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I work for a radiation oncology practice. If a patient is seen within the global period for a new problem, can we bill for the new Dx (such as mets. to the bone)? If so, so we need a special modifier? I searched online and can only find scenarios where surgery was performed and the patient came back within the global period for a new problem. HELP PLEASE
Question I code ER's and all of a sudden they are wanting to code a Trauma Activation without critical care with a Level 3 ER there is not a CPT code for the Trauma Activation. is this right?
Question for you all regarding the "MEAT" requirements and HCC coding. I am coding a chart in which patient has history of CVA with foot drop sequela listed as an HCC under the PMH. However, the provider documents a completely normal exam with no mention of foot drop. I being told by coding management that the "MEAT" is not required for HCC codes. Is this true?