Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

Ace Your Twin Delivery Claims With 4 Solutions to Your Toughest Questions
Experts advise you to follow whatever modifier rules your insurer has in writing Hype aro... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Your Ob-Gyn's Decisions Will Direct You to the Right Modifier
Hint: Scheduling a surgery for next week may not require a modifier at all Despite closel... Read more
You Can Code Preventive and E/M Services on the Same Day
Matching your dx to your CPT code is vital to your claim's success If you shy away from r... Read more
Reader Questions:
Narrow Down Vaginal Mesh Excision Codes
Question: My doctor did excision of vaginal mesh on two different patients, and I cannot f... Read more
Reader Questions:
Get Documentation in Order for Complete U/S
Question: The ob-gyn does an ultrasound and discovers a single intrauterine pregnancy in t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Post-Bx Suture Equals Unlisted or 57200
Question: I-m looking for a CPT code for the following procedure. The indications are a se... Read more
Reader Questions:
Look Before You Code a LEEP Procedure
"Question: The ob-gyn used a colposcope and loop electrocautery excisional procedure (LEEP... Read more
Reader Questions:
Discover the E/M, Abortion Code Difference
Question: What is the difference between medical treatment (E/M codes) and surgical treatm... Read more
Reader Questions:
Unrelated Procedures Not Getting Paid? Check Your Policy
Question: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is denying our claim for a laparoscopic tubal liga... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Graft Revision and Sling Procedure
Question: During an office exam on a patient complaining of spotting, the ob-gyn noticed t... Read more
News You Can Use:
Medicare Well Woman Exam No Longer Requires a Breast Exam
Here's your one-stop guide to appending modifiers 76, GA and 25 You can still report G... Read more
CCI 14.2 Update:
Strike 57284 Bundles While Adding Subq Infusion Edits
Find out what modifier indicator to apply to the new subq edits The promised 57284 reve... Read more
Untangle Pregnant Patient Transfer Coding Cases With This Advice
Here's what to do if your payer requests separately reporting each visit Think you can ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Discover the E/M, Abortion Code Difference 
Question: What is the difference between medical treatment (E/M codes) and surgical trea... Read more
Reader Questions:
Clarify Your Pyelonephritis Dx Options
Question: A pregnant patient with pyelonephritis presents to the hospital. I know I... Read more
Reader Questions:
Pinpoint Percentages for Your Obesity Dx
Question: What distinguishes "obesity" from "morbid obesity"? Texas Subscriber Answe... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don't Rely on the Code MD Wants to Use
Question: My ob-gyn wants to use 58952 for a hysterectomy and BSO. He removed a large ma... Read more
Reader Questions:
Break Down Biopsy, Cystectomy, Appendectomy Options
Question: The ob-gyn did a hysteroscopy, endomyometrial biopsy and dilation of cervix wi... Read more
Reader Questions:
Investigate Notes for High Risk Rationale
Question: Our office is looking for an ICD-9 code for a patient that has normal pregnanc... Read more
Reader Questions:
Solve this Laparoscopy Uterine Suspension Scenario
Question: How should I code a laparoscopic uterine suspension? Can I use 49320 and 58400... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Placenta Delivery May Mean Modifier 52
Question: If my ob-gyn didn't make it into the room for the baby delivery and delivers o... Read more
3 FAQs Obliterate Your Ob Global Package, Hospital, and Accident Coding Obstacles
Surprise: You shouldn't apply an E code if an auto accident affects the fetus Reporting... Read more
Coding From the Doctor's Note:
3 Steps Resolve Your Endometrial Cancer Questions
Hint: Use a modifier with an existing code to reflect partial work Complicated endometr... Read more
Take Charge of Coding Teaching Physician Services
Here's which modifier to use for the primary-care exception You can ensure that your ob... Read more
Reader Questions:
Stick to This Sterilization Coding Advice
Question: What should I use for a multiparity diagnosis and Falk procedure? I used V25.2... Read more
Reader Questions:
Here's What You Need to Know for TVH
Question: I-m trying to code a "total vaginal hysterectomy." What should I report? Cali... Read more
Reader Questions:
Should You Report Graft and Sling?
Question: I need a code for a BioArc graft. I know to use the mesh code 57267 ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Sometimes You Have 2 Ways to Report LUNA
Question: My ob-gyn performed an uterosacral neurectomy and cautery of endometriosis on ... Read more
ICD-9 Update:
Brace Yourself for an Explosion of New Vaginal, Anal Pap Smear Codes
Discover a new way to report the acquired absence of the cervix You already know to loo... Read more
ICD-9 Update:
Focus on 5 Ob, 5 Gyn Conditions for Faultless 2009 Claims
If you-re having trouble supporting ob ultrasound claims, help is here Coders, beware. ... Read more
Update Your Unlisted-Procedure Practices With 4 Tips
Key: Reports should use simple, straightforward language If you-ve ever filed an ob-gyn... Read more
Reader Questions:
Solve This 56-Year-Old's Pregnancy Diagnosis
Question: My ob-gyn is seeing a pregnant patient who is age 56. I know she is considered... Read more
Reader Questions:
Include Extras in Ob-Gyn Preventive Services
Question: I work for a large multi-specialty practice. I know that I can bill a preventi... Read more
Reader Questions:
Choose 3 Codes for IUD Correction
Question: The patient came in two months post-intrauterine device (IUD) insertion asking... Read more
Reader Questions:
Master Modifier 25 With E/M, Urinalysis
Question: The ob-gyn performs a level-two E/M for a new patient. The results of the eval... Read more
Reader Questions:
Unravel Diagnosis Codes for Ultrasounds 
Question: I keep reading information that payers should reimburse medically indicated&nb... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Laparoscopic-Guided Hysteroscopic Resection
Question: What would be the correct way to code laparoscopic-guided hysteroscopic resect... Read more
Follow This 5th-Digit Advice to Clear Up Spontaneous, Induced Abortion Questions
Here's why you-ll apply -0- -quot; not -1- or -2- -quot; to medically induced abortions W... Read more
Brace Yourself for Sept. 1's New ABN Form
Heads up: A 6-month transition doesn't mean you should wait CMS has unveiled its new adva... Read more
Highlight These 4 Stages of Spontaneous Abortion
Discover the difference between spontaneous and threatened A -spontaneous abortion- (misc... Read more
Throw the 5th Digit Out the Window for These Abortion Codes
Tip: Ask, -Did the fetus death occur prior to 20 or 22 weeks?- Thankfully, not all aborti... Read more
News You Can Use:
Resubmit 57287-57288 Claims Due to CCI Error
You-ll see the correction in the final CCI version 14.2 If you met with denials concernin... Read more
Reader Question:
Decide When to Charge 82270
Question: My practice does fecal-occult blood tests (FOBT). We are considering giving our ... Read more
Reader Question:
Include Inductions in the Global Package
Question: Is a two-day induction included in the global package for a normal spontaneous v... Read more
Reader Question:
Declare Victory Over New Ob Visit Claims
Question: How should I bill new ob visits? Should I report a confirmatory visit (using an ... Read more
Reader Question:
Diagnosis Does Not Change Procedure Performed
Question: If a diagnostic laparoscopy finds pelvic congestion syndrome, is this still 4932... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Op Note for Details to Support 58662
Question: My ob-gyn did a diagnostic laparoscopy, bilateral ovarian cystectomy, tubal chro... Read more
Reader Question:
Fix Your Intrauterine Device V Codes
Question: A patient presented with a positive pregnancy test and had an intrauterine devic... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Improve Your Laceration Coding Skills
Question: What CPT codes should I use for a second-, third-, or fourth-degree laceration?C... Read more
CCI 14.1 Update:
Apply New Edits Surrounding 12 Ob-Gyn Codes and Guard Against Denials
Discover how modifier 59 changes reimbursement for mutually exclusive edits The Correct... Read more
Quick Tip:
You Can Use Mod 22 on Global Ob Codes -- Here's How
Be certain you are adhering to the change CPT 2008 made If your ob-gyn repairs a third-... Read more
Take the Guesswork Out of Uterine Tandem Coding
Use this modifier when radiologists report the same code Tackling uterine tandem coding... Read more
Miscoding a Repeat Pap Smear Could Cost $40 per Patient
Find out whether you can report 99000 for handling of the specimen If your patient's Pa... Read more
Reader Questions:
State Controls Deliveries for Missed Abortions
Question: My ob-gyn admitted a patient to the hospital to do an induction for a missed a... Read more
Reader Questions:
If Issue Is With Fetus, Use This ICD-9 Code
Question: We have an ob patient who had an abnormal alpha-fetoprotein (AFP). My ob-gyn w... Read more
Reader Questions:
Tame This Cystectomy, Lysis of Adhesion Note
Question: I need help with an op note: "Name of procedure: Diagnostic laparoscopy, righ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Choose Your Postpartum Care Code Wisely
Question: Our ob-gyn provided antepartum care for a patient who delivered out of town. N... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Lap Repair With Unlisted-Procedure Code
Question: My ob-gyn did a dilation and curettage (D&C) as well as a hysteroscopy for... Read more
Reader Questions:
Compare and Contrast 35840 and 49002
Question: What is the difference between 35840 and 49002? Kentucky Subscriber Answer: ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Discover Where Obesity Counseling Falls
Question: The introduction for the new CPT codes 99406-99409 includes obesity, as well a... Read more
Don't Miss Another ECC, LEEP, or Biopsy by Solving 3 Colposcopy Scenarios
Action: Isolating key phrases will capture the correct code every time Your colposcopy ... Read more
Coding From the Doctor's Note:
Ace Your Amnio Claims With This Expert Advice
Hint: 1 word will help you choose ICD-9, CPT codes If coding amnio procedures -- partic... Read more
Expert Advice:
3 Tips Power Up Your Pessary Coding
Find out if the ob-gyn did a refitting at the time of an insertion If you think 57160 ... Read more
Remind MD to Fully Describe Pessary Conditions
Fight undercoding for pessary visits using this tried-and-true idea Good advice: Rememb... Read more
Reader Questions:
Clarify How You Report 93976
Question: My ob-gyn's documentation states, "I turned on the Color Doppler button to ens... Read more
Reader Questions:
Abortion Short of 20 Weeks? Look to E/M Codes
Question: A 19.5-week pregnant patient arrived in the emergency department with bleeding... Read more
Reader Questions:
Get to the Bottom of the Different Edits
Question: I follow Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits, but some insurers don't follow... Read more
Reader Questions:
New Physician Doesn't Mean New Patient
Question: We have a new ob-gyn in our group whose patients from his previous group follo... Read more
Reader Questions:
Figure Out These Fem Test Points
Question: Can I give two points for "independent visualization of specimen" toward an E/... Read more
Reader Questions:
Solve This Surrogate Patient Situation
Question: Would you help me find a diagnosis code for a gestational carrier/surrogate? T... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Vaginal Hysterectomy With LSO and Colpopexy
Question: My ob-gyn completed a vaginal hysterectomy of a uterus that was less than 250 ... Read more
CCI 14.0 Update:
3 Overriding Themes Take the Burden Out of Learning Tons of Ob-Gyn Edits
Learn why you have reason to both cheer and lament sling procedure edits As of Jan. 1, ... Read more
2 Scenarios Pinpoint the Perfect Preventive Med Counseling Code‧
Here's how to make diagnoses codes support your claim You could be missing out if you d... Read more
Position Preventive Medicine Counseling Codes Correctly
Learn why a patient's illness negates the use of these codes If the patient sees a... Read more
Clip and Save:
Keep CCI 14.0's Ob-Gyn Edits at Your Fingertips
Know what bundles you may -- and will never -- separate Problem: "I understand the Corr... Read more
Cut Down on Global Ob Coding Mistakes With This Checklist
Discover how to boost the bottom line for twin deliveries Applying ICD-9 codes to an ob... Read more
Reader Questions:
Medicaid May Still Require 2007 Codes
Question: I-ve been getting Medicaid denials for 2008 diagnosis codes. Wasn't I supposed... Read more
Reader Questions:
Highlight Medicare's High-Risk Rules
Question: I work in an oncology/gynecology practice, and we have several Medicare patien... Read more
Reader Questions:
Strike Through Code for Sterile Specula Exam
Question: My ob-gyn wants to know if CPT has a code for a "sterile specula exam."-The do... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Question: What is the difference between a hysterosalpingogram and a hysterosonogram? Wh... Read more
2 Hysterectomy Op Notes Draw the Line Between Good and Bad Documentation
Save these on-the-go documentation tips to ward against big mistakes If you-re relying ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Clean Up Ob Confirmatory Visit Claims With 3 Q&As
Don't miss out on E/M fees by initiating the ob record too soon When your ob-gyn simply... Read more
Vamp Up Your V Code Usage by Vaporizing These Myths
Beware: Mislabeling a patient's history could have serious consequences If you-re shunn... Read more
Advanced Bonus Question:
Distinguish Counseling Visit From Ob Care Start Line
Warning:You may run into this nonphysician treatment problem If you sailed through "Cle... Read more
Reader Questions:
Stick to First Trimester for NT Scans
Question: Which CPT code should I use for nuchal translucency measurement in the second ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Here's What to Charge for Telephone E/Ms
Question: Will Medicare cover the new telephone evaluation services (99441-99443) in 200... Read more
Reader Questions:
CMS Says No-Show Fee Is OK -- Sometimes
Question: Did Medicare change its billing policy for missed appointments? What does the ... Read more
Reader Questions:
IUD Anxiety May Require Modifier 23
Question: We-ve scheduled a patient for IUD removal under anesthesia in outpatient surge... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Up Your Ultrasound Code Comprehension
Question: We reviewed the Ob-Gyn Coding Alert Vol. 10, No. 12 and have a question regard... Read more
CPT 2008 Update:
Perfect How to Code Paravaginal Defect Repairs, Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomies
New HPV vaccine code will be valid in 2008 but won't appear in your CPT book CPT 2008 a... Read more
CPT 2008 Update:
Overlooking Renumbered, Revised Codes Could Cost You
Uncover the code that's no longer modifier 51 exempt -- and 1 that will be To get the f... Read more
CPT 2008 Update:
Get Paid for Phone or Online E/M Visits -- Here's How
Bonus: Discover new codes for medical team conferences Great news: For those ob-gyns sp... Read more
Reader Questions:
Consider These Specific Quit-Smoking Codes
Question: Sometimes we fret over the difficulty of getting paid for the numerous nonphys... Read more
Reader Questions:
Include BMI V Code on Weight-Related Encounters
Question: An established patient who gained 20 pounds over the holidays reported to the ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Intercept Injection Mishaps With This Advice
Question: Our ob-gyn injected Depo-Medrol and Xylocaine-into the area of the vaginal cuf... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Stop Searching for Vulvar Abscess Excision Code
Question: My ob-gyn performed an excision of a vulvar abscess, and I am having difficult... Read more
Myomectomy Codes Got You Mixed Up? Master Your Claims With This Expert Advice
Find out how the weight of myomas can trump the number of themDeciding which myomectomy co... Read more
See How 3 Coverage Agreements Affect Global Ob Care Coding
Here's what to do when a provider wants to claim the delivery feeWithin and between groups... Read more
Stay Out of Auditor's Crosshairs With These E/M Tips
Securing the correct history level is easy with this element-by-element studyYou don't hav... Read more
Bladder Cath Codes Are the Flavor of CCI 13.3
Question: The Correct Coding Initiative version 13.3 just came out. Do any edits deal with... Read more
'Middle of the Road' Coding Won't Prevent Scrutiny
Question: I heard that if I bill mostly 99213s and keep my E/M billing within the middle-o... Read more
Calculate Annual Visit Payment Using This Formula
Question: What is the correct way for an ob-gyn to bill Medicare for an annual exam (Pap, ... Read more
Verify Your Breast Exam V Code
Question: Is there a better code than V76.10 (Special screening for malignant neoplasms; b... Read more
Get UA Codes Straight During Ob Global Care
Question: I got my copy of the Ob-Gyn Coding Alert, and two codes specified in an article ... Read more
Think Twice Before Using Modifier 55
Question: The patient went to the hospital in the middle of her pregnancy, delivered, and ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pregnant Patient With Yeast Infection
Question: The patient comes for a routine prenatal visit and has a yeast infection. Can we... Read more
Expert Advice:
Leap to the Best LEEP Code by Asking Whether the Ob-Gyn Removed the Endocervix
Bonus: Learn why you should forget about reporting ECC and biopsy in addition If you-... Read more
Save Time and Rake in More RVUs by Joining the 'E' World
Caution: Avoid discussing STDs using unencrypted e-mails When your ob-gyn provides ser... Read more
Reader Question:
Learn the Difference Between Polyps and Fibroids
Question: My ob-gyn removed polyps and fibroids via a hysteroscope. The path diagnosis i... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Include Newborn Exam With Global Fee
Question: Can I report 99435 separately from the global fee? Under what circumstances ... Read more
Reader Question:
Stop Searching for Lysis in Vaginal Cuff
Question: My ob-gyn documented -lysis of adhesive (vertical band) in the vaginal cuff.... Read more
Reader Question:
Ask, Did Ob-Gyn Take Part of the Ovary With Cyst?
Question: Our ob-gyn did a laparoscopic left salpingectomy and a resection of left ovari... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Incorrect 'Failure to Descend' Dx Could Cost You
Question: What does -failure to descend- mean? How should I code it? Also, what is prolo... Read more
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