ICD-10-PCS Code Range for Visually and/or manually exploring a body part

ICD-10-PCS Code Range for Visually and/or manually exploring a body part is medical classification list by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

ICD-10-PCS code range (0YJ), contains ICD-10-PCS codes for Medical and Surgical, Anatomical Regions, Lower Extremities, Visually and/or manually exploring a body part.

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PCS Tables


0 Medical and Surgical
Y Anatomical Regions, Lower Extremities
J Inspection: Visually and/or manually exploring a body part
Body Part Approach Device Qualifier
Character 4 Character 5 Character 6 Character 7
Body System (Character 4)
0 Buttock, Right
1 Buttock, Left
5 Inguinal Region, Right
6 Inguinal Region, Left
7 Femoral Region, Right
8 Femoral Region, Left
9 Lower Extremity, Right
A Inguinal Region, Bilateral
B Lower Extremity, Left
C Upper Leg, Right
D Upper Leg, Left
E Femoral Region, Bilateral
F Knee Region, Right
G Knee Region, Left
H Lower Leg, Right
J Lower Leg, Left
K Ankle Region, Right
L Ankle Region, Left
M Foot, Right
N Foot, Left
Approach (Character 5)
0 Open
3 Percutaneous
4 Percutaneous Endoscopic
X External
Substance (Character 6)
Z No Device
Qualifier (Character 7)
Z No Qualifier

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