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Audit Services

Safeguard against coding errors that put your revenue at risk.

How AAPC Can Help Your Organization

You have a host of revenue challenges. We have a suite of audit solutions that will fortify vulnerabilities in your compliance program, minimize risk, and drive accuracy, profitability, and peace of mind. We audit over 300,000 charts each year, across services, including:

  • Medical Chart Reviews

  • Risk Adjustment Chart Reviews

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Services

  • Provider, Coder and Auditor Training

Schedule a consultation with an AAPC Auditing Expert, and see how our team can improve your coding accuracy rate by up to 20%.

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2023 Auditing and Coding Survey

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Chart Audits.

AAPC Medical Chart Review Services begin with a meticulous comparison of documentation to billed codes - and ends with helping you achieve accurate, risk-free coding that captures your maximum reimbursement potential. Our comprehensive chart audit reviews will:

  • Identify areas of potential risk

  • Minimize claim denials and provider appeals

  • Defend against federal and payer audits

  • Ensure proper documentation that supports reported services

  • Discover overpayments and protect against false claims liability

  • Identify undercoding and reimbursement deficiencies

  • Improve your clean claims rate

  • Reduce rework and drive efficiency