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Native Tissue Does Not Mean Prosthetic Graft/Mesh

Question: Our urogynecologist performed an Altis sling for urinary stress incontinence and a posterior colporrhaphy with native tissue for vaginal prolapse and rectocele. Should I bill:

  • 57267(59) for the native tissue or is there a more specific code for the tissue?
  • 57288
  • 57250(51)
  • +57267(59)

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Answer: Native tissue is not a prosthetic graft/mesh, which is the purpose of +57267 (Insertion of mesh or other prosthesis for repair of pelvic floor defect, each site (anterior, posterior compartment), vaginal approach (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)). If he harvested the tissue to use in this manner, you should code that instead.

Bottom line: You will need to read the op note carefully to find this out. These codes are located in the 156xx-157xx codes of CPT®.

The other codes you listed above are fine.