Now on Codify: Check Out AI and Digital Medicine CPT® Appendices

To help keep coding on the cutting edge, the American Medical Association has added two new appendices to the CPT® code set. 

On Codify, you will find these as Appendix S: Digital Medicine Services and Appendix T: Artificial Intelligence Taxonomy. Look for them on the left menu of the Codify home page or the search results page under Coding/CPT®/Appendices. 

The Digital Medicine Services appendix provides categories and a table differentiating the various types of digital healthcare services, meaning those that use technology for measurements and interventions.  

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Taxonomy appendix also creates categories, but these help with understanding how applications such as machine learning and algorithm-based services relate to the CPT® code set. The convenient decision tree in this appendix simplifies determining which services fit in which AI category.