More Quality Measures HCPCS Code range G8694-G8970

The HCPCS codes range More Quality Measures G8694-G8970 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

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HCPCS Code Range G8694-G8970

G8694-G8970 More Quality Measures
Clinician did not attempt to achieve the diagnosis of breast cancer preoperatively by a minimally invasive biopsy method, reason not given
Sentinel lymph node biopsy procedure performed
Documentation of reason(s) sentinel lymph node biopsy not performed (e.g., reasons could include but not limited to; non-invasive cancer, incidental discovery of breast cancer on prophylactic mastectomy, incidental discovery of breast cancer on reduction mammoplasty, pre-operative biopsy proven lymph node (ln) metastases, inflammatory carcinoma, stage 3 locally advanced cancer, recurrent invasive breast cancer, clinically node positive after neoadjuvant systemic therapy, patient refusal after informed consent, patient with significant age, comorbidities, or limited life expectancy and favorable tumor; adjuvant systemic therapy unlikely to change)
Stage of breast cancer is greater than T1N0M0 or T3N0M0
Sentinel lymph node biopsy procedure not performed, reason not given
Biopsy results reviewed, communicated, tracked and documented
Clinician documented reason that patient's biopsy results were not reviewed
Bipsy results not reviewed, communicated, tracked or documented
Patient documented not to have experienced any of the following events: a burn prior to discharge; a fall within the facility; wrong site/side/patient/procedure/implant event; or a hospital transfer or hospital admission upon discharge from the facility
Patient documented to have received a burn prior to discharge
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