ICD-9 Codes Lookup

INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASES, 9TH REVISION, CLINICAL MODIFICATION ICD-9-CM VOLUMES 1 & 2 (DIAGNOSES) is the code set used by Non-HIPAA covered entities (Workers’ Compensation and auto insurance companies) “that were not required to be converted to ICD-10. Auditors who are reviewing claims prior to 2015 and HCC Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment coders still need access to this extensive code set. Codify makes this easy to accomplish.

ICD-9-CM Volumes 1 and 2 represent the diagnosis/reason a procedure is done. The format for ICD-9 diagnoses codes is a decimal placed after the first three characters and two possible add-on characters following: xxx.xx. ICD-9 PCS were used to report procedures for inpatient hospital services from Volume 3, which represent procedures that were done at inpatient hospital facilities. Codify gives you ready access to these legacy codes making your audit work faster and more accurate.

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