Pathology and Laboratory Procedures CPT® Code range 0001U- 89398

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Pathology and Laboratory Procedures 0001U-89398 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 0001U- 89398

December 31, 1969
Attendees spend two days learning about risk adjustment in a valuebased healthcare system. Following Day 1 of Riskcon Day 2 of AAPCs twoday boutique conference convened virtually with medical billers ... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
The first day of RISKCON was a hit leaving attendees wanting more. The past two years have brought a whirlwind of changes that have transformed the business of healthcare and given the growing popular... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Find out what you8217ll need to do to get these claims paid. Expansion of the Prior Authorization Model for Repetitive Scheduled NonEmergent Ambulance Transports RSNAT will begin as early as Dec. 1 fo... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Medical practitioners in Michigan are held responsible for their role in Medicare fraud scheme. On Aug. 24 U.S. Attorney Andrew B. Birge announced criminal and civil enforcement actions against four M... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
CMS is taking steps to ensure those impacted by Ida don8217t have a lapse in health coverage or lack access to critical care. A day after Hurricane Ida blasted ashore Health and Human Services HHS Sec... [ Read More ]
I work in a outpatient physical therapy. The owner is wanting the most up to date information (something from 2021) about HIPPA/HITECH regulation that allows patients to opt out of insurance submissio... [ Read More ]
I work for a BH office where they administer Spravato with the minimum monitoring for 2 hours. Has anyone been having issues with Magellan when billing an OV and the add on? We were told to use 9921... [ Read More ]
ER physician performed a central line placement in right femoral vein with ultrasound guidance using seldinger technique. I am not sure how to choose the appropriate CPT code... I am not very familiar... [ Read More ]
I have a doctor that had 15736 (Muscle, myocutaneous, or fasciocutaneous flap; upper extremity) deny when billed with 64721 (Neuroplasty and/or transposition; median nerve at carpal tunnel). The reas... [ Read More ]
How do you code for Social Security Disability Psychiatric Evaluation Exams (without a full medical exam) performed by a Psychiatrist? I dug and dug but couldn't find info on this anywhere and Social... [ Read More ]
Hello - can you bill 69200-LT & 69210-LT together?... [ Read More ]
When billing for services provided at place of service- patient's hom (POS 12), what goes in box 32? Do you put the patient's address or provider's office?... [ Read More ]
So a friend had a colonoscopy, first done in 2012, 2 polyps found and removed. Second colonoscopy done 2015 1 polyp found and removed. Third colonoscopy done 6/2021 1 polyp found and removed. Never ha... [ Read More ]
Does Medicaid or Tricare follow the Incident-to Rule like Medicare?... [ Read More ]
I have a baby who was born as normal and billed CPT 99460. The second day, the baby turned sick. I need to bill as a hospital inpatient code. Do I use a subsequent inpatient code or an initial inpa... [ Read More ]

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