Non-Medicare Drug Codes HCPCS Code range S0012-S0197

The HCPCS codes range Non-Medicare Drug Codes S0012-S0197 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

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HCPCS Code Range S0012-S0197

S0012-S0197 Non-Medicare Drug Codes
Clozapine, 25 mg
Didanosine (ddi), 25 mg
Finasteride, 5 mg
Minoxidil, 10 mg
Saquinavir, 200 mg
Colistimethate sodium, inhalation solution administered through DME, concentrated form, per mg
Injection, pegylated interferon alfa-2a, 180 mcg per ml
Injection, pegylated interferon alfa-2b, 10 mcg
Sterile dilutant for epoprostenol, 50ml
Exemestane, 25 mg
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