Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals HCPCS Code range A9500-A9700

The HCPCS codes range Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals A9500-A9700 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

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HCPCS Code Range A9500-A9700

A9500-A9700 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
Strontium Sr-89 chloride, therapeutic, per millicurie
Samarium Sm-153 lexidronam, therapeutic, per treatment dose, up to 150 millicuries
Radium Ra-223 dichloride, therapeutic, per microcurie
Non-radioactive contrast imaging material, not otherwise classified, per study
Radiopharmaceutical, therapeutic, not otherwise classified
Supply of injectable contrast material for use in echocardiography, per study
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