Certain infectious and parasitic diseases ICD-10-CM Code range A00-B99

The ICD-10 code range for Certain infectious and parasitic diseases A00-B99 is medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO).

ICD-10 Code range (A00-B99), Certain infectious and parasitic diseases contains ICD-10 codes for Intestinal infectious diseases, Tuberculosis, Certain zoonotic bacterial diseases, Other bacterial diseases, Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission, Other spirochetal diseases, Other diseases caused by chlamydiae, Rickettsioses, Viral and prion infections of the central nervous system, Arthropod-borne viral fevers and viral hemorrhagic fevers, Viral infections characterized by skin and mucous membrane lesions, Other human herpesviruses, Viral hepatitis, Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease, Other viral diseases, Mycoses, Protozoal diseases, Helminthiases, Pediculosis, acariasis and other infestations, Sequelae of infectious and parasitic diseases, Bacterial and viral infectious agents, Other infectious diseases

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