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Hi, I saw your response regarding RPM billing. We are getting a bunch of denials for 99457 and 99458. Can you help please?
Hi Leah
Per the CPT manual yr 2023 pg 40 CPT 99457 & 99458 are out of sequence. It tells you to look at and use the CPT 99448-99454 Internet Phone consultations for QHP. You must have atleast speak to pt. 5 minutes, add minutes in record, tell in record type of media (phone, or video) and verify pt s info if go that route. CPT 99448 starts at 20 minutes. Whereas CPT 99446 starts at 5 to 10 minutes. :) Lady T
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use for an external code for foreign body in eye & foreign body in ear? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
I responded..it is in the ICD10 manual S00.25 & dx T15 for eyes .Then dx T16 and S00.45 for FB in ears. :) Lady T
Thank you so much. Those are the codes I came up with as well so we will go with those. Thank you Lady T.
I just Passed my CPC exam with 82%, and saw my score on area of study. I knew I did really well (100%)without doubt in medical terminolgy, coding guidelines, and HCPCS. What are the chances for not having correct score since it's scantrons not corrected by actual person.
We've been having the same rejection for VFC. Clearinghouse advised we resubmit and the go through.
When billing a PET Scan for enlarged lymph nodes R59.0 (normally denied) is there another code we should be adding in order to get this paid.