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      Instructions to search by date
    • Select a date by entering the year, quarter, and month. If you don’t select a month, results will show from the last month of the quarter. Or select a date from the calendar on the right side of the tool.
    • Enter one or more keywords (not just a single code) in the search box at the top of the page, selecting “Code Sets” or “Code Sets and Indexes” from the dropdown list on the left of the search box. Click the magnifying glass button to search.
    • View the results under Codify Keyword Code Helper. Search results show codes that were active on the date you selected. If the code is still active, you will see the code’s current descriptor and be linked to the code’s current code details page (this information may differ from the descriptor and data for your chosen date).
    1. Complete the date fields above and enter one or more keywords in the main search box to search codes based on date. This feature does not apply when the search term is a single code.
    2. This search feature does not apply to CDT® codes.