Otolaryngology Coding Alert

News You Can Use:
Get the Scoop on Key E/M Changes for 2024
See how CPT® modified descriptors to mirror other timed E/M codes. The 2024 CPT® code s... Read more
Year in Review:
Review What Was New in 2023
How much do you remember about these major changes from the last 12 months? Whether you'r... Read more
CPT® Updates:
Understand the Seismic Shift in COVID-19 Vax Coding
Find out which existing product code survived the cut. Although the COVID-19 public heal... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Overcome 30117 Reimbursement Obstacles With This Advice
Question: We have been billing 30117-RT and 30117-LT with modifier 59, but we're only... Read more
Reader Question:
Revisit MDM Rules Regarding Lab Test Results
Question: If the provider orders lab work and a week later goes over the results with... Read more
Reader Question:
Examine How To Code This Nasal Fracture Encounter
Question: A patient presents to the emergency department (ED) with a bruised nose and... Read more
Reader Question:
Check for the Term ‘Chronic’ Before Coding OM With Effusion
Question: My otolaryngologist documented otitis media with effusion for one patient a... Read more
Pinpoint Differences for TM Repair Coding Success
Dig deep into descriptors to better understand these services. Most otolaryngology coder... Read more
Back to Basics:
Bust These Myths To Overcome TM Rupture Reporting Obstacles
See how ICD-10 guideline savvy helps to cut through coding confusion. Coding the various... Read more
Coding 101:
Employ These Expert Answers, Navigate NCCI Edits With Ease
Here's how to use PTP edit pair know-how to fine-tune your procedural coding. Although yo... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Assess Anesthesia Type When Coding PE Tube Procedures
Question: How should we code for pressure-equalizing (PE) tube insertion (tympanostomy)? W... Read more
Reader Questions:
Examine How To Report This Eardrum Rupture Tx
Question: Can you explain how this case should be coded? The otolaryngologist gently deb... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check NCCI Edits Before Billing These Bundled Codes
Question: Our otolaryngologists would like to bill ear tube removal under general anesthes... Read more
Reader Questions:
Be Distinct With These Modifier Choices
Question: Can you explain when I should and shouldn't use the X{EPSU} modifiers? Louisian... Read more
Medicare Physician Fee Schedule:
Keep Track of These 4 MPFS Proposals
Calls for a complete overhaul of Medicare's payment system grow louder. Practices may ha... Read more
ICD-10 2024:
Learn About the Latest Z Code Expansion
And take note of the updated verbiage in the SDoH guideline. Over the past few years, awa... Read more
Assess Your Practice’s Accommodation Preparedness
Find four ways to enhance accessibility for deaf patients. Otolaryngology practices see p... Read more
Reader Questions:
Get the 411 on Complexity Add-On Code G2211
Question: Where do things stand with the implementation of add-on code G2211, and why... Read more
Reader Questions:
Take Note of These Transtympanic Injection Coding Tips
Question: Our otolaryngologists commonly perform transtympanic therapeutic injections... Read more
Reader Questions:
Review How To Report Nasal Pack Removal
Question: I cannot find a CPT® code for removing a posterior nasal pack. I came acro... Read more
You Be the Coder:
See How To Code Same-Day Posterior Epistaxis Treatment
Question: Our otolaryngologist treated a patient with posterior nasal bleeding. Later... Read more
News You Can Use:
Check Out These Key 2024 ICD-10-CM Changes
Start preparing now, so you're ready to hit the ground running come October. It's that t... Read more
Procedure Focus:
Get Your Epistaxis Coding Under Control Using These 4 Q&As;
Remember: An E/M encounter may be all you need to report nosebleed treatment. When you f... Read more
Perfect Your Provider Query Skills With These Pointers
Perfect Your Provider Query Skills With These Pointers Ensure documentation integrity a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Review the Right Way To Write Provider Queries
Question: Can you explain the different types of queries? Michigan Subscriber Ans... Read more
Reader Questions:
Reserve 31238 for Scope-Necessary Cautery
Question: When is it appropriate to bill 31238 for endoscopy and epistaxis bleeding c... Read more
Reader Questions:
Take Steps Now To Keep Clean Claims and Appropriate Pay
Question: With new ICD-10 codes taking effect in October, what are key considerations... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Procure Proper Payment for Epistaxis Control After Endoscopy
Question: The otolaryngologist performs nasal e ndoscopy on a patient with epistaxis ... Read more
Condition Spotlight:
Get the Answers to Your Top 5 Tonsillitis FAQs
Zero in on the right code by knowing which details to look for in the documentation. Ther... Read more
Procedure Focus:
Take Note of These Tried-and-True Tonsillectomy Coding Tips
Remember to check NCCI edits to avoid bundling pitfalls. Chances are, your otolaryngolog... Read more
Leverage Artificial Intelligence To Optimize RCM
Boost collections by using AI to detect missing charges before claims are filed. Is your... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don’t Get Stuck Trying To Specify Vaping Cessation Counseling
Question: During a follow-up evaluation and management (E/M) visit for chronic sinusitis a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Assess Appropriate Billing of 95027 for Allergy Testing
Question: When a patient undergoes intradermal dilutional testing, should we report 95027 ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check Out How CPT® Categorizes AI-Related Procedures
Question: What are the different classifications of AI in the CPT® code book? Virginia S... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Tackle Coding This Case of Tonsillectomy Due to Tonsillitis
Question: An 11-year-old patient undergoes primary tonsillectomy due to acute recurrent to... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Let 5 Tips Clarify Correct Coding for Post-Op Debridement
Find out when it's appropriate to report 31237 when performed post-surgically.  Get... Read more
Avoid Seasonal Allergy Reporting Pitfalls With These Suggestions
Bust these three myths to boost your rhinitis coding savvy. As we make our way into aller... Read more
E/M Coding:
Pay Attention to Digital E/M Code Particulars
Remember to review the fine print, as payer policy requirements may differ. The growth i... Read more
Reader Questions:
Find Advice on Reporting the Right Allergic Rhinitis Code
Question: The otolaryngologist diagnosed a patient with persistent allergic rhinitis.... Read more
Reader Questions:
Encounter Cumulative Service Time Components for E-Visits
Question: When our otolaryngologists perform online digital E/M services (99421-9942... Read more
Reader Questions:
Rejoice! Cigna’s Modifier 25 Policy Implementation Postponed Again
Question: I heard Cigna now requires the submission of documentation via email or fax... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Work Out Which Codes This Claim Should Include
Question: After a septoplasty for a deviated septum, turbinectomy via excision for hy... Read more
Case Study Corner:
Realize Optimal Reporting for ENT Allograft Reinforcement
Hint: Knowing what not to code is half the battle. You may come across the use of acellul... Read more
Prove Medical Necessity for Nasal Repair Reimbursement
Include pre- and postoperative photos to strengthen your case. When your otolaryngologi... Read more
Steer Clear of Laterality Modifier Mix-Ups in 5 Simple Steps
Remember to review the fine print, as payer policies may differ. The CPT® code set inclu... Read more
Reader Questions:
List Z Code First on Certain Nasal Reconstruction Claims
Question: A patient underwent plastic surgery to reconstruct the nose and septum afte... Read more
Reader Questions:
See These Suggestions on Selecting Sinus Endoscopy Codes
Question: When an otolaryngologist suctions purulent mucoid material from any of the ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Assess Which Allergic Rhinitis Code Fits the Bill
Question: A patient presents with a runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing. The otola... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Try Your Hand at Coding This Tongue Sx Case
Question: I am struggling with the following case. What is proper coding for the diag... Read more
News You Can Use:
Go Old School To Submit Office Notes for -25 Claims
See what extra hoops you'll have to jump through for Cigna claims come May. There is now ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Size Up Your ENT Coding Skills
Test your knowledge of these four common ENT problems. In some cases, coding for otolaryn... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Let Site and Extent Direct Tongue Procedure Coding
Remember to check for closure following excision or risk forfeiting pay. When your otol... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Check Your Responses to Our ENT Coding Quiz
Grab your answers and see if you really are an ENT coding expert. Once you've answered th... Read more
Reader Questions:
Avoid Misuse of Modifier 25 With This Advice
Question: We worry about using modifier 25 incorrectly. Can you explain key consider... Read more
Reader Questions:
Assess Your Mastery of Assigning Audiometry Codes
Question: How should I code the testing done in the following encounter? A 5-year-ol... Read more
Reader Questions:
Spot the Lingual Lesion Excision Billing Blunder
Question: The otolaryngologist excises a tongue lesion on the lateral border of the p... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Have a Go at This Glossectomy Case
Question: I am struggling with the following case, specifically whether to report the... Read more
Sinus Implants:
Keep Your Drug-Eluting Stent Know-How Current
Find out which codes to turn to for PROPEL® and SINUVA® in lieu of J7401. Over the last... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Peruse the Particulars of Coding DES Placement
Learn when it is, and is not, appropriate to report stent implantation. A growing number ... Read more
Risk Adjustment:
Break Down the Complexities of Risk Adjustment
Only code conditions from acceptable document sources by acceptable provider types. Ris... Read more
Reader Questions:
Defer to Your Doc When Determining Acute vs. Chronic
Question: I have heard varying opinions on what the exact duration of a chronic condi... Read more
Reader Questions:
Get Ready, the COVID-19 PHE Is Wrapping Up
Question: What is the status of the COVID-19 public health emergency? Iowa Subscrib... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check What Procedure Pay Includes Before Billing Supplies
Question: We have been billing miscellaneous surgical supply code A4649 in addition t... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Review the Rules for Reporting 2 Procedures Using 1 Scope
Question: When my physician performs both laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy at the same t... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Dive Into the Details of Neck Dissection Coding
And peruse this quick refresher on what each procedure involves. If your otolaryngologist... Read more
Conquer Data Counting With 3 Handy Hints
Plus, get a can't-miss pro tip on when not to count data. As we've often discussed in Ot... Read more
Ditch These Coding Habits to Diminish Denial Distress
Increasing first-pass payment success might be easier than you think. Submitting clean cl... Read more
Reader Questions:
Test Your Technical, Professional Component Reporting Know-How
Question: Sometimes our provider will perform maxillofacial comput­erized tomograph... Read more
Reader Questions:
Take Steps to Safeguard ePHI From Unauthorized Disclosure
Question: A provider in our practice informed us that they have been sending patient... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check Your Modifier Mastery With This Complex MRND Case
Question: How would you code a laryngectomy with bilateral modified neck dissection? ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Let POS Dictate How You Handle ‘Uncertain’ Dx
Question: A patient presented to the office with a painless lump behind their ear. Ou... Read more
Don’t Let Coding Pharyngitis Be a Pain Point
Time for your ICD-10-CM instructions checkup. While most coding scenarios are cut-and-dry... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Sharpen Your Sore Throat Encounter Reporting Savvy
Follow this st(r)ep by step guide for spot-on coding of sore throat encounters. Winter is... Read more
Patient Privacy:
Sidestep HIPAA Snafus in 8 Simple Steps
Provide periodic training so that staffers don't completely forget the tenets of HIPAA. T... Read more
Reader Question:
Take Proper Precautions When Faxing Protected Health Info
Question: Occasionally a client or patient requests faxed medical records. What are the HI... Read more
Reader Question:
Provide HIPAA Training to All Who Work With PHI
Question: Our office occasionally uses temporary workers and other nonpermanent emplo... Read more
Reader Question:
Consider Global Period Before Billing Post-Op Ear Debridement
Question: A patient returns to our office for debridement two weeks after undergoing ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Know Tympanostomy Includes Myringotomy, Cerumen Removal
Question: Prior to performing tympanostomy tube placement, the provider performed a cerume... Read more
Medicare Physician Fee Schedule:
Examine 2023 MPFS Final Rule Pros and Cons
Conversion factor goes down $1.55, some PHE flexibilities continue. Absent congressional... Read more
E/M Coding:
Ready Yourself to Successfully Implement E/M Changes
Taking the time to revise forms/templates pays dividends in the long run. The time has c... Read more
Discover 4 Ways to Shore Up Your Time-Based Coding
Steer clear of these four auditor red flags when coding time. A surefire way to maximize ... Read more
Reader Question:
Keep Your Total Time Counts Compliant
Question: If the physician does work in preparation for an office visit the day befor... Read more
Reader Question:
Gain Insight Into Handling PHI Restriction Requests
Question: When a patient asks our office to limit or restrict disclosures of their pr... Read more
Reader Question:
Dig Deep for Details Before Using Unspecified Codes
Question: A colleague said to try not to use unspecified ICD-10 codes. However, numer... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pinpoint Proper Coding of This E/M Service
Question: Our otolaryngologist saw a new patient with a chief complaint of postnasal ... Read more
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