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CPT® 2019:
How To Effectively Use New And Improved PICC CPT® 2019 Guidelines
Hint: Never report 36584 in conjunction with +76937 or +77001. You learned about the CPT... Read more
ICD-10 Quiz:
Assess Your Understanding For These Key Cardiology Diagnoses
Look to this code for MI type 5. Knowing which ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes you should repor... Read more
Not Sure How to Accurately Report External Cause Codes? Read This
Remember: You can report external cause codes with more than injuries. Although not natio... Read more
Coding Tips:
Discover The Correct Answers For ICD-10 Coding Quiz
Remember: Sequencing of diagnosis codes is key. Here are answers to the coding quiz for k... Read more
Reader Question:
Dive Into These 2019 CPT® Guidelines
Question: Were there any new 2019 CPT® guidelines to go along with new codes 33274 and 33... Read more
Reader Question:
Tackle This ROS Conundrum With Ease
Question: When the cardiologist includes a statement like “A 10-point ROS was negative... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Factor in Whether Heart Failure is Involved
Question: I'm new to cardiology coding, and I was wondering if there are different codes y... Read more
Discover MI Revisions, Hurricane Aftermath Section Addition, and Underdosing Clarification
Get the hang of all the new ICD-10-CM changes now, just in time for October. In Cardiolog... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Sharpen Your Cerebrovascular Accident and Disease Skills With This Quick Quiz
Hint: If you report codes from category I60-, make sure the patient has neurologic deficit... Read more
CPT® 2019:
Add These Cardiac Category III Options to Your Coding Arsenal
Hint: Observe these four new interrogation and programing evaluation codes. In Cardiology... Read more
Quiz Answers:
Align Your Answers With These Cerebrovascular Accident and Disease Coding Solutions
Hint: Report codes for intraoperative or postprocedural CVAs with caution. Think you made... Read more
Reader Question:
Discover New Code 83722
Question: What can you tell me about the new CPT® 2019 code 83722? Ohio Subscriber Answ... Read more
Reader Question:
Puzzle Through These Pacemaker Mysteries
Question: We have the following puzzling scenarios taking place in our office, and I was w... Read more
Reader Question:
Pose These Questions to Cut Down on Protected Health Information Exposure
Question: Do you have any advice to help us protect our patients' health information, if t... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Don't Confuse 93293 For In-Person Evaluations
Question: Would we report 93293 for an in-person rhythm strip pacemaker evaluation? Calif... Read more
CPT® 2019:
Gear Up for Cardiac Rhythm Monitor Additions, Interrogation & Programming Device Revisions
Don't miss new codes 33285 and 33286. From cardiac rhythm monitor additions, to new trans... Read more
CPT® 2019:
CPT® 2019 is Coming! Are You Ready for These PICC Updates?
Check out new codes 36572 and 36573. “Every year, CPT® makes additions and changes to ... Read more
ICD-10 2019:
Dive Into These Hypertension Changes in 2019 ICD-10 Guidelines
Hint: See what's new for the pulmonary hypertension rules. CMS recently released the 2019... Read more
Reader Question:
Use This Advice to Choose Correct E/M Guidelines
Question: We have traditionally used the 1995 E/M guidelines when making our code selectio... Read more
Reader Question:
Rely on 37197 for This Case
Question: The cardiologist performed a heart catheterization via the patient's subclavian ... Read more
Reader Question:
MLN Matters® Further Clarifies Modifier GT
Question: Someone in my office mentioned that they read another update about modifier GT. ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
See When to Report 36821 and 36825
Question: What is the difference between 36821 and 36825, and can they be billed with 3690... Read more
Navigate the Difference Between Nonselective and Selective Caths With Ease
Don't miss CPT®'s specific instructions for selective catheterization. Catheterization i... Read more
CCI 24.2 Update:
Check Out These Shiny New Central Venous Access Device/Catheter Edits
Make sure you learn the modifier indicators for these new edits to avoid denials. CMS rec... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
ICD-10 2019 Adds New T, Z, Cannabis-Related Disorder, and Path and Lab Codes
Don't miss the new ecstasy poisoning codes. In the article “You'll Find New Cerebral In... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to These ICD-10 Codes for Systolic Congestive Heart Failure
Question: A patient presented with dyspnea and peripheral edema and said she has had a cou... Read more
Reader Question:
Patient Death Doesn't Mean HIPAA Agreement Dies, Too
Question: What does HIPAA say about maintaining patients' private health information after... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Recognize 93350 and 93351 Clarification
Question: According to the CPT® guidelines for 93350, “When only the professional compo... Read more
Reporting TEE Services During Transcatheter Intracardiac Therapies? Here's How
Hint: Know which services are already included within 93355. In Cardiology Coding Alert V... Read more
You'll Find New Cerebral Infarction, Cerebrovascular Disease Codes on Oct. 1
Hint: Don't miss new codes I63.81 and I63.89. CMS recently published its list of new ICD-... Read more
Case Study:
Tackle This Tricky 93355 Case Study for TEE Coding Success
See how our coding expert answers this challenging subscriber question. As you can see fr... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Test Your Prolonged Services Smarts With These 3 Questions
Hint: The importance of time is vital when reporting prolonged services. Do you know your... Read more
Reader Question:
Look to Dx I21.A9 for MI Type 3
Question: Which ICD-10 code should I report for myocardial infarction type 3? I don't see ... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Sure You Understand CCI Modifier Indicators
Question: What does a modifier indicator of 1 mean regarding the CCI edits? California Su... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Tackle Challenging Doppler Echo Conundrum
Question: Can we automatically report +93320 and +93325 in conjunction with 93312? Alabam... Read more
Cut Down on Denials for Your Non-Congenital and Congenital TEE Claims
Hint: Don't forget to append modifier 26 when appropriate. You could be entering treacher... Read more
Bust These 4 Common Myths Before Reporting Heart Failure Dx Codes
Hint: You must educate providers to document specific type of heart failure. ICD-10 can b... Read more
Clear Up EOB Patient Confusion With This Handy Advice
Remember: An EOB is not a bill. Working in the healthcare field, you know that acronyms a... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Out This Advice for Rheumatic Versus Non-Rheumatic Dx Codes
Question: In ICD-10, if a patient has mitral regurgitation without mention of it being non... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Sure to Sequence ICD-10 Codes Correctly
Question: The cardiologist documents a diagnosis of left ventricular failure caused by hyp... Read more
You Be the Coder:
See When to Append Modifier 53 Appropriately
Question: The cardiologist attempted 92928 (PCI) twice using a balloon catheter on the lef... Read more
Confused by Reporting Requirements for TTEs? Read This
Don't forget: There are specific codes for congenital anomalies. Did you know that the ac... Read more
3 FAQs Help You Avoid Making Heart Failure Coding Mistakes
Hint: Make sure you know the meaning of acronyms HFrEF and HFpEF. More than 6 million Ame... Read more
Check Out Handy Modifier Tips to Keep Cardiology Claims in Tip-Top Shape
Remember: Take care not to mix up modifiers 58 and 78. Understanding CPT® modifiers is a... Read more
Reader Question:
Envision These Codes for Rhythm EKGs
Question: I am unsure about some of the ECG reporting rules. Could you please explain the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Focus on Event Monitoring Codes For Coding Success
Question: The descriptor of 93268 mentions "attended monitoring." What does that mean exac... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Don't Mix Up Limited, Comprehensive EP Studies
Question: The cardiac electrophysiologist (EP) documented that in the hospital, he perform... Read more
Protect Your Reimbursement By Avoiding These 3 Cardiac Cath Mistakes
Mind your modifier 51 use with certain heart cath codes. Cardiologists perform cardiac ca... Read more
Clip and Save:
Follow This Documentation Checklist for Clean Atherosclerosis Claims
Hint: You must check to see if the patient has associated angina with the atherosclerosis.... Read more
Discover How CERT Program Works to Protect Your Reimbursement
Hint: When CERT comes knocking at your practice, make sure you answer. As a cardiology co... Read more
Reader Question:
Approach This Catheter Scenario With Caution
Question: The physician removed a non-tunneled central venous catheter through the subclav... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to Combo Codes in This Case
Question: The patient has hypertension with both heart and kidney involvement. Which ICD-1... Read more
Reader Question:
Know These TCM Discharge Requirements
Question: What types of discharge fall under the transitional care management codes? Cali... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Use I34.0 for Nonrheumatic Mitral Valve Insufficiency
Question: How should you report nonrheumatic mitral valve insufficiency? Codify Subscribe... Read more
Brush Up on Your Atherosclerosis Knowledge for ICD-10 Coding Success
Hint: Always report a combo code when the cardiologist documents CAD with angina. When a ... Read more
CPT® Skills:
Familiarize Yourself With These 78492 Facts to Avoid Denials
Hint: Always report the appropriate radiopharmaceutical diagnostic agent tracer. Reportin... Read more
3 Quick Tips Strengthen Your CDI Skills
Hint: Make sure the EMR info is accurate and timely. Every day, Medicare denies or reduce... Read more
Reader Question:
Tread Lightly When Dealing With EP Ablation Codes
Question: Can you please tell me which CPT® code should be used to bill for an AV node mo... Read more
Reader Question:
Master This EMB Code
Question: What CPT® code should we report if the cardiologist performs an endomyocardial ... Read more
Reader Question:
Pull 34701 out of Your Coding Arsenal for This Scenario
Question: The patient had an infrarenal aorta aneurysm that had not ruptured, and the card... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Patient Has Old MI? Choose This Dx Code
Question: We are experiencing some confusion with the ICD-10 guidelines for myocardial inf... Read more
Pinpoint Your Atherosclerosis Codes With This Advice
Hint: Make sure you know if the patient also has angina pectoris. If you see the terms "a... Read more
2018 Update:
Discover What's New For Cardiology in the CCI Policy Manual
Don't miss the new secondary percutaneous transluminal thrombectomy instruction. You've l... Read more
Select Correct ICD-10 Codes for These Cardiology Diagnoses
Hint: Report I47.1 for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia. To ethically maximize you... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to 93924 for Noninvasive Physiologic Studies
Question: The cardiologist assesses the patient's blood flow in the arteries of his legs b... Read more
Reader Question:
93619 or 93620? Know the Difference
Question: If the cardiologist tries to induce arrhythmia but fails, should we report 93619... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Watch the Calendar With G0250
Question: Can you please explain the time limit for G0250? We have experienced some recent... Read more
CCI 24.0 Update:
Implement New Vascular Surgery CCI Edits to Avoid Denials
Hint: Brush up on these edits for new all-encompassing codes 34701-34708. You've learned ... Read more
Always Use Caution When Appending Modifiers
Never append modifier 59 to an E/M service. It's important to pay attention to modifier i... Read more
CCI 24.0 Update:
Delve Into Brand-New Anticoagulant, Category III, and Observation Code Edits
Hint: Don't report hospital observation codes 99217-99220 together with 93793. As you're ... Read more
CCI 24.0 Update:
Ace CCI 24.0 Edits With This Expert Advice
Hint: Always become familiar with CCI edits for any new procedures. Make sure your practi... Read more
Reader Question:
MI Codes to Gain Specificity With ICD-10 2018
Question: What kinds of changes did we see in MI codes due to ICD-10 2018? Oregon Subscri... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Documentation for Correct ECG Code
Question: How do we decide whether to bill for 93000 versus 93005 or 93010? Illinois Subs... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Don't Forget the Modifiers on This Claim
Question: The cardiologist sees an inpatient for acute claudication/ischemia of the f... Read more
Elevate Your CPT® 2018 Expertise With These Quick Questions
Remember: Don't count on 34825 and 34826 in 2018. With January 1 comes a variety of CPT®... Read more
Give Your Hypertension Coding a Clean Bill of Health With 7 Tips
Hint: Two codes are required when you report secondary hypertension. With 11 types of hyp... Read more
Get the Inside Scoop on the MPFS Final 2018 Rule
Remember: CMS finalizes codes 96160 and 96161 for telemedicine. In November, CMS released... Read more
Reader Question:
Include the Appropriate Coronary Modifier on This Claim
Question: The cardiologist placed a stent in the right coronary artery. He then performed ... Read more
Reader Question:
Ace Your Reporting for Smoking and Tobacco-Use Cessation Counseling
Question: Can we report 99406 and 99407 separately and in addition to other E/M services t... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Don't Rule Out ED E/M Code
Question: A patient presents to the ED with chest pain. The patient receives a complex car... Read more
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