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    I understand the guidelines. The physician never stated abnormal findings, failed hearing test or anything close. The hearing test is pulled in (the same way a lab would be) but the physician didn't address it in the narrative. Take for...
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    Can someone please help me understand what ias needed in a drs note when some one goes to see a orthopedic office for a follow up or just a check up before the surgery? I am confused because I am hearing mixed things and then insurance is denying...
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    Hi JLHunt, I can understand your frustration while looking for a coder job. I don’t think it is necessary to have some sort of connection to be able to land a coding job. It is really the matter of time and being patient. I did some research...
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    Ditto! I am very disheartened to read about all these folks who passed the exam 2-3 years ago and still haven't found a job. I'm also feeling like there's been a bait and switch. I took the class and passed the exam to become a coder. Not a...
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    Pooker girl BRBR is for Hematochezia see dx K92.1. Melena dx K92.2 differ red blood in stool. But really the provider should give you the dx of K92.2 or K92.1.If patient has a problem or reason for the colonoscopy(person above from note does)...
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    Another tidbit, for ADHD – this can be counted more than once if completed by different parties (e.g., parents and teacher), scored and documented by the provider.
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    You can actually book for April 2025 right now! Disney only requires a deposit, and its totally refundable. The rates are actually pretty cheap right now, so if you have a couple hundred dollars laying around, you can book the hotel now and if...
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    That is a good idea - I am curious when AAPC will release the rates for Coronado for comparison. I stay at Shades of Green (near Polynesian) and it is a very good price!
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    I've heard a few things about surge pricing when it comes to ride shares early in the morning. It may not be as good of a deal as it seems!
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    The G code is for Medicare. We use 96160 for our pediatric depression screenings (PHQ9)
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    They’re bundling it together because your e&m level is too high. Also make sure you’re using the modifier 25 on your e&m as well as not using signs and symptoms as your primary dx. How you sequence your codes plays a major role in payment.
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    As long as it is completed, scored and the provider has documented that they reviewed.
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    We bill when graded and report so when pt returns it
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    Hoping someone has some insight into nuclear stress tests. I am really confused on knowing when to code 93017, in my facility it is usually paired with 93016. It states tracing only. The only thing I can think to match it up with in documentation...
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    You're confounding the terms “tracing” and “tracer”. They are not synonymous or referring to the same thing, in this context. Tracing refers to the electrocardiogram tracing. “The ECG represents a graphic recording of the electrical cardiac...