ICD-10-PCS Code Range for Lower Joints

ICD-10-PCS Code Range for Lower Joints is medical classification list by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

ICD-10-PCS code range (Character 3), Operation, contains ICD-10-PCS codes for Taking out or off a device from a body part and putting back an identical or similar device in or on the same body part without cutting or puncturing the skin or a mucous membrane, Physical eradication of all or a portion of a body part by the direct use of energy, force, or a destructive agent, Taking or letting out fluids and/or gases from a body part, Cutting out or off, without replacement, a portion of a body part, Taking or cutting out solid matter from a body part, Joining together portions of an articular body part rendering the articular body part immobile, Putting in a nonbiological appliance that monitors, assists, performs, or prevents a physiological function but does not physically take the place of a body part, Visually and/or manually exploring a body part, Freeing a body part from an abnormal physical constraint by cutting or by the use of force, Taking out or off a device from a body part, Restoring, to the extent possible, a body part to its normal anatomic structure and function, Putting in or on biological or synthetic material that physically takes the place and/or function of all or a portion of a body part, Moving to its normal location, or other suitable location, all or a portion of a body part, Cutting out or off, without replacement, all of a body part, Putting in or on biological or synthetic material that physically reinforces and/or augments the function of a portion of a body part, Correcting, to the extent possible, a portion of a malfunctioning device or the position of a displaced device.

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PCS Tables
Character 3

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