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Decode Coronary Angiography Case

Question: According to the documentation, my cardiologist selected the right coronary artery, injected it, and took multi views. They then used the catheter to cross the aortic valve and placed it in the left ventricule. The left ventricle (LV) pressure was recorded and measured. The left coronary artery was selected, injected, and multi views were taken. The catheter was removed intact. Which code should I report?

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Answer: You should report 93458 (Catheter placement in coronary artery(s) for coronary angiography, including intraprocedural injection(s) for coronary angiography, imaging supervision and interpretation; with left heart catheterization including intraprocedural injection(s) for left ventriculography, when performed). In this procedure, the provider performs imaging supervision and interpretation for a coronary angiography with left heart catheterization and intraprocedural injections for left ventriculography. Cardiologists perform these injections to assess any coronary artery disease or any stenosis within the artery. Report this code to represent only imaging supervision and interpretation for this procedure.