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Coding Quiz:

Test Yourself When it Comes to Using LT Physicians

Hint: Don't forget to append a special modifier to LT services.

Locum tenens means "(one) holding a place" in Latin. In the medical field, you bring in a LT physician to temporarily replace another physician who cannot be in the office for some reason such as vacation, illness, or maternity leave.

Reporting for LT physicians can be tricky. You must remember important details like the strict time limit, who to report LT for, and the special modifier you must append to LT services.

Test your knowledge with this quiz and safeguard your claims.

Question 1: True or False? You can bill LT for non-physicians.

Question 2:  What time limit has CMS set for using a LT physician?

Question 3: What modifier should you append to any code for services the LT provides?

Question 4: True or False? Practices cannot hire a LT as "extra help."