have a code for that.Before you know it, you'll have dou... Read more
CPT® Overview:
Batten Down the Hatches for Changes to LV Pacing, Thrombectomy, and More
You're 12 bullets away from a better understanding of CPT® 2013.In what's becoming a... Read more
E/M Update:
CPT® 2013 Gives a Nod to NPP E/M Services
Code language will better reflect current practice.CPT® 2013 will revise nearly ever... Read more
747.0 to Q25.0: Prepare for a Q-Code Switch in 2014
Don't miss the role of Z87.74 when coding this diagnosis.You'll have to mind your Z's and ... Read more
Reader Question:
99238 Reporting Is Limited If Patient Dies
Question: Is it appropriate to bill for hospital discharge if the patient dies?Illinois Su... Read more
Reader Question:
78451 Testing Shouldn't Be Too Frequent
Question: Under CMS billing and compliance rules how many times a year can a provider phys... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Which Device Check is Reportable?
Question: A representative advised us that we could be billing for remote follow-up every ... Read more
ICD-10-CM 414.8 to I25.5:
Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Lands Its Own Code Under ICD-10
The new implementation date is set. Are your preparations on track?   Oct. 1, 2014:... Read more
Diagnosis Coding:
428.x Pointers Add Precision to Your Heart Failure Coding
Steer clear of an all too common CHF mistake.Millions of people in the U.S. have heart fai... Read more
414.8 to I25.5: Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Lands Its Own Code Under ICD-10
The new implementation date is set. Are your preparations on track?Oct. 1, 2014: That's th... Read more
Global Periods:
Decode 7 Global Period Indicators to Be Sure You Capture Every Legitimate E/M
Master when the pre-op day is included in the global package, too.Understanding global per... Read more
News You Can Use:
Is Your Practice Experiencing the Dual Chamber Pacemaker Denial Trend?
Give your documentation a shot in the arm with this NGS worksheet.To boost your chances of... Read more
Reader Question:
E/M Covers CVD Marker Review
Question: When the cardiologist documents reviewing BNP and CRP lab results, how should we... Read more
Reader Question:
71020x3 May Do the Trick for Palmetto
Question: If a patient has multiple chest X-rays on the same date, interpreted by the same... Read more
Reader Question:
36416 Coding Is a Maybe
Question: Can we bill separately for 36416, or is the collection included in the E/M code?... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier 33 Supports Certain Preventive Services
Question: Some of our payers deny claims with modifier 33 because they state the modifier ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Decide ICD Codes for This Case
Question: How should I code the following case? The cardiologist removed two ICD lead... Read more
CCI Update Think Outside the Category I Box for Correct Coding Initiative 18.2
If you use 0293T or +0294T, watch out for 339 new edits.   If you code for a cuttin... Read more
News You Can Use:
Future Effect of ACA Decision Remains Up in the Air
Take a look at how the MPPR could reduce cardiology reimbursement in 2013.The United State... Read more
441.4 and I71.4 Keep Your AAA Coding in Fine Form
These documentation tips apply to both ICD-9 and ICD-10.Smoking, high blood pressure, athe... Read more
Reader Question:
93000 Requires Formal Written Interpretation
Question: What sort of information is required to meet the \"interpretation\" requirement ... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier PD Is Effective July 1
Question: Please explain to me when to use modifier PD. Does this apply to us when a patie... Read more
Reader Question:
37201 Is One Unit for Multiple Days
Question: On day two of thrombolytic therapy, the physician performs RHC, removes the ther... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Consider Cardioversion and ECG
Question: Is it ever possible to report an ECG after elective cardioversion, or is the ECG... Read more
G0275 Joins Cardiac Cath Codes in Limited Circumstances
Tempted to report 75625? Think twice or risk refund requests.Coding peripheral vascular se... Read more
I25.2 and 412 Look the Same, But Check the Definition of 'Acute' MI
You may need an aftercare code between acute and old for ICD-10. Once ICD-10 is implem... Read more
Part 2:
35475 or 35476 for AV Shunt Angioplasty Depends on 1 Key Factor
Be sure you catch just how much 35475 covers.When CPT® 2012 added instructions for d... Read more
Reader Question:
+0291T Is Your Add-On for OCT
Question: The doctor performed an LHC and used OCT of the LAD (30 to 40 percent plaque). H... Read more
Reader Question:
Learn What's In Store for ICD-9 2013
Question: Are there any ICD-9-cm updates planned for 2013? Iowa Subscriber Answer: N... Read more
Reader Question:
Group Practice? Learn MPPR Rule
Question: Will you explain how the MPPR applies to imaging?Arizona SubscriberAnswer: For 2... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Try This Port-a-Cath Pop Quiz
Question: How should I code a non-tunneled Port-a-Cath placement under fluoroscopy for a 5... Read more
Codes to Watch:
92980 May Be Out the Door in 2013 as Part of a Major PCI Overhaul
Plus: The bundling trend could bring reimbursement woes with these EP and PV changes. ... Read more
Reimbursement Watch:
Cardio Office Visits Are on the OIG Radar
Coding education is the recommended fix.Your office visits may be coming under increased s... Read more
413.9 Will Divide Into 'Other' and 'Unspecified' ICD-10 Options
Don't assume -- let the inclusion notes guide your angina code choice.When ICD-10 rep... Read more
CMS Coverage:
0256T-0259T Decision Memo Is a Must-Read for TAVR Practices
These services may get their own set of Category I codes in 2013.Practices performing tran... Read more
Reader Question:
+93463 Solves the Vasoreactivity Question
Question: How should I code a right heart catheterization with pulmonary vasoreactivity te... Read more
Reader Question:
93287 Comes With Device Rep Warning
Question: Before doing a complete EP study and A-fib ablation, the doctor turned off the I... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Find Code for VVI Placement
Question: How should I code removal of dual chamber pacer, capping of atrial lead, placeme... Read more
Case Study:
93451-+93572: Choose Which Codes Apply to This Cardiac Cath Report
Look past the procedures list to ensure your coding is compliant. Coding cardiac catheter... Read more
Increased Services:
Modifier 22 Claims for Noridian Must Heed This Redetermination Rule
Make a point of checking payment to see if you need to take action.If you're coding for a ... Read more
News You Can Use:
Oct. 1 Is New Effective Date for POS Rule Change
Plan ahead to be sure you have the right code for interpretations. For CMS rules, keeping... Read more
427.0 and I47.1 Are Almost a Perfect Match
SVT and PSVT fall under the same ICD-10 code.Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia is a ... Read more
Reader Question:
93660 Divides Into Pro/Tech
Question: May I append modifier 26 to 93660 if the test was performed outside of our offic... Read more
Reader Question:
V45.81 Is for Aortocoronary Only
Question: Our doctor circled V45.81 (status post bypass) on our superbill for a patient wi... Read more
Reader Question:
79101 Has No Place on 78452 Claim
Question: Why am I getting denials for radiopharmaceutical injection (79101) with MPI (CPT... Read more
Reader Question:
Add IABP Monitoring to E/M
Question: Is there a code for IABP monitoring and maintenance? Codify MemberAnswer: Expert... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Report E/M, ECG, and Tobacco Counseling?
Question:  How should I code the following case for an established patient? Mo... Read more
Pacing Systems:
+33225 Confusion? Apply the Official Solution
Pull out the red pen to mark this LV-lead correction in your manual.Certain biventricular ... Read more
Diagnostic Test by NP Has Steep Requirements
Keep Medicare's direct physician supervision rule in mind.The Reader Question "93016 NPI D... Read more
I46.- Requires Cardiac Arrest's Underlying Cause
Plus: Get the latest on the proposed implementation date.News flash: On April 9, Departmen... Read more
+76937 No Longer Needs Modifier 59 With 36147
This isn't an automatic green light for the ultrasound code, though.A recent Correct Codin... Read more
Reader Question:
99144 Requires 16+ Minutes
Question: If the physician documents 36 minutes of moderate sedation, may we report 99144 ... Read more
Reader Question:
447.72 Offers Option for Mild Dilation
Question: My doctor found an enlarged abdominal aorta on physical examination and is order... Read more
Reader Question:
93015 Doesn't Apply for Facility Test
Question: If the cardiologist performs supervision and interpretation for a stress test pe... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier 25 Use Doesn't Depend on ICD-9
Question: I recently heard that you don't need different diagnosis codes when appendi... Read more
Reader Question:
Bolster Rx Management Documentation
Question: Is there a code specific to writing a prescription?Illinois SubscriberAnswer:&nb... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Which Modifier for Bypass Graft?
Question: When the cardiologist places a stent in a coronary bypass graft, which modifier ... Read more
93503 With 71010? See What CCI Has to Say
Plus: Take this pulmonary angiography challenge.You may find answers to your coding questi... Read more
CMS Update:
POS 22 May Land on Your Claims More Often Starting in April
Focus on face-to-face service when choosing your code.CMS has announced a new place of ser... Read more
I11.- Codes Eliminate Malignant/Benign Dilemma
Have you heard the news about the implementation date?The ICD-10 implementation date has b... Read more
Medical Records:
Keep the 'Five W's' in Mind for Exceptional Documentation
Pay close attention to the ideal 'who' listing for your records.Most of us are familiar wi... Read more
Reader Question:
92960 Includes Related E/M
Question: We've been submitting 99223 for outpatient hospital services (POS 22), but Medic... Read more
Reader Question:
93016 NPI Depends on Provider
Question: If the Nurse Practitioner (NP) is the one who performed the 93016 service and th... Read more
Reader Question:
37221 Doesn't Have to Be Only Pre-Approval Request
Question: My physician is planning to perform left iliac artery angiography followed by st... Read more
You Be the Coder:
37202 for Nitroglycerin Injections?
Question: Can I charge for nitroglycerin injections x 2 when performing a right posterior ... Read more
Part 1:
36147: Grasp New Guidance for Diagnostic AV Shunt Coding
Watch for 2 separately reportable services.Flip through the Surgery section of your 2012 C... Read more
AV Shunt:
36147 Details Will Help Sharpen Your Coding
Get the official word on what makes 75791 different from CPT 36147. CPT Codes can pack... Read more
Lead Repair:
33218 and 33220 Revisions Address Electrode Repair Coding Conundrum
See how to code lead repair and battery change at same session.Coding for electrode repair... Read more
785.2 Splits Into R01.0 and R01.1 in the New Code Set
Do you know what 'omit code' means for benign murmurs?When details are lacking for a patie... Read more
Reader Question:
427.1 OK for Sustained and Nonsustained
Question: Which code applies to nonsustained ventricular tachycardia?Georgia SubscriberAns... Read more
Reader Question:
37220 and More Include Distal Embolic Protection
Question: How should we code distal embolic protection performed with stenting or angiopla... Read more
Reader Question:
394.9 Covers Chronic Calcification
Question: I am coding a TTE, and the indication for the test is endocarditis. The physicia... Read more
You Be the Coder:
37191-26 for This 2012 Case?
Question: Our doctor did an IVC filter placement. The old codes were 37620, 75940. I was w... Read more
PM Generator:
33221 Joins 33212 and 33213 for Battery Insertion Only
Steer clear of these codes when patient presents to swap the old battery for a new one. ... Read more
33214 Includes Battery Change -- Here's How You Know
Plus: Don't miss whether guidelines trump CPT® tables.As you apply the new pacemaker... Read more
CCI 18.0:
93279-93299 Guidelines Are Bolstered by Latest Bundles
Edits reveal how CMS expects you to use 2012 codes. January 1 doesn't just mean th... Read more
424.1 Splits Multiple Ways Under the New Code Set
Watch for when combo codes are most appropriate.The switch to ICD-10-CM on Oct. 1, 2013, d... Read more
99358-99359 Become Clearer With 'Qualified Health Care Professional' Definition
The impact on 90460-90461 has some practices unhappy.At the request of many physicians, CP... Read more
Reader Question:
36245-36248 Land on Selective Cath List
Question: I'm new to the peripheral vascular side of coding, and I'm having trouble distin... Read more
Reader Question:
368.10 Joins Palmetto LCD ICD-9 Options
Question: I saw a notice that our LCD for Noninvasive Vascular Testing (L31712) was revise... Read more
Reader Question:
93015 Includes Stress Agent Admin
Question: When we perform stress tests, may we report an injection code for the administra... Read more
You Be the Coder:
410.31 or 410.32 for Follow-Up?
Question: The patient is seen in the hospital for a 410.31, and then is discharged. The pa... Read more
33202-33211 Get Bulked Up Guidelines in 2012
Hint: Understanding RS&I coding is the key to denial prevention.The huge number of cha... Read more
E/M 2012:
Nip New Patient Questions in the Bud With CPT®'s Latest E/M Tweaks
The AMA's example directly addresses cardiology practices.It's an age-old debate -- w... Read more
"Crosswalk: 33206 and 71090 No Longer Pair Up for Pacemaker Implant -- Here's Why" in... Read more
Stress Echo Update:
93351-26 Is Correct for Stress Test With Echo in Facility, CPT® Says
Accurate coding depends on which elements your physician performed.Review the 2012 Echocar... Read more
V72.81 Has Almost Perfect Match in Z01.810
New codes won't free you from needing to track payer preferences.When ICD-10-CM replaces I... Read more
Observation Care:
99224-99226 Are Intended for Treating Physician's Claims
Look to outpatient E/M codes if you don't meet this requirement.In effect for about a year... Read more
Leave Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Visit to Primary Care Providers
If you have a physician who qualifies, watch for 3 key coverage requirements.On Nov. 8, CM... Read more
Reader Question:
+93567 Starts With Repositioning Cath
Question: May we bill +93567 with heart catheterization codes 93451-93461 if there is no... Read more
Reader Question:
93452 Doesn't Require Ventriculography
Question: The physician performed an LHC with no left ventriculography. How should I code ... Read more
Reader Question:
93600 and 93610 Reflect Recording and Pacing
Question: When EP codes refer to recording and pacing, what does this mean?New York Subscr... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Tag the Proper MUGA Scan Code
Question: During MUGA scans, we use an Ultratag kit. How should we report this?Illinois Su... Read more
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