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I need an urgent help with CEUs, I have to submit 6 CEUs till December 30th I had an major accident and was not able to submit last years half CEUs so last year has already deleted, I have already got extension can any one please share the Index number from February 2018 to September 2018 my mail id is supriyarao68@gmail.com please help me if possible.
Question about the CCVTC-
Hello! I noticed you have the CCVTC certification and I was wondering if you used any charts when you tested? I am testing January of 2020 and was hoping to find what charts are the most hopeful so that I can purchase some.
Thanks so much in advance, and have a terrific Thanksgiving- Becki
I am new to urology coding and cannot figure out how to code the new J9030 update for BCG treatment. Our providers administer one vial (50mg); when billing J9030, we are being reimbursed $0.54 on the claim. Any help on this?
Hi- not sure if you heard anything back but when you bill for drugs, you always follow the HCPCS book. HCPCS list J9030 as BCG 1 mg. Since the HCPCS is listed as 1 mg, and you are billing 50 mg, your units will be 50.
You should take a look at Ensemble Health Partners. They are growing and may have openings for E/M auditor educators at the moment. Great benefits, very forward-thinking company, and very education focused.