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Covering for Another Ob? Report This Dx

Question: My ob-gyn admitted a patient in active labor to the hospital. She was seen only the one time. Her regular provider did come in and do the delivery. The only things going on with this patient is that she was in active labor, first pregnancy, 38 weeks. There are no active labor codes, and this isn’t like we were seeing this patient for antepartum care, so I’m uncertain how to code the diagnostic portion of this. Do I actually use the supervision of pregnancy diagnosis code? I don’t want to mess up the primary provider’s global. What should I report?

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Answer: So is your ob-gyn a member of the practice of the MD who delivered her? Or was this a covering situation? If covering, you bill nothing since the admission is included in the global service. If they are in the same practice, you also bill nothing. If there is absolutely no affiliation between the two, you can bill the admission portion, and you should simply indicate the diagnosis Z34.03 (Encounter for supervision of normal first pregnancy, third trimester) as he was supervising her normal pregnancy before birth.