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Yes, premixed. We are simply providing it (being billed by the vendor) and administering it. I concur with your thoughts of using 95120 vs. 95165. I feel if it is given to us premixed then billing 95165 would be fraudulent since 95165 includes in the definition "supervision of the preparation." If it is premixed, how can we bill for "preparation" or "supervision of preparation"? Do you have a background in allergy?
You seem to know a lot about Annual Wellness visits. I have a quick question, maybe you could help. If a patient comes in for an annual wellness visit, is seen, but leaves before the provider can complete of a plan of care for the diagnoses, is there anything the provider can bill since she spent time with the patient?
I'm currently certified as CPC-A for ICD10-CM but I'm trying to look for a training program and go for certification in ICD10-CA. Where can I start looking into this? Anyone that can suggest a training program or agency who specialize in..
Anxiously awaiting results of my 2nd attempt at CPMA certification. Just out of curiosity - has anybody ever taken a test a 2nd time and realize you received the EXACT same version as the 1st attempt? That would be odd lol.

After I get results, I'll be posting some issues I have with the CPMA exam. Not necessarily "trick" questions but the answer choices should have been better though-out.
I used the AAPC study guide for CPMA. You will need it to pass the exam, unfortunately. It's only 80 pages of material and most of the hyperlinks they provide are no longer valid.
David, sorry to hear you did not pass (you will next time). Was the second test the same or different? Thank you
In the class for CPMA, they ask questions like that where the case study is incomplete but tells you to choose and e/m.