Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

Part 1: Highlighting 4 Factors to Pinpoint Which Hysterectomy Code to Use
Warning: You should not count fibroid weight with the weight of the uterus. Approximatel... Read more
Starting the Global Record too Soon? You May Miss Out on $111
Test yourself with these 3 questions. A patient has taken a pregnancy test at home and yo... Read more
Practice Management:
Stop Denials in Their Tracks With These Handy Tips
Make sure team members communicate clearly with one another. Denials can be a major thre... Read more
Reader Questions:
When MD Leaves, Do This for Pregnant Patients
Question: One of our providers recently left our office, so all the patients were tra... Read more
Reader Questions:
Think Twice Before Reporting 99000
Question: We have a lot of patients who self-swab for sexually transmitted infection ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Beware Addition of Urinalysis Code to E/M
Question: For all lab tests performed in the office, our nurse researches the histor... Read more
Reader Questions:
Consider Your ICD-10 Options for Rubella Non-Immune Status
Question: How do you code Rubella non-immune status in a pregnant patient? I can only... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report FBR by How Ob-Gyn Got It Out
Question: My physician removed a foreign body from the vagina of a 4-year-old using a... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Be Wary of the Term “Cystectomy”
Question: I am new to this, and I am hoping someone can give me any input. Physician... Read more
Do You Know Whether the LEEP Was a Conization or Biopsy? Follow 3 Steps
Solve potential problems by asking, “Did the ob-gyn remove part of the endocervix?” L... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Test Yourself: Pregnant Patient Annual Exams
Be cautious about what you use for your primary diagnosis. To ethically maximize your ob... Read more
Unlisted Procedures:
Here’s How to Ease Your Unlisted Procedure Coding Process
Key: Reports should use simple, straightforward language. If you've ever filed an ob-gy... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Determine Your Dx After Cancer Surgery
Question: When can we bill a visit after a surgery for cancer? My colleague says that... Read more
Reader Questions:
You Need Proof for Modifier 82
Question: Is there a difference in the reimbursement of procedures for modifiers 80 (... Read more
Reader Questions:
Code This Ureterolysis Example
Question: I need help with this ureterolysis note. Our gynecology oncologist is doing... Read more
Reader Questions:
For High-Risk Medications During Pregnancy, Use These Codes
Question: I need help locating the ICD-10 codes for use of high-risk medication durin... Read more
Reader Questions:
Here’s Your Scoop on the 60-Day Overpayment Rule
Question: We've heard that Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) says we... Read more
Double Trouble: How to Code NSTs and BPPs for Twin Pregnancies
Learn different options to capture the extra work. When a patient who is carrying twins ... Read more
Case Study:
Navigate This Urogynecology Crossover Procedure
Avoid confusion by focusing on the code descriptors. Navigating the specialty of urogyn... Read more
Myth Busters:
Fibroid Coding Got You Frustrated? 5 Myth Busters Fix Your Claims
Find out what your fibroid diagnosis options are. If you're reporting uterine fibroid rem... Read more
Reader Questions:
Count Oocytes for 89280-89281
Question: Codes 89280 and 89281 don't have a National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI... Read more
Reader Questions:
Include Hymenectomy As Part of Surgery
Question: One of our providers performed a hysteroscopy dilation and curettage for re... Read more
Reader Questions:
Repeat Pap Plus Urinary Tract Infection
Question: A Medicare patient who is high risk due to sexual behavior came in for her ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Prophylactical Placement of Ureteral Stents
Question: If the ob-gyn places catheters for identification of the ureters (52005) d... Read more
+99459: 5 FAQs Clarify How to Use This Expense Only Code
Here's what your physician's documentation needs to include. Since January 1, you can use... Read more
Billing Infertility Claims? Focusing on These Types of Codes Can Help
You may want to hold off reporting N97.9. According to the Centers for Disease Control ... Read more
Follow Expert Advice to Conquer Challenges With NCCI Edits
Don't abuse modifier 59. Although most coding software programs incorporate the quarterly... Read more
Reader Questions:
Possible Molar Pregnancy
Question: My ob-gyn treated a patient they suspected had a possible molar pregnancy b... Read more
Reader Questions:
Does Repeat Pap Smear Warrant Well Woman Code? Find Out
Question: Our ob-gyn recently performed a repeat Pap smear for a woman as her Pap sme... Read more
Reader Questions:
You Need More Documentation for Mastitis
Question: My ob-gyn documented “left mastitis,” and someone told me that this is... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Fetal Doppler Echocardiographies
Question: Fetal cardiac evaluation was performed using 2D ultrasound, color Doppler, ... Read more
2 Tips Clarify How to Code Ovarian Cysts
Bonus: Here's the documentation you need for cyst removals. Are you scratching your head ... Read more
Why You Need to Look For “Polyhydramnios” In Your Amnio Claim
Find out if you can report the ultrasound guidance separately. Do you know what to do i... Read more
E/M Coding:
Follow 5 Tips to Solidify Your Inpatient Care Coding
Stay on top of the hospital E/M revisions. For the last year, you have been using a revi... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Control of Bleeding Case
Question: Could you help me code this control of bleeding case? Doctor states: “33... Read more
Reader Questions:
Clarify HIPAA Terminology
Question: What is the difference between “consent” and “authorization” in th... Read more
Reader Questions:
Ask if This Procedure Was for a Bartholin’s Cyst
Question: My ob-gyn listed the procedure as perirectal cystectomy and pre-op diagnosi... Read more
Reader Questions:
You Need More Documentation for Mastitis
Question: My ob-gyn documented “left mastitis,” and someone told me that this isn... Read more
Reader Questions:
Are Inductions Part of Global to Deliveries? Find Out
Question: If a patient is in the hospital for several days being induced for a delive... Read more
Do You Know How to Report What Ob-Gyn Did in Addition to Colposcope?
Tip: The difference between a biopsy and LEEP biopsy is the instrument used. Your colpos... Read more
Untangle Your Trickiest Twin Delivery Claims
Babies born on different calendar dates? Here's what to do. How should you report a twin ... Read more
3 FAQs Will Guide You Away From Making Modifier 22 Mistakes
Find out how much longer a procedure should take. Appending modifier 22 (Increased proce... Read more
CPT® 2024 Update:
Federal Register Clarifies Pelvic Exam Add-on Code
Here's why there's no guarantee your practice will be paid. CPT® 2024 includes a new add... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Free Samples Means Following These Rules
Question: In the past, ob-gyns in our practice have frequently supplied free samples ... Read more
Reader Question:
Order Your Surveillance Diagnosis Codes Like This
Question: A patient is 2+ years since completion of treatment for endometrial ca... Read more
Reader Question:
Take Advantage of Opportunities to Educate Providers
Question: Our provider tends to use the terms “epigastric pain” and “heartburn... Read more
Reader Question:
Assign Codes — and Responsibility for Code Choices
Question: Who is responsible for the final diagnosis used for an office/ outpatient e... Read more
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