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Base Codes on Cath Repositioning

Question: My cardiologist performed an abdominal aortogram with iliofemoral runoffs with visualization of the lower extremities. Can I report both 75630 and 75710 or does 75630 technically cover it?

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Answer: If the cardiologist repositions the catheter within the aorta (e.g., he performs one study from high in the abdominal aorta and then repositions the catheter at the aorto-iliac bifurcation), you should report 75625 (Aortography, abdominal, by serialography, radiological supervision and interpretation) and either 75710 (Angiography, extremity, unilateral, radiological supervision and interpretation) or 75716 (Angiography, extremity, bilateral, radiological supervision and interpretation) depending on if he studied one or both extremities.
 If the cardiologist does not reposition the catheter, you should report 75630 (Aortography, abdominal plus bilateral iliofemoral lower extremity, catheter, by serialography, radiological supervision and interpretation) alone.

 - You Be the Coder and Reader Questions were prepared with the assistance of Jim Collins, ACS-CA, CHCC, CPC, president of Compliant MD Inc. and compliance manager for several cardiology groups around the country; and reviewed by Jerome Williams Jr., MD, FACC, a cardiologist with Mid Carolina Cardiology in Charlotte, N.C.

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