ICD-10-PCS Code Range for Physiological Systems and Anatomical Regions

ICD-10-PCS Code Range for Physiological Systems and Anatomical Regions is medical classification list by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

ICD-10-PCS code range (Character 3), Operation, contains ICD-10-PCS codes for Methodologies which attempt to remediate or cure a disorder or disease.

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PCS Tables

December 31, 1969
The effects of COVID19 are still being felt in the states and influencing the Centers for Medicare 38 Medicaid Services CMS decisions for policy changes as evident in the 2022 Medicare Physician Fee S... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
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December 31, 1969
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December 31, 1969
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December 31, 1969
Heres what you need to know to protect your healthcare entitys revenue stream. We all know that the heart is one of the most important organs of the body. The heart is responsible for multiple lifegiv... [ Read More ]
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Hey all, I have a quick question about the TC and 26 modifiers. We have an offsite clinic that we rent the X-ray machine to take xrays. We are trying to make our clinic flow better and I was wonderin... [ Read More ]
I billed the enclosed surgery with CPT 27758 (ORIF tibial shaft fracture). Would someone be willing to look at this and tell me what CPT they think. Insurance is saying that 27758 is not documented. ... [ Read More ]
existing RV ICD lead, reused upgrade : new RA, new LBB lead, plugged into the LV port on a CRT-D can how would you bill this? strickly dual chamber? BUT will the 3 lead edit because of a HCPCS cod... [ Read More ]
Physician removed 4 masses from a thumb through one incision. The incision did have to be enlarged to remove the last one. Is 26160 per mass or per incision? Thanks,... [ Read More ]
Procedure: 1. Abdominal aortagram 2. Right lower extremity Arteriogram 3. Selective third order catheter placement in right ATA via left femoral artery access 4. Ultrasound-guided percutaneous acc... [ Read More ]
OBGYN-NY We are receiving a ton of Optum medical records request for pre/post payments. Is anyone else? Appreciate the feedback... [ Read More ]
We have a patient that has Aetna Primary. They allowed $109.56 and it was all put to deductible. Patient has BCBS secondary. They processed the claim as Secondary but allowed $140.45. They paid $1... [ Read More ]
Hi Can someone tell me which codes I can use for a non OB 3D & 2D ultrasounds and do you know if the reimbursement pays more then regular ultrasounds?... [ Read More ]
Looking for a code for this.. I've seen 52317/51040 for lithopaxy, but since the stone was removed in this case maybe 52315/51040? I've also been looking at 51065 but it's a bladder stone not a ureter... [ Read More ]

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