Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

CPT 2005:
Get Ready for New Debridement, Vaginal Repair Codes
Better documentation guidelines help you report nonpregnant uterus ultrasoundsIf your ob-g... Read more
Keep Track of Prenatal Care With Category II Codes
CPT 2005 also renumbers 6 older codesIf your practice wants to itemize all initial prenata... Read more
Sperm Evaluation Joins Ranks Of Category III Codes
Don't forget about 0071T, 0072T and 0074TBeginning Jan 1, you'll have a new Category III c... Read more
New Appendix Guides BRCA 1 and 2 Testing
If your ob-gyn practice performs genetic testing for the BRCA 1 and 2 mutation, you'll wan... Read more
Reader Question:
51741 Versus 51795 for Urodynamic Testing
Question: Should I use 51741 or 51795 for a void study?Montana Subscriber Answer: Urodyna... Read more
Reader Question:
Try Reporting 99070 for Catheter
Question: Is there any code to report for the catheter separately from the urodynamics stu... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Amnioinfusion With Delivery
Question: Is there any way to report a scalp electrode or amnioinfusion with delivery?Illi... Read more
Reader Question:
Code Intrathecal Injections During Delivery
Question: How should I code intrathecal injections done during delivery? I'm confused by a... Read more
Reader Question:
Cannot Use V72.40 if Pregnancy is Known
Question: How should I code a patient who came in for a pregnancy test when the test was p... Read more
Reader Question:
76942 With Amnio Needs No Modifier
Question: When my ob-gyn performs an amniocentesis in our facility using our equipment, I ... Read more
Reader Question:
Only Code What You Know at End of Visit
Question: We code our Pap smears, HPVs, colpo's and LEEPs with the diagnosis that has been... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 58999 for Takedown of a Sling
Question: How should I code a Burch takedown?Michigan Subscriber Answer: Your ob-gyn like... Read more
Reader Question:
648.44 Can Apply to Miscarriages
Question: My ob-gyn saw a new patient as a follow-up from the emergency department (ED) an... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Unravel Cervical Dysplasia Confusion
Question: I know that new diagnosis codes are in effect as of Oct. 1, 2004. What is the di... Read more
NCCI 10.3 Aftermath:
Don't Report 57410 Separately From Surgical Procedures
Ultrasound guidance edits allow modifier -59 If you're reporting 57410 with genital syste... Read more
Test Your Pap Smear Skills
Mind your Medicare G's and Q's and don't rely on 88141 You can read coding articles until... Read more
Test Your Pap Smear Skills
Compare your answers to the correct responses  1. A low-risk non-Medicare patient re... Read more
Here's Why the 5th Digit Isn't Always the Key to Accurate ICD-9 Coding
Get the expert tips you need to prevent denials If you are submitting CPT codes with thre... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Has ICD-9 Coding Lost Its Grace?
Question: Has CMS ended the 90-day grace period for getting used to new ICD-9 codes? I've ... Read more
Want More ICD-9 Coding Success? Try Better Communication
Doctor should always approve ICD-9 codes, experts say You have a right way and a wrong wa... Read more
Reader Questions:
How to Use Prolonged Services for a CNM
Question: We sometimes charge for a prolonged service when the ob-gyn spends hours with a ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Stop Looking for an Nabothian Cyst Code
Question: One of my ob-gyns performed an incision and drainage (I&D) of a Nabothian cy... Read more
Reader Questions:
57288 Must Have Medical Indication
Question: My ob-gyn performed a sling operation for stress incontinence and a cystourethro... Read more
Reader Questions:
Find the Correct Code for KOH
Question: We recently learned that it's incorrect to use 87220 with 112.1 (Candidiasis of ... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 659.63 Only at Time of Labor Management or Delivery
Question: Should we be using 659.63 for labor/delivery? When we do amniocentesis, we usual... Read more
Reader Question:
Use Web to Get ICD-9 Help
Question: In our office, we strive to have the most accurate ICD-9 codes each time we send... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Delivery of Another Practice's Patient
Question: One of our ob-gyns delivered a patient of another local practice. It was a "code... Read more
Using Initial E/M Visits for New Pregnant Patients? Think Again
2 factors determine whether you should code a regular antepartum visitIf a new patient arr... Read more
When Does Global Maternal Care Begin?
Look at both annual and nonscheduled examsGlobal maternal care depends on the method the o... Read more
What's Included in Global Ob Care Packages
CPT defines routine antepartum care as out-of-hospital service that includes initial and s... Read more
Related Ob-Gyn Modifiers Pair Off
There's more to -25 and -57 than separating E/M servicesPairs like modifiers -25/-57 and m... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Unbundle When Faced With Multiple Procedures
Question: My ob-gyn performed ablation of endometriotic lesion, diagnostic laparoscopy, ly... Read more
Reader Question:
Reporting Second Physician Depends on Relationship With the First
Question: Recently, my ob-gyn's patient delivered twins. My physician delivered the first ... Read more
Reader Question:
2 Delivery Locations Combine Office and Hospital Work
Question: A patient pregnant with twins came to our office for a threatened abortion. The ... Read more
Reader Question:
Code a Wide Excision of Vulva as a Vulvectomy
Question: What is the correct code for wide excision of vulva? Is that a vulvectomy? The p... Read more
You Be the Coder:
E/M Visit With Suppression of Menses
Question: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) states that we ca... Read more
NCCI 10.2 Makes Bone Density Scan Codes Mutually Exclusive
Using a modifier to separate mutually exclusive edits should be the rare exception, not th... Read more
NCCI Targets Colposcopy Codes With New NME Edits
The National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) version 10.2 didn't stop with new mutually e... Read more
Know Your Nonmutually Exclusive Code Bundles
Because the new National Correct Coding Initiative edits will affect ob-gyn coders so sign... Read more
Using a Modifier to Separate 57410 and 57421? Not So Fast
If your ob-gyn performs vaginal colposcopy with biopsy under anesthesia, don't expect to c... Read more
E/M Is the Answer to Post-Hysterectomy Pap Coding
Don't be tempted by Q0091 and G0101 -- they generally won't apply If you code a Pap smear... Read more
NCCI 10.2 Bundles J2001 Into Numerous Procedures
Not all new National Correct Coding Initiative edits affect surgical procedures -- in fact... Read more
New ICD-9 List Includes Several Endometrial Hyperplasia Codes
In the August 2004 Ob-Gyn Coding Alert article "Prepare Yourself for Monumental ICD-9 Chan... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 59025 and 76815 for Modified BPP
Question: My doctor performed what she calls a modified biophysical profile (BPP). The r... Read more
Reader Question:
Stick to Modifier -52 for Failed Procedures
Question: When our ob-gyn performed a diagnostic laparoscopy, he decided to proceed with... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Wide Excision of Vulva
Reviewed on May 20, 2015 Question: What is the correct code for wide excision of vul... Read more
Prepare Yourself for Monumental ICD-9 Changes
New codes for Pap smear results, endometrial hyperplasia and genital prolapse mean more sp... Read more
New V-Code Changes Mean More Patient History
HRT and organ absence top list of new ICD-9 V codes ICD-9's new V codes, effective Oct.... Read more
News You Can Use:
More Frequent ICD-9 Changes Headed Your Way
HHS will release new ICD-9 codes bi-annually beginning next year Beginning in 2005, you c... Read more
Assess Your Risk Level to Avoid E/M Downcoding
You might be losing $15 for each outpatient visit If you're not sure how to calculate a p... Read more
The July 2004 Ob-Gyn Coding Alert article "Solutions to Your Top-5 Multiple Gestation Codi... Read more
Reporting Related Codes? Use Modifiers -59 And -51 to Keep Claims Clear
Modifier -59 is for procedures you would not normally report together When a patient r... Read more
Are Dilations and Ablations Separately Reportable?
Question: The ob-gyn performed endometrial ablation on a patient after performing cervic... Read more
Reader Question:
99211 Must Include Minimal Service
Question: Our nurses mark 99211 for all labs and most injections. They believe that if t... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 2 Units for Twin NSTs
Question: Can I bill two or more units for a fetal non-stress test (NST) during one sessio... Read more
Reader Question:
Know Your 5th Digit for Antepartum Care
Question: When reporting 59425 and 59426, should I use delivery or antepartum ICD-9 code... Read more
Reader Question:
Ob-Gyn Decides 56501 or 56515
Question: What is the difference between 56501 and 56515? Does a certain number of lesio... Read more
Reader Question:
You'll Likely Appeal Laparotomy Sterilization
Question: How should I report a tubal sterilization via laparotomy? The patient cannot h... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Use Modifiers for Unlisteds
Question: I understand that I should use 58578 for a laparoscopic supra-cervical hystere... Read more
Reader Question:
Check CPT for Modifier -51 Exemptions
Question: Do I have to use modifier -51 every time I code a visit in which the internist... Read more
You Be the Coder:
What Does 90782 Include?
Question: I understand that 90782 includes an E/M visit. But what if the patient has a p... Read more
Solutions to Your Top-5 Multiple Gestation Coding Questions
Experts advise how to ethically get the most for twin pregnancy services You may not code... Read more
Think 99211 Is Just for Nurse Visits? Think Again
Use the code's requirements to decide whether your patient visits warrant it Ob-gyn pract... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Do You Know When to Report 99211? Test Yourself
Learn what will turn a nonreportable service into a nurse visit If you think coding nurse... Read more
News You Can Use:
New Category III Codes Ease Leiomyoma Ultrasound Reporting
AMA also provides new code for online E/M services Beginning July 1, you can start using ... Read more
Reader Question - Danger:
Don't Overcode Ultrasounds
Question: We perform daily monitoring sonograms and report them using 76830. Should we i... Read more
Reader Question:
Pap Smear Included in Visit
Question: When a patient between 18 and 64 years of age comes in for a routine examination... Read more
Reader Question:
New Procedure, Same Old Codes
Question: My ob-gyn performed a new procedure called the Microsulis microwave endometrial ... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier -52 Is the Key for Few Antepartum Visits
Question: If a patient has not received any prenatal care before coming to our office at t... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Split Ob Billing
Question: We saw an obstetric patient for 11 visits and then she changed her insurance car... Read more
Now You Can Report Transvaginal and Abdominal Ultrasounds Performed During the Same Visit
NCCI 10.1 new deletions could mean an extra $96 for ultrasound procedures Newly deleted e... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Rolls Out Temporary Answer to Essure Question
CPT will offer new code in 2005 for permanent solution Beginning April 1, you have a new ... Read more
Modifiers -52 and -53:
Asking 1 Question Helps You Pick the Correct Modifier
Experts explain what to do when the ob-gyn doesn't complete the procedure The ob-gyn perf... Read more
4 Easy Billing Tips for Modifiers -52 and -53
File preparation and clear documentation are the keys to getting these claims paidWhen you... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier -78 Key for Return to OR
Question: Six hours after our patient underwent a total vaginal hysterectomy and bilateral... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 57287 for Sling Revision
Question: When an ob-gyn revises a sling procedure by removing a portion of the sling, sho... Read more
Reader Question:
51010 All You Need for Unplanned Procedure
Question: In January, a patient came into the office for a tension-free transvaginal tape ... Read more
Reader Question:
Biopsy Is Included in Excision
Question: Our patient had a total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy ... Read more
Reader Question:
Separate Surgeons = Separate Codes
Question: During a patient's operative session, one ob-gyn performed a sling operation for... Read more
Reader Question:
2 Babies Mean 1 Code
Question: How should I report a transvaginal ultrasound for a patient pregnant with twins?... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Modifier -50 and 58561
Question: My ob-gyn performed a hysteroscopy with removal of leiomyomata for a patient who... Read more
Are You Using Cytopathology Codes for Reporting Pap Smears in the Office?
There are better choices that won't get you in troubleIf you're tempted to report 88141 or... Read more
Don't Let Repeat Pap Smear Payment Slip Through Your Fingers
" The wrong diagnosis code could cost you $38 per patient If your patient'... Read more
2 Easy Steps Will Get You Paid For Initial Infertility Visits
Avoid the infertility coding trap by going beyond 628.9If you're offering infertility trea... Read more
Vaginal Cuff Repair Coding Doesn't Have to Be Frustrating
Ask 1 question to get the code you need To select the appropriate code for vaginal cu... Read more
Get ABNs, or Risk Picking Up Patient Tabs
Without ABNs, unpaid Medicare bills may become your problemIf you aren't obtaining advance... Read more
What to Change, What to Leave Alone
Got an itch to make a switch on an ABN? Proceed with cautionWhen it comes to manipulation ... Read more
You Be The Expert:
ABNs and Uncovered Medicare Services
Question: Our office obtains advance beneficiary notices each time there is some doubt abo... Read more
Reader Question:
First Ob Visit Depends on How Patient Finds Out
Question: How should I report the initial ob visit and preventive exam during the same vis... Read more
Reader Question:
Reporting 760.76 for Mother Is OK
Question: Which diagnosis code can we use for a pregnant patient who was exposed to diethy... Read more
Reader Question:
Ob/Prenatal Classes Likely Included in Global
Question: Our clinic is considering offering ob/prenatal education classes. Can we bill ou... Read more
Reader Question:
Assign Diagnosis Based on Reason for Visit
Question: We always perform a pregnancy test before we give a patient a Depo-Provera injec... Read more
Reader Question:
Follow the CMS Definition of 'Deliver'
Question: Since the purpose of an ABN is to inform the patient about a service, our office... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Cerclage Removal Under Anesthesia
Question: If an ob-gyn places a cervical cerclage during pregnancy, how can we code the ce... Read more
NCCI 10.0 Offers Welcome Deletions for Ob-Gyns
Now you can report abdominal colpopexy and hysterectomy during the same session Although ... Read more
Don't Let Urinary Incontinence Coding Stress You Out
The ob-gyn's approach means everything when reporting SUI treatments An ob-gyn can surgic... Read more
No Surgery? Review Your SUI Nonsurgical Treatment Coding
Before turning to surgical treatments for stress urinary incontinence (SUI), ob-gyns gener... Read more
How Much Does a Simple Pre-Op Exam Mean to You?
Using the proper code can make you $200 per week You could be missing the perfect opportu... Read more
Reader Question:
1 Scope = 2 Codes
Question: The physician stated that he performed a cervical dilation, intrauterine device ... Read more
Reader Question:
Late Placental Delivery Still Included
Question: If the ob-gyn performs a vaginal delivery and then takes the patient to the oper... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifiers Make All the Difference
Question: A patient presented for an office visit with vaginal bleeding. During the examin... Read more
Reader Question:
Consider 620.8 for Endosalpingiosis
Question: A pathology report from a peritoneal biopsy indicates the patient has "endometri... Read more
Reader Question:
Payers Limit Options for Coding Adhesiolysis
Question: The ob-gyn performed a laser laparoscopy with lysis of bowel sidewall adhesions.... Read more
Reader Question:
No More Starred Procedures Means More Modifiers
Question: What's the practical significance of losing the starred designation in CPT 2004?... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Reporting NST and Observation
Question: If the ob-gyn saw one of his own patients for observation in the labor and deliv... Read more
Tie Your Urodynamic Codes to the Procedures
With so many urodynamic study codes, linking them to the appropriate procedure is essentia... Read more
Are You Using 59070 for Every Amnioinfusion? Think Again
Learn the new code's specific requirements to avoid miscodingBefore you report 59070, make... Read more
Improve Your 'Unlisted Procedure' Pay With 4 Tips
If you've ever filed a claim using an "unlisted procedure" code, you know how much effort ... Read more
Disease Process Could Be Key When Choosing Labiaplasty Code
Should you use 56620 or 15839 for labiaplasty? Experts explainJust because there's no code... Read more
The article "2004 Lab Codes Give Infertility Specialists More to Work With" in the Novembe... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Induction the Day Before
Question: Can I report 59200 for administering multiple doses of misoprostol intravaginall... Read more
Reader Question:
E/M Code May Be the Answer for Ob Counseling Visit
Question: How should I bill for a pregnant patient who has been scheduled for her eight-we... Read more
Reader Question:
Seek Separate Payment for Consult
Question: My ob-gyn provided a consultation in the hospital and then performed a dilation ... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid V22.x for PUPP
Question: Which ICD-9 code should I use for the pruritic urticarial papules and plaques (P... Read more
Reader Question:
G0101 Is Not an Option for Breast-Only Exam
Question: When a Medicare patient refuses a pelvic exam and the ob-gyn performs only a bre... Read more
Reader Question:
Stick to 646.83 for Perceived Leaking
Question: An ob patient presented to the office believing her amniotic fluid was leaking. ... Read more
Reader Question:
Manual Placental Delivery Requires E/M Code
Question: Can I bill for the manual removal of the placenta when the ob-gyn used forceps t... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Save 58561 for Leiomyomata Removal
Question: Our physician performed a video hysteroscopy for abnormal uterine bleeding. Duri... Read more
Get the Pay You Deserve for Multiple Ob Ultrasounds
If you're providing more than one ultrasound per obstetric patient - even during the same ... Read more
Report 99205 With Confidence by Avoiding History Pitfalls
Work with your ob-gyn to document factors that will boost your bottom line Is your practi... Read more
Find Your Place in History
Don't report another E/M service without using this chart (based on Medicare's 1997 Docume... Read more
In the January 2004 Ob-Gyn Coding Alert article "Reduce Denials for Modifier -25 Claims Wi... Read more
Restructure Appeals With These 6 Steps
Get organized for easier, more productive appeals When your practice receives a denial... Read more
Read EOBs Before Responding to Denials
What 'noncovered service' really means to your office You can't streamline... Read more
You Be the Expert:
What Makes a Clean Claim?
Question: We are having problems in our family  practice with the number of claims ... Read more
Reader Question:
Take Your Choice for Fibroid Removal Coding
Question: The ob-gyn performed a hysteroscopy, dilation and curettage (D&C), and recto... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 655.8x if Physician Monitoring
Question: A patient came in to confirm her pregnancy but still has an intrauterine device ... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 'History of' for Previous Fetal Deformity
Question: I have an obstetric patient who has had a previous Turner's baby. What is this, ... Read more
Reader Question:
Watch for Adhesiolysis Bundles
Question: How should I bill for a laparotomy, Moschowitz procedure, lysis of adhesions a... Read more
Reader Question:
Be Careful of Unbundling Multiple Procedures
Question: One of our patients has cervical dysplasia (622.1). Our ob-gyn performed a colpo... Read more
Reader Question:
Bridge the Communication Gap ASAP
Question: The physicians and billers in my office don't practice open communication, and i... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Consult and I&D
Question: My doctor went to the emergency department (ED) to consult on a patient for a la... Read more
Think You Can Use 59025 for Labor Checks? Think Again
NSTs monitor the fetus while labor checks assess the motherIf you are reporting 59025 when... Read more
Vaginal Prolapse Repair Is a Distinct Procedure ...
And you should code it that way Insurance carriers may argue that genital prolapse re... Read more
Coding Quiz:
NST or Labor Check? You Decide
Take the following coding quiz to cement your skills for telling the difference between a ... Read more
Reduce Denials for Modifier -25 Claims With These 3 Steps
To ensure additional reimbursement and fewer denials when using modifier -25, make sure yo... Read more
Clip-and-Save Checklist:
Your Modifier Decision-Maker
Choosing whether to use a modifier (either -25 or     -57) can mean th... Read more
Reader Question:
Ovarian Cysts Are Not Eggs
Question: The doctor performed a transvaginal ultrasound-guided aspiration of ovarian cyst... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 58953-58954 for Cancer Treatment Only
Question: A colleague recently told me that I should report a total abdominal hysterectomy... Read more
Reader Question:
Pick -59 Last
Question: Which modifier should I use when I report 58120 with 58720? I was thinking eithe... Read more
Reader Question:
Code Mini-Lap Only With Significant Work
Question: Is there a CPT code for a mini-laparotomy with left salpingectomy for ectopic pr... Read more
Reader Question:
Annual Exam Is Not a Consult
Question: Our physician sees several Medicare patients with mental disabilities. They live... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Biopsy With Colposcopy
Question: How should I report an endocervical biopsy?Missouri SubscriberAnswer: Generally,... Read more
Available Years:  2004  2003  2002  2001  2000  1999  1998