Components, Accessories and Supplies HCPCS Code range K1001-K1035

The HCPCS codes range Components, Accessories and Supplies K1001-K1035 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

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HCPCS Code Range K1001-K1035

K1001-K1035 Components, Accessories and Supplies
Electronic positional obstructive sleep apnea treatment, with sensor, includes all components and accessories, any type
Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (ces) system, any type
Whirlpool tub, walk-in, portable
Low frequency ultrasonic diathermy treatment device for home use, includes all components and accessories
Disposable collection and storage bag for breast milk, any size, any type, each
Suction pump, home model, portable or stationary, electric, any type, for use with external urine management system
Bilateral hip, knee, ankle, foot device, powered, includes pelvic component, single or double upright(s), knee joints any type, with or without ankle joints any type, includes all components and accessories, motors, microprocessors, sensors
Speech volume modulation system, any type, including all components and accessories
Enema tube, with or without adapter, any type, replacement only, each
Addition, endoskeletal knee-shin system, 4 bar linkage or multiaxial, fluid swing and stance phase control
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