ICD-10 Coding Clinic (Q1 2022): Be Ready for Rare April 1 ICD-10 Update

The ICD-10-CM code set is adding new codes April 1, 2022, related to underimmunization status for COVID-19. The ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines are getting an update, as well. The timing is unusual because ICD-10-CM normally updates only on October 1 of each year. AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, Volume 9, Number 1, covers these changes and more.  

Look for these topics and codes from the first quarter 2022 issue in our ICD-10 Coding Clinic add-on: 

  • Bone marrow extraction: 07D 
  • Coronary artery bypass graft 
  • ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines, April 2022: U07.1, U09.9, Z28.310, Z28.311 
  • Metabolic encephalopathy, toxic: G92, G92.8, K72.90 
  • Monoclonal antibody, COVID-19, ICD-10-PCS: XW0, XW013V7, XW013W7, XW023V7, XW023W7, XW023X7, XW023Y7, XW0DXR7, XW0G7R7, XW0H7R7 
  • Serosal tear, intraoperative: K91.71, K91.72 
  • Underimmunization, COVID-19: Z28.0, Z28.1, Z28.2, Z28.3, Z28.31, Z28.310, Z28.311, Z28.39, Z28.8

The Ask the Editor portion of the newsletter offers guidance on a long list of topics. Below is a sampling of what you’ll discover in this issue: 

  • Anxiety, alcohol abuse: F10.18, F10.180 
  • Bulging disc: M51.37 
  • Cardioversion, internal: 4A0234Z, 5A2204Z 
  • Esophageal perforation, healing: S19.85XA, X78.8XXA 
  • Eye globe, spontaneous rupture: H44.89 
  • HIV managed by medication, history of: B20 
  • Newborn observation, maternal marijuana use: Z05, Z05.8 
  • Nipple reconstruction, breast reduction: 0H0T0ZZ, 0HRX07Z