Other bacterial diseases ICD-10-CM Code range A30-A49

The ICD-10 code range for ICD-10 Other bacterial diseases A30-A49 is medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO).

ICD-10 Code range (A00-B99), Certain infections and parasitic disease, contains ICD-10 codes for Intestinal infectious diseases, zoonotic bacterial diseases, Other bacterial diseases, predominantly sexual mode of transmission, Other spirochetal diseases, viral diseases, Mycoses, Protozoal diseases, Helminthiases, Pediculosis, acariasis and other infestations, Sequelae of infectious and parasitic diseases.

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Other bacterial diseases
Leprosy [Hansen's disease]
Infection due to other mycobacteria
Tetanus neonatorum
Obstetrical tetanus
Other tetanus
Whooping cough
Scarlet fever
Meningococcal infection
Streptococcal sepsis
Other sepsis
Other bacterial diseases, not elsewhere classified
Bacterial infection of unspecified site