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Zoom In on Equipment and Indications to Code Regular Versus Detailed Ob Ultrasounds
Find out what documentation you must have for each type of procedure Deciding between... Read more
You Can Report Extensive Adhesiolysis -- Here's How
Follow these 4 tips, and your claim will pass with flying colors Do you often include... Read more
Bust 3 Myths to Streamline Modifier 59 Claims
Learn how you can save your claim department's time If you-re still treating modifie... Read more
Reader Question:
Doctor Decides Inpatient Status
Question: My ob-gyn admitted a patient on the 18th and saw her on the 19th. Then he did ... Read more
Reader Question:
CPT Search May End With Unlisted-Procedure Code
Question: I-m looking for a CPT code to represent a vaginal manipulation of pregnant, re... Read more
Reader Question:
Implement This Implanon Advice
Question: What code should I bill for Organon's Implanon product? Should I use 11981... Read more
Reader Question:
Ask, Does Patient Have Gynecological Concerns?
Question: We are a cancer center with various departments including one in which the doc... Read more
Reader Question:
Get Your Genetic Screening V Codes Straight
Question: I need help with a diagnosis for genetic screening prior to pregnancy. The pat... Read more
Reader Question:
Hold Your Horses for 2008 Fee Schedule
Question: I have the -2007 National Physician fee schedule Relative Value File- loaded o... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Missing MDM Could Diminish Your Claim
Question: A fellow coder told me that for an established patient, I only need two out of... Read more
ICD-9 Update:
Cancer and Pregnancy Complication Codes Dominate the 2008 Changes
If you-re only looking at what codes are new, you-re missing vital information Ob-gyn... Read more
Crack Your Ob-Gyn PQRI Measures With This Advice
Experts warn that learning modifiers might be the trickiest part If your ob-gyn If you... Read more
ICD-9 Update:
HPV Screening Among New V Codes You Need to Know
Find out how revisions to existing codes help you avoid mistakes You-ve got a whole s... Read more
Reader Question:
How to Code Diabetic Pregnant Patients
Question: A type I diabetic undergoes a pregnancy test. The results are positive, and ... Read more
Reader Question:
When in Question, Return to the Op Report
Question: My ob-gyn performed an anterior colporrhaphy for reduction of cystocele, reduc... Read more
Reader Question:
Take a New Approach for Annual, Problem Visits
Question: A patient comes in for her annual, and then the doctor treats a complication app... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifiers Are for More Than Bypassing CCI Edits
Question: My ob-gyn did a vaginal delivery (59400) only to take the patient back to the ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Calculate Your Cytotec Coding Options
Question: My ob-gyn prescribed Cytotec vaginal suppositories after he determined the pat... Read more
CCI 13.2 Update ~ New Wave of Correct Coding Initiative Edits Brings Only a Trickle of Ob-Gyn Changes
Find out what laparoscopy code you-ll have to be cautious about using as of July 1 If you... Read more
Earn Extra Reimbursement for Pregnant Diabetic Patients
Hint: Diabetes before pregnancy is different from gestational diabetes Did you know that ... Read more
6 Tips Keep Your Inpatient E/M Coding on the Up-and-Up
Medicare overspends millions on upcoded inpatient visits Carriers are scrutinizing your i... Read more
Reader Question ~ Tackle the Laparoscopic to Open Procedure Problem
Question: The ob-gyn performed a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO). This began laparos... Read more
Reader Question ~ Differentiate S2078 and 58541
Question: I-ve got two codes with similar descriptions. What is the difference between S20... Read more
Reader Question ~ Here's How to Manage Incident-to Situations
Question: How should I code incident-to when our physician is in the office? What modifier... Read more
Reader Question ~ Overlooking Modifiers RT/LT Could Be a Big Mistake
Question: One of our providers was about to perform an Essure procedure (58565) on a patie... Read more
You Be the Coder ~ Repeat Pap Smear
Question: My ob-gyn performed a repeat Pap smear on a Medicare patient after the lab said ... Read more
Diagnostic or Screening Is Key to Your Post-Hysterectomy Pap Coding
Be wary of Q0091, G0101 -- they generally won't applyWarning: The rules for coding standar... Read more
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How Much Do You Know About V Codes? Find Out Fast
Learn when you can use V codes as primary diagnosesThe V codes are not only for providing ... Read more
6 Tips Help Perfect Your Preventive Claims Every Time
Discover the best way to use modifier 25Think you can't receive reimbursement for annual p... Read more
Master This Multiple Ultrasound Mystery
Question: I have an ultrasound question. The physician requests a second-trimester transab... Read more
Screen Your V Codes in Screening Cases
Question: Our payer is denying the lab for screening for cystic fibrosis on a pregnant pat... Read more
How to Report Pregnany Patient Transfers
Question: If a patient transfers out prior to delivery, how should I bill for all visits t... Read more
Look Into LEEP Options
Question: When billing a LEEP/ECC, should I use code 57522 with 57454? Ohio Subscriber An... Read more
Fix Your Fifth-Digit Consistency
Question: I seem to recall at a recent conference I attended that the speaker said the fif... Read more
Learn if a Nurse Can Request a Consult
Question: I have a provider who documented a consultation note for a patient whom a nurse ... Read more
Question What Caused Scar Tissue
Question: I-m looking for a code for excision of scar tissue in the right vaginal fornix. ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Order Your Sonohysterogram Codes Just Right
Question: Our office has started doing sonohysterograms. We were told by the rep that if o... Read more
Fine-Tune Your Twin Delivery, Ultrasound Coding With This Expert Advice
Learn what clues to look for when reporting 76811 and 76812   In the last issue, yo... Read more
Learn What Makes a Good Op Note -- and Correct the Bad
What to do when hysterectomy note fails to specify vaginal or abdominal When you-re codin... Read more
End Your Questions About Empire's Mammogram Policy
Find out whether this payer approves unilateral screenings   One carrier has clarif... Read more
Look to Limited Doppler for Arterial, Venous Outflow
Question: My ob-gyns looked at the arterial inflow and venous outflow (color flow) but did... Read more
Kick Off Blanket ABNs
Question: I recently started working at a practice that I think overuses ABNs. Can we ask ... Read more
Catch This Code Combination Possibility
Question: Can I report 58561 and 58563-59 together? Florida Subscriber   Answer: ... Read more
Remember Modifier 78 With Return to OR
Question: The patient returned to the operating room for ligation of a bleeding artery aft... Read more
Know What Constitutes a Consult
Question: If our ob-gyn only reviews patient records but doesn't actually examine the pati... Read more
Use This Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis Code
Question: The ob-gyn diagnosed a patient with autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. Which IC... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Consider Multiple Drills Destruction of Ovaries
Question: Our ob-gyn did a laparoscopy with aspiration of one ovarian cyst and then drille... Read more
Content to follow - click on pdf to view issueNCCI 13.1 Update:
Become a Gold Mine of Coding Info by Sifting Through 27 Ob-Gyn Edits.
Find out which edits are mutually exclusive and which won't allow a modifier Twenty-seven... Read more
Solve These Top-3 Multiple Gestation Coding Challenges
Make sure you-re reporting the correct amniocentesis code for twins You may not code for ... Read more
Think You Can Never Report Moderate Sedation? Think Again
Discover the 1 exception to the -targeted- code rule When your physician performs mod... Read more
Reader Questions:
Weigh In on Same-Day Well-Woman, IUD Coding
Question: Can we bill for a well-woman exam and IUD insertion on the same day? If so, do w... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don't Be Afraid to Appeal
Question: One of our payers is denying 57240, saying this code is bundled against 58260. I... Read more
Reader Questions:
Avoid Getting Stuck on Standing Orders
Question: When our ob-gyn gives a standing order for an injection, can we code 90772? The ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Tread Carefully in Termination Situations
Question: Is 59866 the correct CPT code to use when one fetus of a twin pregnancy has an a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Divvy Up These Ob Services Between Physicians
Question: My physician's group provided all prenatal care for a patient. A physician admit... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Nix Your Nuchal Translucency Problems
Question: Our ultrasound sonographers want to bill 76801 at the same time they perform and... Read more
Don't Settle for Coverage Denials for Initial Infertility Visits
You can reap ethical reimbursement instead -- here's how If a patient presents to your ... Read more
Hysterectomy Coding, Part 2:
Combat Combo Coding Confusion With This Expert Advice
Get to the nitty-gritty of enterocele combos -- and get the payment you deserve Last ... Read more
5 Steps Let You Soar to Modifier 25 Success
Learn how you can report both an E/M and preventive service Thinking you know everyth... Read more
Reader Question:
Follow This Cerclage Suture Advice
Question: My ob-gyn removed cerclage sutures during a patient's pregnancy. How should I ... Read more
Reader Question:
Treat Spontaneous Abortion Visit as Postpartum Care
Question: A patient had a spontaneous abortion four weeks ago. She came in to our practi... Read more
Reader Question:
Brush Up on Blighted Ovum
Question: Should I use 59812 or 59840 for a blighted ovum? Kentucky Subscriber Answe... Read more
Reader Question:
Forget Your Foreign-Body Coding Woes
Question: A patient with a large object in her vagina presented to the emergency departm... Read more
Reader Question:
Double IUD Insertions Doesn't Mean Extra Dough
Question: One of our physicians inserted an IUD, but it did not drop into the uterus, so... Read more
Reader Question:
How to Report Smoking Cessation Counseling
Question: We-re not having much success getting paid for smoking cessation counseling wh... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Master Modifiers and This Ultrasound Scenario
Question: A patient came into the clinic for a routine prenatal visit, and we performed ... Read more
HYSTERECTOMY CODING, PART 1 ~ 3 Steps Let You Take Charge of Your Hysterectomy Codes
Learn why knowing the weight of the uterus is so important Don't just correct your... Read more
CODING QUIZ ~ Exclude Visits From Global Ob Packages -- Find Out When
Here's what to do when ob-gyn simply confirms the confirmation Take this eight-situation... Read more
Break Down Your Review of Systems Knowledge
Do you know what it takes for ROS to be -complete-? Review this basic information about r... Read more
Ace E/M Coding by Studying These 2 FAQs
Details can make or break a complete history Excessive effort trying to provide the best ... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ HPV Is Noncovered for Medicare -- Here's Why
Question: We sent a specimen to the lab with V76.2 (Special screening for malignant neopla... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ Get to the Bottom of Cervical Dilation
Question: My ob-gyn performed an endometrial biopsy (58100) and also noted dilation of cer... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ Discover Diagnosis for HSG After Essure
Question: We have been using the sterilization diagnosis for patients who come back for an... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ Choose Correct Abortion Dx Every Time
Question: One of our doctors saw a patient in the emergency department (ED). Her own gynec... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ Strike These Modifiers When Reporting 82270
Question: Because Medicare has dropped G0107 and we-re now supposed to use 82270, should w... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ Submit Separate Service With Re-Pap
Question: What is the best way to code for an office visit to repeat a Pap smear for a pre... Read more
YOU BE THE CODER ~ Catch This Debridement Difference
Question: My ob-gyn performed a right perineal abscess incision and drainage as well as de... Read more
Translate Hysterectomy, Nuchal Translucency Edits Into Coding Common Sense
Red flag: Your new codes aren't the only ones slammed with NCCI edits You-ve got t... Read more
New Codes Are Just the Beginning
Learn when you can -- and cannot -- use a modifier New codes aren't the only on... Read more
Are You Using 99211 Properly? If Not, You Could Be Missing Out
Rake in extra reimbursement by following these 3 criteria If your ob-gyn waives charg... Read more
Master Modifier 25 With Ultrasounds
Question: Are we supposed to use modifier 25 only when the ob-gyn performs procedures with... Read more
Postpartum Test Depends on Delivery Date
Question: I have an insurance company that does not want to pay for a postpartum urine pre... Read more
Avoid 49000 and 58999 Together
Question: One day after the patient had a vaginal hysterectomy, she went back into surgery... Read more
How to Report Adhesiolysis of Vaginal Adhesions
Question: My ob-gyn performed a lysis of postpartum vaginal adhesions. Should I report 623... Read more
Beat Back Your BRCA2 Coding Confusion
Question: We have a patient with a positive BRCA2. Within the last year and a half, she ha... Read more
Fibroid Coding Got You Frustrated? Fix Your Claims With This Expert Advice
You may have to wait for the path report to know whether to code fibroid or polyp If you-... Read more
Remember 5 R's -- Not Just 3 -- for Consults in 2007
If you-re not documenting the request, you could land in hot water If you-re planning to ... Read more
Keep Track of Time for Screening Pap Smears
Learn the 2 key concepts of well-woman exams A physician routinely performs Papanicolaou,... Read more
When to Start Global Ob for Nonscheduled Patient Visits
Find out what to do when patient has pregnancy-related symptoms Last month's article -Pic... Read more
Tackle Flu Shot Coding With This Helpful Tool
Tip: You may have to report a different code for Medicare patients If your head spins whe... Read more
Know Whole Story for Laceration Complications
Question: I code for a multispecialty practice. During the course of a laparoscopic assist... Read more
Hemorrhage Following Delivery Not Normal
Question: Once the patient delivered, she experienced postpartum hemorrhage one hour later... Read more
Simplify Coding for Egg Donor Screenings
Question: We have a patient who is going to be an egg donor. Today, we ran labs on her to ... Read more
Get Sepsis Coding Straight
Question: I-ve always had difficulty assigning the correct ICD-9 for sepsis. I read the gu... Read more
Evaluate E/M and Injection Visits
Question: How should I bill for a focused follow-up visit for a patient on Depo-Provera an... Read more
Get Right to Your RSO, Laparotomy Code
Question: My ob-gyn performed a laparoscopic right salpingo-oophorectomy (RSO) and then no... Read more
Pick Your PP Curettage Battle Wisely
Question: Cigna is only reimbursing half of the fee schedule amount when we do a post... Read more
Relief for Reporting Supracervical Laparoscopic Hysterectomies Is Here
Your options for reporting nuchal translucency just expanded -- here's how If you-v... Read more
Revisions, Renumbering Mean Reviewing Your Coding Practices
You-ll have to wait and see if circumcision change will clarify payment Although you-ve g... Read more
How to Determine New vs. Established Patients in 2007
Even if the patient has been to your office before, she might be new Proper coding for va... Read more
Pick Your Pregnant Patient Annual Visit Codes Wisely
Heads up: Pregnancy won't always be your primary diagnosis The starting line for global m... Read more
Stop Counting Your Ob-Gyn's Consults
Question: How often can we report consult codes for the same patient? We saw a patient in ... Read more
Use 2 Options for Coding More Than 13 Visits
Question: I attended The Coding Institute's Ob-gyn Coding Conference in Naples, Fla., in J... Read more
Count Reviewing Records as Part of E/M
Question: My physician wants to bill for the time she spends reviewing medical records fro... Read more
When Laparoscopic Converts to Open
Question: We scheduled a patient for a hysteroscopy dilation and curettage (D&C, 58558... Read more
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