Cardiology Coding Alert

ICD-10 Quiz:

Assess Your Understanding For These Key Cardiology Diagnoses

Look to this code for MI type 5.

Knowing which ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes you should report can be tricky. There are so many diagnosis codes to choose from, and you must always double-check the documentation to make sure you report the most accurate codes. Take this quick quiz to check your understanding of some key cardiology diagnoses.

Check page 93 for answers and explanations to see if you aced this quiz.

Question 1: The cardiologist documents that the patient has atherosclerotic heart disease of the native coronary artery, along with stable angina (controlled with medication). Which ICD-10 code would you report?

Question 2: The cardiologist documents that the patient has hypertensive heart and chronic kidney disease with acute systolic (congestive) heart failure and with stage 5 CKD. Which ICD-10 codes should we report?

Question 3: According to the documentation, the patient has left ventricular failure caused by hypertension. Per a note in ICD-10 manual, you must also report the type of heart failure the patient suffers from. Does the sequencing of these codes matter?

Question 4: Which ICD-10 code should you report for myocardial infarction (MI) type 5?