2021 guidelines

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    Wiki Home Exercise Programs (HEP), level of Risk?

    Good morning everyone, Thank you in advance for any possible assistance, but my team and I are a little on the fence regarding level of Risk for HEP's (under Office, 2021 E&M Guidelines). Can someone please help identify or comment on if you would consider indications of "continue/begin home...
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    Wiki What element level of MDM would a specialist referral fall under 2021 E/M Guidelines?

    Our PCP providers would like to consider a referral to a specialist as a LOW RISK under column 3 of the 2021 E/M table for Risk of Complications and/or Morbidity or Mortality of Patient Management. In comparison to Box A. of the 2020 & earlier E/M table and guidelines, whether a condition was...
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    Wiki 2021 E/M MDM Element #3 - Minimal and Low Risk

    Does anyone have any clarification on the new 2021 E/M Guidelines when it comes to Element #3? I am having trouble being able to choose between minimal risk and low risk for a patient because they do not have specific bullet options in those two categories to pick from. For example, if a...
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    Wiki 2021 E/M Guideline Changes - Who can document time?

    Ok, so the new E/M guidelines for 2021 have changed the time frames for the following codes. Code Time 99202 15-29 99203 30-44 99204 45-59 99205 60-74 99211 N/A 99212 10-19 99213 20-29 99214 30-39 99215 40-54 According to the new guidelines, time may be used to...
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    Wiki 2021 E/M outpatient changes 99202-99205 99211-99215 vs. 95 Coding Guidelines - Can Doctor pick either one?

    Hello, I understand the new changes for 2021 but I had a doctor question if they can pick either the 2021 or the 1995 guidelines. I am not sure if they can pick a guideline I would think they have to follow the new changes for 2021 only. I know that the 2021 updates are specific to MDM or...
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    Wiki 2021 E&M Changes

    Does anyone have any good resources for physicians in order to educate them on the 2021 changes?
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    Wiki 2020 Regional locations

    Does anyone know where the 2020 Regional locations yet? Or rumor? I am interested in learning more about the effect of the 2021 changes to E/M