ICD-10 Coding Clinic (Q4 2023): Get the scoop on ICD-10 2024 codes

AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, Volume 10, Number 4, is a must for learning more about the 2024 codes going into effect Oct. 1, 2023. Changes to the official guidelines are in the spotlight, too.

Subscribers to the Codify by AAPC ICD-10 Coding Clinic add-on can access information about the areas below. This is just a sampling of what’s included:

  • Appendicitis, generalized peritonitis: K35.20, K35.21
  • Bronchiolitis obliterans: J44.8
  • Chronic migraine: G43.E
  • Desmoid tumor: D48.1
  • Encounter, child welfare exam: Z02.84
  • Extraluminal vein graft support device placement during coronary artery bypass graft: X2U4079
  • Family history, colon polyps: Z83.710, Z83.711, Z83.718, Z83.719
  • Femoral venous valves, bioprosthetic: X2H30R9
  • Foreign body, natural orifice: W44.A-W44.H
  • ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines, 2024: A00, B99, C00, C81, C83.39, C85, D49, F02.80, F02.81, G20, I21, I24.89, I60, I63, O04.6, O72.1, O86, O9A, R29.7, R40.2, R65.2, T51, T65, T81.4, T86.1, U07.1, U09.9, Y63.6, Y63.8, Y63.9, Z08, Z09, Z11.52, Z28.3, Z29.81, Z33.2, Z39, Z40, Z41, Z51, Z53, Z55, Z65, Z72, Z73, Z74, Z75, Z76, Z80-Z87, Z91, Z92
  • ICD-10-PCS Official Guidelines, 2024
  • Insulin resistant syndrome: E88.81
  • Larynx, reposition: 0CSS0ZZ
  • Leukodystrophies: E75.27-E75.29, E79.81, E79.82, E79.89, E88.43, G11.5, G11.6, G23.3, G31.80, G31.86, G90.B, G93.42-G93.44
  • Parkinson’s, OFF episodes: G20.A1, G20.A2, G20.B1, G20.B2, G20.C
  • Resistant hypertension: I1A.0
  • Runaway: Z62.892
  • Sepsis due to pyelonephritis, transplanted kidney: A41.59, A41.9, N10, N16, T86.13
  • Serosal tear, intraoperative
  • Sickle cell retinopathy: H36.8
  • Transcatheter bicaval valves system: X2H