Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

Learn 4 Ob-Gyn Changes and You'll Have the Key to CPT 2006
Follow-up inpatient consults are out; find out what you should report insteadOn Jan. 1, yo... Read more
NCCI 11.3 Update:
Warning--New Injection Edits Could Affect Your Bottom Line
Home in on your modifier indicator before separating edits If your ob-gyn practice admini... Read more
Single Out Outside Tests or You Could Pay Out-of-Pocket
Ask if you should code the ob-gyn's part of the testTests that your ob-gyn sends to outsid... Read more
How to Add Complication Visits To the Global Ob Package
Hint: You can report complications before or after deliveryYou can receive increased reimb... Read more
One Part Not Done by Ob-Gyn? Use 52
Question: The ob-gyn admits a patient in labor, completes the history and exam, and writes... Read more
Define Lap Before Coding Further
Question: My ob-gyn performed an operative lap with extensive adhesiolysis and incision an... Read more
Use Your Investigative Skills for Excision Coding
Question: I-m looking for a code for the following documentation: -Excision of mass of lab... Read more
Append Modifier 22 for Extensive Lysis of Adhesions
Question: My ob-gyn performed a hysteroscopy with dilation and curettage and sampling for ... Read more
Evaluate What 'Elective' Abortion Means
Question: Is 59855 for an elective abortion? It's hard for me to imagine that if a fetus i... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Careful When Ordering Your Procedure Codes
Question: My ob-gyn performed the following procedures: anterior colporrhaphy with graftin... Read more
Know When You Should--and Should Not--Use Fetal NST Code 59025
Tip:  Make sure you include labor checks in the global ob codeDo you want to code fet... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Give Your Hysterectomy Coding A Clean Bill of Health
Can you separately report a hysterectomy and a biopsy?  Find outAvoid inaccuracy flar... Read more
Learn These In-House Lab Codes And Lasso Reimbursement
Tests with different names don't always mean different codesTackle your most common ob-gyn... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
See How Your Hysterectomy Responses Measure Up
  Did you report combo code 58152 rather than 51840? Got your answers handy? Check t... Read more
Additional Weakness Will Show Need for Mesh
Question: I need clarification on codes 618.81-618.82. Are these added codes we should u... Read more
7 Surefire Strategies for Pap Smear Coding Success
Presented by Melanie Witt, PN, CPC, MAThe following supplement to Radiology Coding Alert i... Read more
Multiple-Gestation Dx Hinges on Oct. 1
Question: What is the correct diagnosis code for a patient who is currently 18 weeks pregn... Read more
Revisit Pap High-Risk Factors
Question: I-m wondering about Pap smears and risk factors. I know that for a Medicare pati... Read more
2 Babies, 2 Ob-Gyns Doesn't Have to Spell Trouble
Question: We-ve been having trouble with insurance reimbursement for the assistance of a s... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Find Out How to Code for LSH Procedures
Question: During a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy (LSH), the ob-gyn performed a c... Read more
Debunk These 4 Global Ob Coding Myths That Will Sink Your Reimbursement
Learn how not to misuse the new 'pregnancy confirmed' code Don't base your ob-gyn coding ... Read more
Slice Into Your Ob-Gyn's Op Notes With These 5 Coding Steps
A quick way to determine when you need to append modifier 22 A mistake as simple as "mis... Read more
6 Tips to Rein In Your Global Ob Coding
Learn how to boost the bottom line for  twin deliveries Saddle up your claims with t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Avoid Unlisted for Laparoscopic Myomectomy
Question: My ob-gyn documented a "laparoscopic- assisted myomectomy" and I'm unsure which ... Read more
Reader Questions:
No Need to Brace for a 58720 and 57283 Bundle
Question: I have a physician who did a colpopexy (57283) and a vaginal removal of the left... Read more
Reader Questions:
Translate Transposition of Ovary to CPT
Question: What code should I use for oophoropexy performed for polycystic ovarian syndrome... Read more
Reader Questions:
Look at Unlisted Laparoscopy Code for LUNA
Question: I'm looking for a CPT code for LUNA (laparoscopic uterosacral nerve ablation). C... Read more
Reader Questions:
Differentiate 59812 and 59820 With This Tip
Question: What is the difference between codes 59812 and 59820? I am trying to bill a dila... Read more
Reader Questions:
See V Codes for CMV
Question: We have a patient who had a fetal demise and we are testing her for CMV. What di... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don't Code a Diagnosis That Isn't True
Question: Our ob-gyn sees a patient for CA-125 (cancer-antigen-125), a protein found at hi... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Nonobstetrical D&C and Endometrial Ablation
Question: I have a question regarding coding a nonobstetrical D&C (58120) and endome... Read more
NCCI 11.2 Update:
Become a Gold Mine of Coding Info by Sifting Through This Slew of Ob-Gyn Edits
Hint: Mutually exclusive pairs mean you'll receive payment for lesser-valued codes ... Read more
3 Tips Simplify Pregnant Patient Transfer Coding
When separately reporting visits,  know exactly what your payer means If a pregnant ... Read more
Clip and Save:
Raise Your Reimbursement Expectations Using This NCCI 11.2 Chart
Find out which ob-gyn bundled codes carriers will never pay The following chart lists the... Read more
Make Your Medicare Ends Meet By Managing Your ABNs
Tip: Have an ABN handy for low-risk Medicare patients in for annual Paps Your practice ma... Read more
Reader Questions:
Dig Into Documentation
Question: Is it OK to report 59414 for a spontaneous abortion with a retained placenta?Ten... Read more
Reader Questions:
Verify Meaning of VACTERL
Question: What is "Vacterl syndrome" and how should I code for it? Apparently, the fetus h... Read more
Reader Questions:
Avoid Enterolysis Code
Question: I need a CPT code for lysis of adhesions after cesarean. The patient had an elec... Read more
Reader Questions:
No Abortion, No Global
Question: I am new to ob-gyn coding. What diagnosis should I use for a patient who is comi... Read more
Reader Questions:
Fix Your Foreign-Body Coding Woes
Question: A patient has a large glass object in the vagina still intact and not broken. Th... Read more
Reader Questions:
Research Your Ob-Gyn's Report for Rectocele/Enterocele
Question: If the ob-gyn states he did a posterior/anterior repair because of vaginal vault... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pelvic Exam on a Total Hysterectomy Patient
Question: Is there a CPT code we can report (other than the Medicare code) for pelvic exam... Read more
Track Urinary Infection, Osteoporosis History Over Patient's Lifetime
Tip: Use history code when condition reoccurs, not on first instanceFuture care can be imp... Read more
Blaze a Trail of Medical Necessity And Never Be Denied
Don't just watch for updates - be sure you select proper 4th, 5th digitsIf you've received... Read more
Fire Up Your Modifier Know-How With This Tool
Consider modifier 59 a last resort, not your first optionSuppose your ob-gyn performs a pu... Read more
On the Cutting Edge:
Uterine Fibroids Have a New Treatment - and New Codes
Lack of payment for category III codes doesn't mean you can ignore themHave patients with ... Read more
7 Strategies for Superior Screening Reimbursement
Presented by Susan Pincus, CPC, CHCThe following supplement to Radiology Coding Alert is t... Read more
Location Determines Cyst Excision Code
Question: What procedure code should I use for the excision of a periurethral cyst?Maine S... Read more
For Unsuccessful Anesthesia, Try 995.2
Question: The ob-gyn was unable to complete a surgical procedure because the patient could... Read more
Don't Confuse Aspiration With Removal
Question: My ob-gyn performed a right ovarian cystectomy and removed a bilateral salpingec... Read more
Avoid Being Tricked by Transfer of Care
Question: If an ob patient beyond 15 weeks transfers to our practice, are we supposed to b... Read more
Review the Ob Question Again
Question: One of our clients wants to know whether she should charge an E/M visit or bill ... Read more
Be Proactive About Prolactin Coding
Question: What is the prolactin test? Is this performed only in females? How should I code... Read more
Stop Searching for Lysis in Vaginal Cuff
Question: My ob-gyn documented "lysis of adhesive (vertical band) in the vaginal cuff." Ho... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Clobber Co-Surgeon for TAH/MMK
Question: My ob-gyn performed a total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) (58150) with abdominal ... Read more
Expand Your V Code Know-How by 3 - 3 Additions, That Is
New V codes will help get your costly genetic testing claims paid Oct. 1 may seem far off... Read more
Factor in New Fetal Reduction, Peritonitis Codes or Face Denials
Prepare to implement these changes, sans grace period, Oct. 1 Along with the new V codes ... Read more
Don't Miss Out on E/M Fees by Initiating Ob Record Too Soon
Hint: V72.42 will soon solve your 'confirm the confirmation' problems If your ob-gyn simp... Read more
Reader Questions:
Question Bleeding for the Correct ICD-9 Code
Question: What would the CPT procedure and ICD-9 diagnosis codes be for vaginal cuff due t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Patient Anxiety Doesn't Equal High Risk
Question: I have a patient who wants to schedule a primary cesarean section. Indication is... Read more
Reader Questions:
How to Report Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate
Question: We have started giving hydroxyprogesterone caproate in our office to prevent pre... Read more
Reader Questions:
Learn About Abnormal Forces of Labor
Question: I am struggling with the codes for abnormal forces of labor. Which code should I... Read more
Reader Questions:
Prevent Screening Pap Smear Mistakes
Question: Which CPT/ICD-9 codes should we use for a screening Pap smear for insurance carr... Read more
Reader Questions:
Contraception Not Working? Try V25.2
Question: What is the diagnosis code for uncontrolled contraception? I am thinking of usin... Read more
Reader Questions:
Must Know Malignant or Benign for Neuroma
Question: Which CPT and ICD-9 codes should I use for the excision of vaginal neuroma?Wisco... Read more
Reader Questions:
Elevated HCG May Mean Ectopic Pregnancy
Question: I need a diagnosis code for positive human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) four weeks... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Determine Codes for a Delivery at Home
Question: The patient delivered at home along with placenta. There was no prenatal care, a... Read more
Examine These Breast Excision Factors:
Radiological Marker and Surgical Margins
Find out which modifier to use when your ob-gyn removes lesions from both breastsWhen your... Read more
Coding Scenario:
Get Paid for Prolonged Care During a Consult
Warning: You may not be able to count all of your ob-gyn's time as prolongedIf your ob-gyn... Read more
News You Can Use:
Dodge Denials by Getting the NCCI 11.1 Lowdown
Hint: You can only report one type of colpopexy per surgical sessionYour ob-gyn practice o... Read more
How to Use Modifier -22 With Labor Management
Question: My understanding is that if a labor management procedure becomes difficult and... Read more
In the May 2005 Ob-gyn Coding Alert, in the article titled "5 Tips Help Navigate the Multi... Read more
Strike Out 57505 for Products of Conception
Question: My ob-gyn documented "a Novak curette attached to a 5-cc syringe and suction cur... Read more
Incorporate NST With Global Code
Question: Can we bill an NST when we check a maternity patient for contractions in the off... Read more
Need an HPV Code? Look No Further
Question: What is the code for human papillomavirus (HPV)?Connecticut Subscriber Answer: ... Read more
Learn the Difference Between Polyps and Fibroids
Question: My ob-gyn removed polyps and fibroids via hysteroscope. The path diagnosis is fi... Read more
Don't Include Newborn Exam With Global Fee
Question: Can I report 99435 separately from the global fee? Under what circumstances can ... Read more
19 Weeks May Mean Mixed Bag
Question: Should I use 59400 if the patient was only at 19 weeks and delivered a live baby... Read more
Consider Condyloma of the Vulva Part of an E/M
Question: I know we should use E/M codes for TCA of the cervix, but which codes are more a... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Watch Your Fifth Digits for Hospital Delivery
Question: My ob-gyn admitted a 30-year-old primigravida for elective induction with a vent... Read more
Break Out of Breast Biopsy Denials With This Foolproof Modifier Advice
If there's more than 1 biopsy, look to -50, -51 and -59 If you're constantly battling pay... Read more
5 Tips Help Navigate the Multiple-Procedures Maze
 You must know the surgical approach to choose correctly When you've got an op note ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Are You a Voracious V Coder?
Using a V code correctly can optimize your reimbursementIf you avoid V codes because they'... Read more
Spearhead Your Denial Management Efforts With A 'Top 10' Rejections List
Sharing Top 10 information in physician-staff meetings can help eliminate the cause of you... Read more
Run These 4 Billing Reports for Success in Fighting Denials
Our experts show you how to make the most of your monthly reportsReviewing your EOBs is a ... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Record Medicare Patient's Exact Card Data - or Face Denials
Question: We've been receiving numerous Medicare claim denials recently, and there doesn't... Read more
Reader Questions:
Decide if Prolapse Is Incomplete or Complete
Question: How should I code a patient who has a uterine prolapse but also has a cystocele ... Read more
Reader Questions:
For Unsatisfactory Smear, Use 795.08
Question: Which diagnosis should I use for a patient who comes in due to an unsatisfactory... Read more
Reader Questions:
Learn How to Itemize Antepartum Visits
Question: If we do five prenatal visits then transfer the patient's care to another physic... Read more
Reader Questions:
Understand the 3 Umbilical Vessels
Question: What does a "single umbilical artery" mean and which diagnosis code should I use... Read more
Reader Questions:
Go Back in for a Reopening Code
Question: Should I use 49000 for exploratory laparotomy with evacuation of pelvic hematoma... Read more
Reader Questions:
Reporting More Than 183.0 Isn't Required
Question: What does "Use additional code to identify any functional activity" mean in the ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Pick Dx Based on Exposure Versus Results
Question: A pregnant patient has tested positive for Parvo. Our ob-gyn ordered a biophysic... Read more
Reader Questions:
Rely on Documentation for Modifier -22
Question: My doctor's note said that she did a total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) with a "... Read more
Reader Question:
Get the Scoop on Medicare's Reasons for Denials
Question: Do you have a list of Medicare's "Top 10" reasons for denying practices' claims?... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Figure Out Modifier -50 Now
Question: I'm confused about when to use modifier -50. If a patient has ovarian cysts on b... Read more
V72.31 Joins the Ranks of Other Medicare Low-Risk Patient Codes
You should only report V72.31 for a full gynecological exam When you get ready to report ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
2 Ob-Gyn Scenarios Test Your E/M Skills
Don't forget to document higher-level codes To avoid incorrectly reporting higher-level n... Read more
When Medicare Incorrectly Pays Q0091, You're Left Holding the Bag
You can use modifier -76, but be careful reporting dx codesYou know that Medicare won't pa... Read more
Put Your E/M Answers to the Test
See how you fared when it comes to choosing codesAfter you've read the scenarios carefully... Read more
Reader Questions:
Papyraceous and Normal Fetus Means 2 Dx
Question: How should I code a twin pregnancy in which there is one normal fetus and one pa... Read more
Reader Questions:
You'll Have Difficulty Reporting 296.99
Question: Which diagnosis code should I use for seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? I looke... Read more
Reader Questions:
Submit 57267 for Vaginal Mesh
Question: Is 57267 the add-on vaginal mesh code? Arizona Subscriber Answer: Yes, this is ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Consider EUA Paid For
Question: My ob-gyn documented "Exam under anesthesia, incision and drainage of left vulva... Read more
Reader Questions:
Use '2' as Fifth Digit for Hospital Delivery
Question: What is the difference between 2 and 4 in 667.02 and 667.04?Missouri SubscriberA... Read more
Reader Questions:
How to Code Nuchal Translucency
Question: What is the proper way to code nuchal translucency? Should I include this as par... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How to Use Conscious Sedation Codes
Question: How should I report the new conscious sedation codes? Should I report 99141 (by ... Read more
Don't Get Too Cozy With 2005 Codes - NCCI 11.0 Attacks!
To support CPT notation, NCCI bundles 58555 and 57800 with 58565If you've just now got a h... Read more
Streamline Your Modifier -59 Use With Insider Advice
Reviewers automatically check -59 claims for necessity Appending modifier -59 to this rou... Read more
Avoid Denials by Including 0074T With E/M Codes
Reportable online services require permanent storage A patient e-mails your ob-gyn to ask... Read more
Reader Questions:
Prove Fetal Abnormality for 3-D
Question: Our ob-gyn will soon perform 3-D ultrasounds for our ob patients, but I can't fi... Read more
Reader Questions:
Start Charging G and Q Codes
Question: We perform Pap smears here, but then lab them out. We don't charge for them; the... Read more
Reader Questions:
No Pregnancy Dx, Then Use V72.40
Question: Under what circumstance should I use the diagnosis code V72.40? California Subsc... Read more
Reader Questions:
Find Def for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Question: I am looking for a code to use for laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy. Shou... Read more
Reader Questions:
Clear Up Cervical Bone Bx and Conization
Question: What is the code for cervical cone biopsy done with LEEP? Should I use 57522?Tex... Read more
Reader Questions:
Avoid Modifier -78 When No Return to OR
Question: A day after an operation, a patient presented to our office. The ob-gyn document... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How Many NST Readings to Charge a Day
Question: A patient is admitted to a hospital at 37 weeks for preterm labor and stays for ... Read more
Start Using G0355 Instead of 96400 For Medicare
Report only one 'initial' code per day, regardless of infusion order This year, you'll ne... Read more
Apply New Cath Placement Codes for APBI Procedure
MammoSite treats the breast without  6 weeks radiation Physicians placing balloon ca... Read more
New Appendixes Make Genetic Modifiers a Snap
CPT includes 58823 with conscious sedation procedures If you need a quick way to convert ... Read more
Use Breast Biopsy Guidelines to Fight Denials
Put 19160, 19162 for partial mastectomies into practice Before you start coding breast pr... Read more
Are You Ready to End Your E/M-Guideline Confusion? We Can Help
Use CMS' responses to our questions to report correct E/M levels Like many coders,... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Should You Factor Patient's Status?
Question: During an office visit, my doctor performed an expanded problem-focused history,... Read more
Bonus Question:
Improve Your Prescription Drug Documentation
Find out what CMS has to say about the management options category Calculating a patient'... Read more
Reader Questions:
Ob or Non-Ob for US After Delivery?
Question: An hour after a patient delivered, the ob-gyn performed a limited pelvic ultraso... Read more
Reader Questions:
Differentiate Co-Surgeons and Assistant
Question: A patient delivered a baby via a c-section. The ob-gyn discovered that the pat... Read more
Reader Questions:
You May Report 82270 for Non-Medicare Patients
Question: How should I report the obtaining of a stool smear at the time of a rectal exam ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Delivery Always Includes Placenta
Question: I have a patient who delivered at 20 weeks. The baby lived briefly. I know I can... Read more
Reader Questions:
Use Ob Dx First for Pseudotumor Cerebri
Question: My ob-gyn sectioned this patient because of pseudotumor cerebri. What diagnosis ... Read more
Reader Question:
Let the Elements Drive Your History Documentation
Question: The chart that physicians use to select the level of history includes identifier... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can You Report Admission Separately?
Question: When I go back and pro-rate charges on a patient due to insurance changes in the... Read more
Female Genitourinary Changes Highlight CPT 2005
Learn the history behind colpopexy codes Heard about the new code for the Essure steri... Read more
2 New Fetal Doppler Codes Ease US Coding
Check out nonobstetric and all US procedure guidelines Beginning Jan. 1, if your ob-gyn e... Read more
Don't Overlook New Lab and Category III Codes
Get ready to use 84163 for PAPP-A screening tests Fibroid ablation techniques sound comp... Read more
New Debridement Codes Detail Location
When your ob-gyn performs debridement of the external genitalia and perineum skin for necr... Read more
In the November 2004 Ob-Gyn Coding Alert article "Test Your Pap Smear Skills," the answer ... Read more
Reader Questions:
57800-22 or 58301-22 for IUD Removal
Question: Which is better for cervical dilation with removal of an IUD (intrauterine devic... Read more
Reader Questions:
Use 619.1 for Recto-Vaginal Fistula
Question: How should I code a biopsy of a recto-vaginal fistula?Alabama Subscriber Answer... Read more
Reader Questions:
Order Lab Tests Using V76.2
Question: I have been using the new V72.31 code for the annual exam and V76.2 for the Pap ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Apply 701.5 for Post-Op Granulation Tissue
Question: Which ICD-9 and CPT code should I use for a six months post-hysterectomy patient... Read more
Reader Questions:
Occult Blood Versus Blood in the Stool
Question: What is the difference between occult blood and blood in the stool, and how shou... Read more
Reader Questions:
Add -52 for Few Antepartum Visits
Question: My ob-gyn delivered twins for a patient at 19 weeks. Both babies were delivered ... Read more
Reader Questions:
57500 Describes Lesion or Biopsy Removal
Question: What is the CPT code for an excision of a polypoid mass of the cervix? Arka... Read more
Reader Questions:
How to Code for Genetic Counselor
Question: After the ob-gyn performed an amniocentesis, he called in a genetic counselor. W... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Medicare Rules Differ for Annual Exam
Question: Should I use V72.31, V76.47 and then V45.77 when a patient comes in to have a Pa... Read more
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