1. KStaten

    Wiki MDM for Total Hip / Knee Replacement

    Hello Everyone. :) I have gone down a rabbit hole on coding joint replacement surgeries and would 💙GREATLY APPRECIATE💙 your input for confirmation, given the 2021 E/M guidelines. I apologize in advance for the redundancy of this question. A ) In the plan, it is documented that a 65-year-old...
  2. KStaten

    Wiki E/M for Biceps Rupture

    Greetings Fellow Coders :) Since the E/M level is now based upon MDM only, I have been noticing that providers are still in the habit of billing with the old guidelines in mind, which in some cases, would result in higher levels of E/M. I would really appreciate if others can help me out by...
  3. KStaten

    Wiki Documentation Requirements for Components of E/M

    Hello Everyone! With the new 2021 E/M Documentation changes, there have been questions that have arisen in regards to requirements for the HPI and Exam. Now that these components are deemed "medically appropriate" by the provider, that leads some to think that the extra the flexibility extends...
  4. A

    Wiki 2021 E/M Changes - Will Medicaid Follow The New Guidelines?

    Hello! Has anyone heard from their Medicaid carrier if they are going to follow the 2021 E/M guidelines? I have checked on the CMS.gov website and on my local Medicaid DHS website and see nothing about this in their bulletins or FAQs. Thank you!