ICD-10-CM Code for Nerve root and plexus disorders G54

ICD-10 code G54 for Nerve root and plexus disorders is a medical classification as listed by WHO under the range - Diseases of the nervous system .

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Nerve root and plexus disorders
Excludes1: current traumatic nerve root and plexus disorders - see nerve injury by body region
intervertebral disc disorders (M50-M51)
neuralgia or neuritis NOS (M79.2)
neuritis or radiculitis brachial NOS (M54.13)
neuritis or radiculitis lumbar NOS (M54.16)
neuritis or radiculitis lumbosacral NOS (M54.17)
neuritis or radiculitis thoracic NOS (M54.14)
radiculitis NOS (M54.10)
radiculopathy NOS (M54.10)
spondylosis (M47.-)
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