Additional Assorted Quality Measures HCPCS Code range G9188-G9893

The HCPCS codes range Additional Assorted Quality Measures G9188-G9893 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

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HCPCS Code Range G9188-G9893

G9188-G9893 Additional Assorted Quality Measures
Asthma not well-controlled based on the ACT, C-ACT, ACQ, or ATAQ score, or specified asthma control tool not used, reason not given
Patients who were born in the years 1945 to1965
History of receiving blood transfusions prior to 1992
History of injection drug use
Patient received one-time screening for HCV infection
Documentation of medical reason(s) for not receiving one-time screening for HCV infection (e.g., decompensated cirrhosis indicating advanced disease [ie, ascites, esophageal variceal bleeding, hepatic encephalopathy], hepatocellular carcinoma, waitlist for organ transplant, limited life expectancy, other medical reasons)
Documentation of patient reason(s) for not receiving one-time screening for HCV infection (e.g., patient declined, other patient reasons)
One-time screening for hcv infection not received within 12-month reporting period and no documentation of prior screening for hcv infection, reason not given
Patient underwent abdominal imaging with ultrasound, contrast enhanced CT or contrast MRI for HCC
Documentation of medical or patient reason(s) for not ordering or performing screening for HCC. medical reason: comorbid medical conditions with expected survival < 5 years, hepatic decompensation and not a candidate for liver transplantation, or other medical reasons; patient reasons: patient declined or other patient reasons (e.g., cost of tests, time related to accessing testing equipment)
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