1. P

    Wiki 97597 for burn wound?

    Have a physician who performed 97597 (not 11042) at a burn site. Is 97597 still correct or would this be 16000's level code Instead?
  2. N

    Wiki Bundled Office Visit w/ -25

    We have been getting denials recently from Humana when billing 99214-25 (I70.233, F17.218, I89.0) 11042 (L97.312, L97.212, T81.31XA) Dx are different for each code. Only thing I can think of is the i70.233 and L97 codes both address the 'right leg' .. BUT we have been getting paid before with...
  3. A

    Wiki Excisional vs Selective debridement

    We have a new provider to our Wound care program and the documentation has us disagreeing on what type of debridement should be billed. The use of term selective has wound staff stating all debridement's are 97597...but yet, she states excisional and to bleeding tissue...... After application...
  4. ahalle

    Wiki Ulcer Debridements & Cross-Linked Diagnosis

    Is anyone else having issues with debridement 11042 flagging in their system for the ulcer diagnosis not being a commonly associate diagnosis. I did not have this problem till this month but I can't find any new policies for debridement that are restricting the types of ulcer allowed for each...
  5. A

    Wiki 11042-11047 Area of Partial Debridement

    Good Afternoon Everyone, This is my first post and question, I apologize if it is in the wrong forum section. My question is in regards to measuring the area of a debridement. From what I have read, it is measured by the "depth and the surface area of the wound". My question is what if only...
  6. D

    Wiki Wound Care

    Does anyone know if codes 97605 and 11042 can be billed together for the same dos and same site? Thanks!