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Multiple Ob Ultrasounds? Recoup More Than $120 That Your Practice Deserves
Take these actions when a patient with normal pregnancy has a history of complications. I... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Decide If Global Package Should Begin for Nonscheduled Visits
Don't miss out on extra pay when complaints prompt a pregnancy test. Are you starting the... Read more
5 Steps Break You of Bad Subsequent Care Coding Habits
Virtually everything your ob-gyn does can contribute to the documentation. If you report ... Read more
Inability to Place IUD Could Mean 1 of 2 Modifiers
Question: My ob-gyn tried to place an IUD, but the patient had a stenotic cervix. The phy... Read more
Urodynamic Testing Depends on Payer Policy
Question: We do urodynamic testing to determine the diagnosis for our patients, and whene... Read more
Attach This ICD-9 Code for Karyotyping Amnios
Question: A patient presents to our office for karyotypic via amniotic fluid. What ICD-9 ... Read more
"Reverse" Doesn't Mean Procedure's Unusual
Question: I received an op report that states: "Exploratory laparotomy with enterolysis, ... Read more
Use This Mod for Placenta Delivery, Postpartum Care
Question: My ob-gyn delivered the placenta, and I coded 59414. Then we received a denial ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Vanquish Vaginal Cuff Biopsy Coding Troubles
Question: I've got the following op note sitting on my desk. My ob-gyn writes: "The patie... Read more
Overcome IUD Coding Controversies by Asking 3 Questions and Probing Payer Policies
Despite ACOG's latest guidance, you need each payer's preference in writing -- or el... Read more
Maximize Your Claim By Submitting IUD Supply Codes
Your J codes should distinguish Paraguard and Mirena IUDs. Bonus question: Can my practic... Read more
Annual Visit Pregnancy Dx Does Not Mean Global Care Begins
You can report a higher-level E/M in this annual-visit situation. Annual visits often lea... Read more
Don't Get Burned by Ob-Gyn Bilateral Modifier Guidelines
Number '2' in column Z? Strike out modifiers 50, RT, LT as options. Not sure if you can a... Read more
Tackle This Repeat Pap Reimbursement Scenario
Question: My office did a repeat Pap smear for a previous insufficient specimen, and Cign... Read more
Catch This TPI and IM Injection Difference
Question: My office note reads: "About 3-4 cm into the vagina, the patient has a U-shaped... Read more
Start Applying This CCI 15.2 Edit as of July 1
Question: I saw that CMS released the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits version 15.2.... Read more
Fight Back Against U/S Payment Issues
Question: I'm trying to bill an ultrasound using 76831/76856. The explanation of benefits... Read more
You Be the Coder :
Laser Conization and Laser Ablation
Question: My ob-gyn documented the following report: "I brought in the colposcope and art... Read more
Focus on Approach to Overcome 4 Ovarian Cyst Removal Coding Myths
Here's how you could potentially add $184 to your bottom line. Coding for the removal/exci... Read more
Ace Modifier 22 Coding by Applying Expert Advice From 3 FAQs
This U/S tactic will save you time -- and add money to your bottom line. Appending modifi... Read more
Hold On to Initial Infertility Visit Dollars With This 2-Part Strategy
Symptoms, not infertility, may help your initial visit claim pass muster. Don't settle fo... Read more
Tackle This Split Postpartum Care Scenario
Question: If an ob-gyn (who is not part of our practice) bills 59515 and does postpartum ... Read more
Check Payer for Cord Blood Collection
Question: My ob-gyn did cord blood collection. I have these codes for the procedure: S214... Read more
Want to Bill Prolonged Time? Read This First
Question: If the ob-gyn spends a prolonged amount of time with the patient during a patie... Read more
Don't Fall Into 'Repeat Anatomy' Trap for Ob U/S
Question: My ob-gyn is performing ultrasounds for reasons like "repeat anatomy." In other... Read more
Get Paid for Pessary Insertions With This Strategy
Question: Recently, we have noticed our payers aren't paying us for pessary insertions. W... Read more
Conquer Your Ob Complications Coding
Question: How should I report a complication during a vaginal and/or cesarean delivery? G... Read more
Try Your Hand at This Adhesions Lysis, Appendectomy Scenario
Question: My ob-gyn documented the following op note: "Omental adhesions made visualizati... Read more
You Be the Coder :
Include This in Your Laparoscopic RSOs
Question: Our ob-gyn did a laparoscopic right salpingo-oophorectomy (RSO) with excision o... Read more
Stop Mixing Up Hysterectomy Codes by HighlightingWeight, Removal
Severing these ligaments clues you into whether ob-gyn removed the ovaries. ... Read more
Translate Coverage Agreements Into Global Ob Coding Advice
This method keeps your pay coming in when another MD claims the delivery. ... Read more
Bust 3 Myths to Increase Pay Without Raising a Red Flag
Youre most likely to use modifier 22 in these situations. Catch-22:... Read more
Lack Documentation? Expect Angry Patient
Question: If my ob-gyn sees a Medicare patient for a breast and pelvic exam, b... Read more
Here's What You Need to Report 59025
Question: What do fetal non-stress tests (NSTs) entail? Are reading NSTs for p... Read more
Fight Back Against Fibroid Removal Errors
Question: My ob-gyns op note states the following: 1. Hysteroscopic... Read more
Post-LEEP Follow-Up: E/M or 99024?
Question: When the ob-gyn has a procedure such as a LEEP, we dont bill for it ... Read more
What Codes Describe Nuchal Translucency Scans?
Question: Our ob-gyn practice is now certified to do nuchal translucency risk ... Read more
What Codes Describe Nuchal Translucency Scans?
Question: Our ob-gyn practice is now certified to do nuchal translucency risk ... Read more
You Be tthe Coder :
Vaginal Cuff Repair via Abdominal Approach
Question: My ob-gyn did a surgical exploration of the abdomen with re-suturing... Read more
Bust These Delivery Coding Myths to StreamlineYour Ob Claims
Warning: Ordering twin delivery codes incorrectly could cost you $582. ... Read more
CCI 15.1 Update:
Pare Down 304,000 New Edits to Those Affecting Ob-Gyns
Heres why you shouldnt panic. If youre feeling cross-eyed by the Co... Read more
Coding Quiz:
3 Scenarios Test Your Preventive Medicine Counseling Skills
Tip: Avoid using 99401-99404 if the patient is ill. If youre not reporting preventive ... Read more
Code Foreign Body Removal by Method
Question: My physician removed a foreign body from the vagina of a 4-year-old using a pe... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Power Up Your Preventive Medicine Claims
Here’s what to look for in your ob-gyn’s documentation. Although you may ... Read more
Choose Mod 76 Over 78 for Incomplete Abortions
Question: My ob-gyn saw a patient who had a spontaneous delivery at 17 weeks. ... Read more
Retained Products Means Patient Is Still Pregnant
Question: My ob-gyn performed an ultrasound for retained products, and my co-w... Read more
Face This 2-Physician Ob Care Challenge
Question: We are having a dilemma at our hospital. We employ all of our physic... Read more
Consult Documentation for Labioplasties
Question: What should I report for a bilateral labioplasty? Texas S... Read more
Weigh Your Mod 22, Unlisted Code Options
Question: In the past month, we have had two cases of laparoscopic IUD removal... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Follow This Lysis Rule of the Road
Question: My ob-gyn performed a diagnostic laparoscopy, lysis of adhesions, fu... Read more
3 Steps Take the Guesswork Out of Coding Vaginal Cuff Repairs
  Find out what colporrhaphy code you-ll use for an injury repair. If you-re st... Read more
Soar to SUI Coding Success by Isolating Ob-Gyn's Approach
Here's the difference between reporting 57240 and 57288. The key to stress urinary inco... Read more
Up Your E/M Dollars by as Much as $49 by Reassessing Risk Level
Note: Medical decision making involves more than just risk. Not certain how to calculat... Read more
Coding Late-Term OB Care? Check for Prior Antepartum Care
Pregnant patient transfer may still mean reporting a global code. Last month, you lear... Read more
Get Your Modifier Reductions Straight
Question: Using the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS), what are the relative v... Read more
Solve This 17-Week Delivery Scenario
Question: A patient delivered a fetus and placenta intact at 17 weeks. The ob-gyn did no... Read more
Make the 'Oviducts' Versus 'Oviduct(s)' Distinction
Question: My physician did a partial salpingectomy for sterilization. The ob-gyn used a ... Read more
How to Report a Partial Lap Omenectomy
Question: Our ob-gyn's patient underwent a laparoscopic assisted transvaginal hysterecto... Read more
Make the Grade Coding This Wound Infection Note
Question: My ob-gyn saw a patient with a post-op wound infection following a cesarean de... Read more
Get the Most Out of This E-Scribe Bonus
Question: I heard that physicians may receive bonuses for e-prescribing. What codes woul... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Hysteroscopy D&C With Uterus Perforation
Question: My ob-gyn performed the following procedure: Hysteroscopy dilation and curetta... Read more
3 Mythbusters Overcome Your Urogynecology Bladder Scan Coding Troubles
Uncover how you can bill a distinct E/M visit separate from 51798. If you don't know ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Take This Split Antepartum Care Test to Avoid Cutting Visit Pay
When your ob-gyn provides only 1-3 visits, here's what you need to bill. Don't shortch... Read more
Make Co-Surgery Denials a Thing of the Past
4 tips break down what documentation both physicians should have. When a urologist and ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Straighten Out Your 5th Digits for Abortion Codes
Question: A patient had fetal demise and delivered the fetus on the way to the hospital,... Read more
Reader Questions:
Cancel Out 99000 in This Situation
Question: If the office does a venipuncture and a Pap but sends out the specimens to two... Read more
Reader Questions:
Include Exploratory Laparotomy With Mass Removal
Question: Our ob-gyn did an exploratory laparotomy with removal of left ovarian mass. Ca... Read more
Reader Questions:
Get This Prior-to-Surgery Modifier Advice
Question: The ob-gyn planned a radical hysterectomy (58210). The patient's preoperative ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Equate Erythema With Vulvar Vestibulitis
Question: My ob-gyn treated a patient with "erythema of the vulva." How should I report ... Read more
Reader Questions; SIDS Infant Can Mean High-Risk Pregnancy
Question: My ob-gyn saw a pregnant patient who had a SIDS infant within a year of this p... Read more
You Be the Coder:
ACOG, Payers Differ on 21 Week Fetal Demise Dx
Question: A pregnant patient presents at 21 weeks with a fetal demise. Our ob-gyn wants ... Read more
Focus on Fetal NSTs:
Reporting 59025? Find Out Who Payers Require to Mark the Baby's Movement
Hint: The doctor isn't the answer. Although you have one code -- 59025 -- to ... Read more
Don't Use 59025 for Labor Checks
Delivery within 24 hours means including service in global fee. Ob-gyns often use a fet... Read more
News You Can Use:
You'll Cheer For This Paravaginal Defect Repair Edit Deletion
Tip: Renumbered CPT codes means realigned CCI edits. With the new year comes a volumino... Read more
Collect More for Extensive Adhesiolysis Using This Tool
You can separately report adhesiolysis in only these two situations. If you-re always i... Read more
Set Aside 10 CPT Codes to Report Adhesiolysis
Although ob-gyns generally deal with lysis of adhesions in only four sites, CPT provide... Read more
How to Report Nitrazine Smear
Question: The ob-gyn performed a Nitrazine smear to check to see if a patient's amniotic... Read more
Prove Separate Service Before Billing E/M in Global
Question: Our payer is denying a claim involving an E/M and an FNA for an improper modif... Read more
Consult CPT Errata and Update Your Manual
Question: The inside cover jacket of my CPT manual says that the definition for modifier... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Confront This Anthem Ultrasound Denial
Question: I billed 76801 with V72.42 to Anthem and received a denial for -not medically ... Read more
Perfect Vulvar Lesion Claims Can Be Yours When You Zero In on These 3 Details
Bonus: More than a simple closure may mean you can report a layer closure code, too. If... Read more
Coding Quiz:
3 Questions Rate Your Global Ob Coding Skills
One wrong answer could mean an audit -- and refunds. Basing your global ob coding ... Read more
Think You've Got Global Ob Coding Down Pat? Think Again
You can report this service outside the global ob package. If you took the three-questi... Read more
Unlock the Secrets of Unlisted Procedure Coding
Including an explanatory report could be your key to getting paid. When CPT forces you ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Alert Your Lab to the Impact of Weight
Question: A pathology report comes back with a weight of 309 grams. The specimen include... Read more
Reader Questions:
Make This Ectopic Pregnancy Distinction
Question: Patient has an ectopic pregnancy implanted at previous cesarean scar. The ob-gyn... Read more
Reader Questions:
Confront Diagnostic Pap Smear And Medicare
Question: I know that Q0091 is for screening purposes.-I am trying to find actual docume... Read more
Reader Questions:
Include Time With Modifiers 52, 53
Question: My ob-gyn attempted hysteroscopic D&C but "after 40 minutes of attempting ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Avoid This Huge Diagnosis Coding Mistake
Question: The patient came in for clean catch urine (87086).-Dx was back pain (724.2).-M... Read more
You Be the Coder:
More Than 13 Antepartum Visits
Question: If a pregnant patient has a total of 23 visits due to gestational DM or preecl... Read more
CPT 2009:
Want Picture-Perfect 2009 Claims? Follow These New Vaginal Mesh, EUA Directions
You may have an extra $185 heading your way -- here's why. To boost your bottom line as w... Read more
CPT 2009:
Say Bye-Bye to Mod 21, Use 99354-99359 Instead
See why 30 minutes more than usual is the magic requirement. If your ob-gyn spends more c... Read more
CPT 2009:
New Edition of CPT Overhauls Hydration Code Set
Learn the good and bad news about this section shift. Just as you were getting to know co... Read more
3 Tips Make Bone Density Coding a Snap
Check your LCDs to see if coverage is once every 2 years. If you find tracking Medicare'... Read more
Reader Questions:
How to Code Laparoscopic Ablation
Question: How should I report a laparoscopic cauterization/ablation of peritoneal endometr... Read more
Reader Questions:
Inappropriate Use of Lab Codes Could Mean Trouble
Question: Our doc is using 88150 for obtaining a chlamydia sample. Is 88150 strictly for t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Count Postpartum Preventive as Part of Global Ob
Question: A provider did a Pap/pelvic breast exam and talked about birth control. Should I... Read more
Reader Questions:
Follow Basic ICD-9 Rules for Pregnant Smokers
Question: A patient is pregnant and hasn't stopped. Should I consider a smoker to be high ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Delve Deep Into 5th Digit Descriptions
Question: Umbilical cord complication codes 663.13, 63.23, 663.33, and 663.83 occur under ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Repeat Pap? Code What You Know
Question: Should I use 795.01 on an abnormal repeat cervical Pap? South Carolina Subscrib... Read more
Reader Questions:
High-Risk Pregnancies Call for High-Risk Dx
Question: My ob-gyn is seeing a patient pregnant by her cousin and is at risk for genetic ... Read more
Reader Questions :
Get This RVU Lowdown
Question: I am working a denial for a physician who originally coded 52224. After review o... Read more
Reader Questions:
Tackle the Lap Removal of Cervix Question
Question: My ob-gyn performed a laparoscopic removal of tubes/ovaries and cervix. Should I... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can You Count L&D as an ER?
Question: I-m looking for a status code for ob patients who visit labor and delivery (L&am... Read more
5 Steps Cut 'Complicated' Out of Coding Ob-Gyn Op Notes
Challenge: Take what you-ve learned and tackle this second scenario Coding op notes do... Read more
Avoid Legal Dangers by Coding Sexual Assault Evidence
Careful: How you order your codes makes a big difference It's a situation no healthcare p... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Will 99000 Work for Medicare Repeat Pap Smears?
Hint: Abnormal versus insufficient cells mean different diagnosis codes When a patient re... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
4 Answers Gauge Your Repeat Pap Smear Coding Success
The wrong diagnosis could cost you $40 per patient Pap smear results can return as abnorm... Read more
Reader Questions:
Apply This Implanon Insertion Advice
Question: How should I code an Implanon insertion? Kentucky Subscriber Answer: You shoul... Read more
Reader Questions:
Patient Fears Pregnancy? Not a Medical Condition
Question: I have a patient who wants a tubal ligation due to her phobia of getting pregnan... Read more
Reader Questions:
Here Are Your Options for Post-Hysterectomy Exam
Question: I understand Medicare requires seven of 11 elements to bill for a screening pelv... Read more
Reader Questions:
Find the Key to Gartner Duct Cyst Procedure
Question: Our physician performed a Gartner duct cyst procedure. How should I code this? ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Place of Service Does Matter
Question: The patient presents to our ob-gyn office status post-sling operation. The ob-gy... Read more
Reader Questions:
Observe This OB Problem Visit Solution
Question: If the ob-gyn sees a patient in the office for abdominal discomfort, and the doc... Read more
Reader Questions:
Patients Without Coverage Responsible for Payment
Question: A young patient wants to meet the doctor to discuss birth control or sexually ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Rhogam Injection With Hirsutism
Question: What is the code for performing a vaginal pH, a diagnosis of hirsutism, and a co... Read more
Simplify Your Tubal Ligation Codes By Focusing on 3 Details
Ligations with cesarean deliveries may be an uphill battle -- here's why You can sort t... Read more
Calculate Patient's Fee Using Medicare's "Carve Out" Rule
Applying this modifier alerts Medicare that you know the service isn't covered To estim... Read more
Coding Quiz:
2 Questions Help You Choose Your Halted Procedure Modifier
Learn why you should cross out modifiers 73, 74 To correctly apply halted procedure mod... Read more
Reader Questions:
Prevent Postpartum Problems by Probing Hospital Visits
Question: When a patient delivers elsewhere and comes in for only the postpartum visits ... Read more
Reader Questions:
More Than 13 Visits? Here Are Your Coding Options
Question: If a global ob patient comes in for more than 13 prenatal visits, how should w... Read more
Reader Questions:
Cystectomies Complicate Pregnancies
Question: A patient who was 19 weeks pregnant presents for an open ovarian cystectomy. I... Read more
Reader Questions:
Get Your Modifiers Straight in this IUD Situation
Question: Our ob-gyn tried to insert an intrauterine device (IUD) but was unable to dila... Read more
Reader Questions:
Troublesome IUD Removal May Mean Complex Coding
Question: The ob-gyn was set to remove an intrauterine device (IUD) from a patient desir... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Count Your Visits for Pregnant Patient Transfers
Question: We have a pregnant patient at 28 weeks who transferred to our ob-gyn. Can I bi... Read more
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