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    Hi, ualcpc! Based on CPT assistant October 2017 page 9, in this situatuion the cystourethroscopy should be coded as 52281, Cystourethroscopy, with calibration and/or dilation of urethral stricture or stenosis, with or without meatotomy, with or...
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    thank you
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    Omozee replied to the thread The use of MEAT.
    Yes there is enough MEAT for both diagnoses.
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    LuckyLily posted the thread The use of MEAT in Risk Adjustment.
    What do you think about the following examples being supported by MEAT? E11.9 (Diabetes w/o complications) currently on Metformin 500mg.--Does the statement of the medication they are taking good enough to support? F33.1 (Major depressive...
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    Thomas7331, Thank you for your help. Honestly I've been searching all over the web which I found another answer to this similar question from a few years back within this forum pretty much saying bill the E/M with the procedure adding a modifier...
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    boozaarn replied to the thread I65.23 for minor plaque?.
    The artery stenosis should be over 50% in order to meet the DX criteria.
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    boozaarn replied to the thread Question Personal supplies.
    Thank you!
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    Bernadette10 replied to the thread Question ALS and symptoms.
    From the ICD 10 guidelines - I wouldn't code symptoms unless they're not routinely associated with ALS, or if there's not a definite diagnosis and the symptoms are the only thing documented. 5. Conditions that are an integral part of a disease...
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    I would code bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I read this as the patient has it on both sides, but the severity is what needs to be clinically correlated since it looks like a test was done that showed the LT side worse, but the symptoms show...
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    ksosh01 replied to the thread Risk table for MDM.
    where can you purchase one at? if you have copy love to have it. Thank you!
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    ksosh01 replied to the thread audit tool.
    i would appreciate one too. my email
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    michiboo replied to the thread Documentation.
    Awesome! Thank you :)
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    michiboo posted the thread Moh's Defect in Dermatology.
    Having some discussion and some confusion, new to derm, provider wants to bill 12051, 12052, 12053, 12054, 12055, 13131, 13132, 13133, 14040 and 14041 .. I don't agree with the multiple closures or flaps codes unless am interpreting it...
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    If the preventive visit was to check up on the patient's stable conditions and go over medication (Rx management), then this is part of the preventive visit. Anything significantly new can possibly go towards an E/M (like the sore throat...
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    awinters1000 posted the thread CPPM in General Discussion.
    I am thinking about taking the CPPM course- I just got the CPC last year. Is the CPPM course just as hard? Or does anyone have any tips? any info is greatly appreciated. Amy