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Here’s How to Report Ovarian Drilling

Question: Our patient was scheduled for a laparoscopic right oophorectomy along with left ovarian drilling. However, due to the large size and decreased mobility of the lesion, our physician performed a laparotomy with right oophorectomy along with left ovarian drilling for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Would I be correct to use unlisted code 58999 for the ovarian drilling?

Kentucky Subscriber

Answer: Yes, the ovarian drilling would be the unlisted code (58999, Unlisted procedure, female genital system (nonobstetrical)); but the work is similar to a wedge resection of the ovary (58920, Wedge resection or bisection of ovary, unilateral or bilateral). Use that as your comparison code along with 58940 (Oophorectomy, partial or total, unilateral or bilateral).