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Safeguard Your Revenue

Maximize revenue, minimize errors

Increase your team’s accuracy and maximize your revenue collection by developing a deeper understanding of healthcare claims, predicting outcomes, and taking preventive action to optimize performance.

Our AI-powered machine learning software aligns with the latest guidelines from CMS, AHA, AMA, ADA, and other regulatory bodies, guaranteeing compliance with region-specific practices.

You’ll be able to automate your manual claims process in hours, allowing you to catch and correct errors before they impact your revenue.

Why choose AAPC x Solutants i-Smart Scrubber?

  • Real-time validation and error flagging for discrepancies and duplicates

  • Decreased cycle time and lower expenses

  • Enhanced customer and employee satisfaction

  • Integrated trending and benchmarking insights, along with robust reporting

Now is the time to streamline your claims processing with AAPC x Solutants i-Smart Scrubber.

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600x600 claim Scrubber

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