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Colonoscopy Question: When billing a SURVEILLANCE Colonoscopy with findings would you bill 00812 or 00811 with a 33 modifier?
I'm excited about starting my new career. Having difficulty finding an entry-level position in coding and billing. I'm in the Beachwood and Chagrin Falls OH area. Want to have more experience with Project Xern can't find a facility does anyone have suggestions?
Do you have any coding experience yet? Most remote coding companies require their coders to have experience, because it can be difficult to train someone who is not in person in some cases. However, there are companies who do hire new coders. My suggestion would be to create a great LinkedIn page and start there. You can make great connections on LinkedIn and ease your way into a role that you find fit.
Colonoscopy question: What you would code for "Erythema in the gastroesophageal junction"?
What is the proper code to use for physician filling out FMLA paper work?
So there is an update for infertility codes - Cigna says they no longer accept Z31.41/ Z31.83 infertility testing - what are the new codes during the diagnosis phase? before we know what is going on with the patient- ICD-10 code that is acceptable.
Is there a CPT code that can be used to bill for a nurse calling for prior authorization for medications of patients (Example: Biologics like Tremfya)? Any help would be appreciated.