Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals HCPCS Code range A9500-A9700

The HCPCS codes range Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals A9500-A9700 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

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HCPCS Code Range A9500-A9700

A9500-A9700 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
Technetium Tc-99m pertechnetate, diagnostic, per millicurie
Lutetium lu 177, dotatate, therapeutic, 1 millicurie
Choline c-11, diagnostic, per study dose up to 20 millicuries
Iodine I-123 sodium iodide, diagnostic, per 100 microcuries, up to 999 microcuries
Iodine I-131 sodium iodide capsule(s), therapeutic, per millicurie
Technetium Tc-99m, tilmanocept, diagnostic, up to 0.5 millicuries
Technetium Tc-99m exametazime, diagnostic, per study dose, up to 25 millicuries
Iodine I-131 iodinated serum albumin, diagnostic, per 5 microcuries
Nitrogen N-13 ammonia, diagnostic, per study dose, up to 40 millicuries
Iodine I-125, sodium iodide solution, therapeutic, per millicurie
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