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Hi every one ,I would likes to know the CPT code for mesotherapy with dermapen . I am working as a medical coder for a cosmetic medical center Abudhabi,UAE. Kindly advise me
Hi. I failed my CPC exam. 56% 😔 my timing was bad! I didn't finish on time. Im trying to prepare to retake it. I just ordered the 2020 books because I was told that's what I will be needing to retake the test. My problem is all of my notes I wrote on my 2019 books to write them all in 2020 is going to be insane! I just need any pointers on how to prepare myself to retake it again. I really don't want to fail again.
Hi! Ive got to take again as well my advice is don’t give up! I conquered the timing by starting at the beginning of. Exam to the end if you get stuck on a difficult questions for you skip it ((I tab it with a post it) keep going then go back to the ones that seem to have you stumped you will finish the last time I finished with 40 mins to spare but I was 1% short 😞
Search this forum for CPC test tips. There are a lot on here, but this space is limited to 420 characters. I will try to PM you as well.