Cancer and Vision Associated Drugs HCPCS Code range Q5112-Q5131

The HCPCS codes range Cancer and Vision Associated Drugs Q5112-Q5131 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

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HCPCS Code Range Q5112-Q5131

Q5112-Q5131 Cancer and Vision Associated Drugs
Injection, pegfilgrastim-apgf (nyvepria), biosimilar, 0.5 mg
Injection, rituximab-arrx, biosimilar, (riabni), 10 mg
Injection, ranibizumab-nuna, biosimilar, (byooviz), 0.1 mg
Injection, filgrastim-ayow, biosimilar, (releuko), 1 microgram
Injection, bevacizumab-maly, biosimilar, (alymsys), 10 mg
Injection, pegfilgrastim-fpgk (stimufend), biosimilar, 0.5 mg
Injection, ranibizumab-eqrn (cimerli), biosimilar, 0.1 mg
Injection, bevacizumab-adcd (vegzelma), biosimilar, 10 mg
Injection, pegfilgrastim-pbbk (fylnetra), biosimilar, 0.5 mg
Injection, adalimumab-aacf (idacio), biosimilar, 20 mg
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