ICD-10-PCS Code Lookup

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency responsible for maintaining the inpatient procedure code set in the US, contracted with 3M Health Information Systems in 1993 to design and develop a procedural classification system that would replace Volume 3 of ICD-9-CM. ICD-10 Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS) was released in 1998, with PCS codes and guidelines updated every year.

Inpatient medical coders and billers rely on the ICD-10-PCS, which is distinct from ICD-10-CM. ICD-10-PCS is also distinct from CPT® — the other procedural code set used to report services and procedures in outpatient healthcare settings. Among its challenges, facility coders need working knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology — and access to lay terms written in everyday language — to code in ICD-10-PCS.

Codify by AAPC is an inpatient online coding platform developed by expert ICD-10-PCS coding analysts and trainers to be efficient and intuitive. With Codify, you can view DRGs that differ based solely on patient condition, alerting nurses to significant complications or comorbidities (MCCs or CCs) that qualify for higher DRGs and more pay. For ICD-10-PCS, you get helpers like guidelines at the code level and color-coded character definitions to spot family differences. And with everything at your fingertips, you can search from CPT® to ICD-10-PCS to DRG, or the reverse!

Match codes and more to ensure you’ve captured all required information on your claims with features that include:

  • Code lookup using codes, keywords, and abbreviations like DM and CABG
  • ICD-10-PCS pages with simple icons, character definitions, official guidelines, and crosswalks
  • DRG pages with MS-DRG range, official descriptor, related DRGs, and MDC cross reference
  • DRG codes plus ICD-10-PCS, ICD-10-CM, CPT®, and HCPCS
  • ICD-10-PCS tables showing complete character options
  • Separate fields to track principal, secondary, and admitting diagnoses

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PCS Tables

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