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    Incomplete blood draw?

    How do I bill for a blood draw where no blood was taken? The note states there was very poor venous access and could not get a good stick. The patient was sent home and scheduled to come back in a couple weeks to retry it. Is it possible to bill it as an incomplete 36415, or would this just not...
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    36415 Venipuncture

    We are new to billing labs in house and I am wondering if anyone has had any success billing the 36415 Venipuncture charge and getting paid for it from commercial payers? Thanks in advance!
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    36415 and 99000 BCBS

    Can someone please tell me whether we are to bill both 36415 and 99000 to BCBS, or just the 99000? My trainer is telling me to only send 99000, but our patient account rep is saying I need to send both.
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    Bcbsnc, 99000 & 36415

    For the last few years we have been billing BCBSNC 99000 lab handling fee & 36415 venipuncture. BCBS would pay 99000 but deny 36415. In the last few months, both codes have been getting denied. I just found out that BCBS changed their Corporate Reimbursement Policy to say that 36415, 36416 &...