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MLN Matters® Further Clarifies Modifier GT

Question: Someone in my office mentioned that they read another update about modifier GT. Can you explain what the update was and what we need to be aware of with this modifier?

Hawaii Subscriber

Answer: On September 6, 2018, there was an update to MM10583, Change Request (CR) 10583, which revised the earlier information about modifier GT (Via interactive audio and video telecommunication systems). The revision corrects the effective date of modifier GT. So, as of October 1, 2018, modifier GT is only allowed on institutional claims billed by a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Method II.

Before this change, providers submitted claims for telehealth using the appropriate CPT® code along with modifier GT. Then, CMS dropped the modifier requirement and now requires you to append (POS) code 02 (Telehealth) to describe services furnished via telehealth.

Bottom line: As of October 1, 2018, Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) Method II should just append modifier GT on institutional claims.